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Apr 29, 2006
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We were getting waaaaaay too off-topic in the New Animated Series thread so I decided to start a lounge where we can talk about random crap...

Let the posting begin!!!

Let's start off with our topic from before...School.
:wow: :wow: :bow: Well First of all,Since this is a off-topic thread,:ss: :wow: :lmao: :grin:
I never watched it. :csad:
Is it a good movie?
Blows Doomsday out of the water IMO.

My favorite is Lion King and Aladdin. The 90's were Disney's best for animated films.

Just love this dramatic

I never watched it. :csad:
Is it a good movie?
Oh yeah. There's a good amount of blood in the fights, and there was some great animation in the fight scenes (particuarly the fight at the end with the Joker). Great score and voicework, I'd recommend buying it if you came across it.
I still have homework to do! I'll do it after I'm done eating the soup I'm having right now. I have to do it or else my grade will go lower and I have never stayed back in my life.
Pillow :dry:

^ LOL! It would be so funny to walk up to someone on the street and say that with a straight face and just walk away after that.

Uwe Boll's movies are so bad that the editors use windows movie maker to edit the film

"Terrible joke,I know" :oldrazz:
How about.......

poop! yes, that's right, poop. Lol, but seriously, What do you guys do when your not on here? I'm either reading Spidey comics, at school, at the comic shop, out with parents, or sleeping. :woot:
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