The Sound of Hellfire? (Ghost Rider's Voice)

Burn it. It's not worth the paper it's printed on. Stupid story and a bad representation of our favorite hero.
I actually only bought the pack cause it had Thor#1 and Punisher: Eurohit and only cost $4.
That projecting his voice into people's heads sounds cool. Would he even need to move his mouth to speak? I can imagine him with an evil looking grin as whatever poor fool is about to get Penance Stare-d to death (metaphorically of course) hears the "vengeance will be mine!" line, and he would "hear" it in his mind.
He should say something like "She sells seashells by the seashore!" and then he should giggle like a stoned-out laughing boy when he stumbles over it.
I think if Nic Cage did his voice, Ghost Rider would end up sounding like Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko. It might be best to get a different voice.
Dub in James Earl Jones, but yes, have him speak. What's the point of a superhero who can't talk? *cough*HULK*cough*
Exactly! I think that was one of the most disapointing aspects of the Hulk movie; He didn't talk....

No "Leave Hulk alone", no "Hulk smash", no "Betty safe?"....nothing.

We DID get a "puny human", but it was a dream sequence.
I guess we technically got a "take it ALL!!" or whatever, but that's it.

Yeah, Ghost Rider really needs to speak.
I never saw the movie, but it sounded dull when it came out and then worse since. :(

Don't make the same mistake with Ghost Rider, peoples....:ghostrider:
Oh, definitely see the movie. You might find yourself slightly bored at times but it is by no means terrible I liked it a lot
and if you don't like then... well... damn you

but seriously you don't have to take it at my word, I don't know your tastes.

And to get the thread back on topic: Who has a cool voice that could do Ghost Rider?
Well, Richard Grieco did well on the FF and Hulk toons...
I'm pretty sure they'll digitize it is some way anyway. I doubt he'll have a human sounding voice at all.

I highly doubt he'll speak that much either. We'll get a few lines, but that's about it. I really can't see him having any real conversation... but I just know know how they're making this movie yet. It's hard to picture the outcome right now.
This should be moved too the Ghost Rider Forum, please.

I don't know what think about what I just heard...
Hmmm... Well, the sound does lose a little bit with lowered quality.

But what I mean to count is the template. Just a bit of distortion and slight pre- and reverb. I think doing more would get old fast.
I was mainly referring to the voice itself. It was far too human. I like the distortion and reverb but it just wasn't demon enough. I'm sure they'll do far better than that in the film... hopefully.

The more I think about it, the more I think they'll just frig around with Nic's voice. As much as I was against that before (knowing that Ghost Rider is a different entity) I'm thinking it makes sense to let Cage have the lines. If not, his role in the film is cut even more. I'm interested to see what they plan for this...

Thanks for posting that, by the way. I didn't thank you the first time...
How do you think it will be portrayed in the movie?
I mean, in GR I it seems to me he "speaked" actually moving jaw, and the normal text bubbles were the same of Blaze, the difference was in the tone of speak (more imperative, ecc).
In GR II the black flaming engulfed bubbles made his words like they were coming straight from hell; i always imagined a riverbering, deep tone with echoes, (that was one of the coolest thing of the comic imho). And i think that because the skull was actually more realistic, the jaw opening wasn't in pair with text bubbles, meaning his words were sort of a telepatic communication. It would be a little ridiculous see his jaw muttering every word like a sock puppet...
Cgi orbital bones deformation would communicate quite some "expression", but jaw/mascellar bones deformation would look too cartonish...
If it was me calling the shots on this one:

Visuals: I'd go with moving the jaw a bit, consistant with natural human jaw movements and then layer in some flame as spectral lips that come and go, much like the layered facial behaviour of the dead king in Return of the King. Without occasional reminders of lips form the word, a jaw moving alone would look silly.

Sound: Blend in the sound of a cinderblock being dragged along concrete, pitch shifted well down, to texture the voice. Experiment a bit with some very subtle preverbs and reverbs, to give the voice a faintly ethereal quality.
If Ghost Rider is going to talk, I think the mouth has to move somewhat. Although your fears of it being like a puppet are genuine, I think it would be worse to have people try and guess where the voice is coming from.

Ghost Rider's voice was discussed quite a bit in the following thread... if you're interested.

We also have a sound of Hellfire thread that discussed this topic as well.

I'll probably get them merged into one in the future... if they'll let me.
No need to apolgize.

I like buggin' the mods about getting stuff Merged anyhow. Hehe. They're gonna boot me off the site soon.
Well I hope he speaks a bit, perhaps he could speak directly into people minds. I just can't pictire a skull talking, and I've actually pondered this for years. What I would like to see is a scene where he becomes so frustrated or enraged that he gives out an unearthy shriek and goes nuts or even does it at the beginning of a chase scene.(If there is one).
I wonder how much they're gonna animate the skull actually. In the comics, his bone structure took on the emotion that he was in. He looked angry when he was angry. I wonder will they do that in the flick. Probably doubtfull... you can get away with that sort of thing in comcs easier.

This makes me wonder how the skull is going to look. Maybe they have it so that bit of his flesh are still hangin, burning, in places. Places where they can animate it so that he looks more natural when speaking. Or maybe he'll be like a zombie skull on fire, not a complete skelaton... is that possible?

I've travelled away from the sound stuff... um... I really hope he speaks...
I think just changing the shape of the eye sockets will give him plenty of emotion. (which I hope they leave empty)

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