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May 6, 2003
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We know a lot of people regard G1 as the best Transformers cartoon that's been made and cartoons like Armada, Energon or Cybertron didn't come close.

But even if you didn't like the majority of it, lets discuss the things you did like. The aspects, specific storylines, characters, etc.

I start with Starscream from Armada. I have to admit I never really liked Starscream in the G1 cartoon. But I liked his Armada version all the more. Aside from his changed look, he had quite a change or character. He wasn't the backstabber as we knew him who waited for every opportunity to take over the Decepticons as their leader.

In Armada Starscream was loyal, well most of the time, who tried his hardest to gain the favor of Megatron. He even developed some sort of friendship with the humans, most notably Alexis. He was a very conflicted character who wanted to be loyal to Megatron, but also do what's right. Like joining forces with the Autobots to defeat Unicron. And in the end he sacrificed himself to make Megatron/Galvatron aware of the danger Unicron presented. :csad:

Aside from his personality which I really liked, he got a great upgrade from his G1 design. He also could use one of his wings as a blade and had two badass lasser cannons mounted on his shoulders.

Actually most would regard Beast Wars as the best cartoon Transformers ever produced.
Ok, Beast Wars then it is. So, you got anything that you personally liked about the other cartoons?
TF G1: -the ultimate and greatest TF adventures ever told of out beloved heroes.

Beast Wars: -saw random episodes but never got that vibe from it.

Beast Machines: -saw first episode only, never saw the rest.

RID: -at last a return to traditional cel animation but dumbed down for kids.

Armada/Energon/Cybertron: -never bothered with this crap.
Oh come on, no one that liked anything? Not even some character designs. Or some Episodes like the last one in Armada Mortal Combat?
i agree with shadow-boxing :
beast wars was the best yet. i think it was the only transformers with 3d graphics.

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