The "Ultimate Marvel" RPG Season IV OOC Thread

And as a side-note, Forge is one lucky bastard. Spiral's extra hands are sure to come in handy.

Screen Name: Mr. Marko

Character you would like to play: Geldoff

Powers and a brief description of the character in proper English:
Haha, you read it right! GELDOFF! He has the ability to create explosions! Last time we saw him, Xavier had tied him up in the basement and we never heard from him again. Time to pick up where we left off and flesh out the back story. (He's walking the line for the roster's sake)

Three reasons why you have chosen that character:

Because no one in their right mind would apply as Geldoff.

Because I have a really good story to continue the story that was already started in UXM.

I'm sick that way.

What can you bring to this game?
A cool new side of the RPG.

How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:


Provide a small sample post for your character, about 4 paragraphs with at least one line of dialouge:

Coming Soon...
approved. :up:

...I go away for a few days and the Fantastic Four is I gonna have to have an app. off with Venom for Reed?
Oh its on! Or I could always use my godlike mod powers to crush you. Or I could simply have you eliminated by the Ult rpg's secret agents. Hmm decisions decisions........
Oh ****...I ride off into the sunset..only to reconsider returning.

Your mother flipflops when I'm doing her in the butt.
I remember my life before I came to the Hype. The sky was blue, grass was green.

Now it's aaaall dirty.
Why didn't you approve Harl? I thought his Spider-Woman application showed promise. :csad:
We're holding out for Harl to change it so he can play the fetus, instead.
alright final warning everybody this season ends 5:30 pm central time.
Nah ****. I gotta finish some stuff then. ASAP. :wow:
k change of plans peeps, this season will end apr. 10 at 9pm eastern time.
This is the end.... my only friend... the end.

Aren't we supposed to be putting awards up at the end of a season?
Sorry, internet has been down, some fool typed 'Google' into Google and broke half the internet, what a moron!

Anyway, I need to catch up with my career stuff, but I should be able to sit down and have a catch up before the new season, in theory.

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