The Superhero Cinematic Civil War

I've never liked how Logan is so obsessed with a married woman. Especially since he has other love interests. Even assuming all three characters are going to be in the movie, I'd rather they just drop the love triangle thing.
I always found Wolverines Jean obessesion creepy to be honest. Some of older X-Men comics made wolverine look more like Jean's creepy stalker in hindsight.
Once Ryan Coogler's vampire film drops, Blade will be more of an afterthought than it already is. :sneeze:

The first one from 1998 couldn't be topped anyway.
It's a shame Sean Connery and later Hollywood broke director Stephen Norrington. Norrington was all set to have a promising career as a comic book/genre film director.

At different points Norrington was attached to direct movies for Shang Chi, Ghost Rider, Akira, The clack of the titans reboot and The Crow reboot. The man hasn't made a movie in over 20 years. You would of thought someone at Marvel or DC's film department would give him another shot.
Iron Fist goes without saying, though I couldn't really stand most of the supporting cast besides Colleen. But poor Mike Colter never had a chance against the likes of Mahershala and Alfre Woodard.

I think it's their intention to make Shang-Chi an Avenger just going off that post-credits scene with Bruce and Carol. Even if it's sort of done in the same way as Spidey where he's handling street level stuff until he gets dragged into a bigger fight.

Might as well make Punisher an Avenger too, I think Howard the Duck is technically a member just by participating in the final battle in Endgame so why not Frank? :o
I like Mike Colter but I would of preferred a actor who could play cage with that streetwise New Yorker edge. They changed the characters backstop to suit colter in the show which I wasn't a big fan of.
Currently in the comics, Dick is the leader of the entire DC superhero community. His solo book wins Eisner awards every year as one of the best written. He routinely ranks #2 or #3 in polls of most popular hero.

But. Dude can’t be given the benefit of a film?
Nightwing seems like a no brainer. A Nightwing movie could be DC's daredevil (urban vigilante crime action film), Dick battling Blockbuster and his goons over the faded industrial port city of bludhaven. It could probably be made for less than a 100 million as well.
Both franchises are at what, maybe 30% hits vs. misses?

and with Hemsworth's track record for picking movies, it doesn't give me a ton of hope

Dude needs a new agent... he's a much better actor than most of his roles would lead one to believe
Hemsworth would make a good Flash Gordon if that franchise ever gets off the ground again. Matthew Vaughn was attached to do a new Flash Gordon film but said the new Star Wars and guardians of the galaxy films stole his thunder.

Wow the trailers for this just keep looking better and better and I still feel like they haven't shown too much but just enough to get the hype going which is pretty much perfect marketing IMO.

I love the Godfather/Sopranos esque dialogue throughout this trailer. This show is definitely going to be gritty and dark while also feeling completely natural within the Matt Reeves Batmanverse.

I also had no idea that Theo Rossi and Michael Kelly were in this too. This has a pretty awesome supporting cast all around which gives me even more hope that it will end up being great.
The announcements for Caped Crusader and Penguin make up for RackaRacka not directing the live action Street Fighter for Legendary anymore, which still really bums me out!
Is it bad that I watched that trailer for The Penguin and while it looks good, it did absolutely NOTHING for me?

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Give that man an umbrella already.
I'm the same way. I also have gotten into the habit of not investing into new series until the whole thing is out and it gets decent reviews unless I'm already a fan of it.

Harvey Dent/Two-Face: Talented, great-looking, and charismatic, D.A. Harvey Dent is also ruthlessly ambitious, arrogant, short-tempered and a dangerous person to cross. After a vengeful criminal disfigures half his face with acid, the two sides of his nature are separated… and exaggerated. The scarred half of his face comes to represent his compassion, sorrow and decency, while the handsome half now represents his rage and sense of entitlement.

Very interested in seeing this depiction.
The marketing is effective because this makes me want to watch it now.

Just realized Sister Sage was one of the officers on Orange Is The New Black.

I thought she looked familiar! She's excellent in The Boys.

Is anyone else in here going to indulge in some Elden Ring this weekend? It's the Midsummer celebration over here, but I'm not doing anything else but Elden Ring this year :funny: I'm cooking a huge batch of Korean friend chicken to sustain me over the weekend.

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