The Superhero Cinematic Civil War


Love love this picture. Also that dang collar is really growing on me.
Over on the movie side of things, Brosnahan just might end up taking the crown from Margot Kidder as the best cinematic Lois.
I don’t think the bar is all that high for a cinematic Lex or Lois like it was for Reeve’s Supes. If we include TV then I have Hoechlin as the best live action Clark, and along with Tulloch the best Clark Lois duo.
I had to remind myself that this wasn't the Green Lantern movie/series that was under the DCEU. My initial reaction was like again?
Lanterns follows new recruit John Stewart and Lantern legend Hal Jordan, two intergalactic cops drawn into a dark, earth-based mystery as they investigate a murder in the American heartland.
Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this premise outside of the Hal training John part.
wow, the fact that its gonna be a full on, legit HBO production is huge..... if they do this right, this opens up lots of doors for the entire DC brand as a whole.... as well as HBO being able to utilize a largely untapped world of IP

I'm officially pumped for Lanterns
This could be massive! I was totally onboard for this either way but now it seems the stakes are higher for what it could mean if it's a big success. Seems like they are more confident in it than I thought.

I was honestly getting worried about Lanterns at first but if they are going all in and giving it the GOT/HOTD treatment in terms of writing and production value than that sounds like great news to me.

I'm actually kind of surprised they didn't consider this earlier since it seemed to work wonders for both Watchmen and The Last of US which are some of their most acclaimed stuff on that network.

Love the leaked set pics of Superman too especially those shots of the cape.

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