The Force Awakens The Subtitle for Episode VII?

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Dec 5, 2009
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I'm sure this thread will become pointless once a official title is released but what do you think or would like as a subtitle for Episode VII. I'm personally hoping the subtitles will have relation to the OT titles like the Prequels did but reflect the events/time of the film.

The Phantom Menace = A New Hope
Attack of the Clones = The Empire Strikes Back
Revenge of the Sith = Return of the Jedi
Well, that entirely depends on the story and which direction they take but might I venture "A New New Hope"?
"New new..."
None of the subtitles repeated the same word, to find a good new title is a true challenge.
Obviously Wesley was joking about 'New New Hope' and he still got one 'matter of fact' response!
Star Wars: Episode VII: Yes, Within your Star Wars
Star Wars: Episode VII into Darkness

More seriously, while I can merely guess as to the story of Ep VII, I'd go with something less ambiguous than stuff like A New Hope or Phantom Menace. "Tale of Whoever" "Journey to whatever" "Death of Iddaknow"...
Well, TPM was about something evil coming up, ANH was about something good coming up, shouldn't Ep7's subtitle be about something ordinary coming up?
"Star Wars: Episode VII - Seven Forces"
"Star Wars: Episode VII - The Jedi Rises"
"Star Wars: Episode VII - The Seventh Element"
Rumours are it will be called
Star Wars - Episode VII: The Jedi's New Groove

Although, my personal favourite is
Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force and the Funk
Star Wars Episode VII: No Luke, Mickey Mouse Is Your Father
I think the movie should have "peace" in the title, since that was what was won on Endor.

Star Wars Episode VII: Guardians of Peace and Justice (back to Obi-Wan)
Star Wars Episode VII: A Time of Peace
Star Wars Episode VII: A Short Peace
Star Wars Episode VII: Peace is Broken
Star Wars Episode VII: A Fragile Peace
Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for More Money.
Star Wars Episode VII: Thank the Maker George is not Directing
I don't know. Something along the lines of 'Remnants of an Empire' might work.
Episode VII: Dawn of the New Republic
Episode VII: The Golden Dawn
I like the word Dawn in the title, but I think there should also be something to suggest menace, to set up the darker second film.

Episode VII: The Darkest Dawn
Episode VII: The Black Dawn
Episode VII: The Stygian Dawn
Episode VII: The Tenebrous Dawn
or my favorite
Episode VII: The Grim Dawn
or a Lucaseqsue
Episode VII: The Ominous Dawn
I like something to the effect of "The New Republic".
Star Wars Episode VII: The Stygian Jedi Rises
A rumor going around is that it could be A New Dawn.

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