The Viewing Order: How do YOU watch the movies?

Discussion in 'The Saga' started by LeagueOfBats, Dec 12, 2019.

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    With the release of "The Rise of Skywalker" upon us, I thought it appropriate to discuss one of the most divisive questions of the saga, besides, you know, anything to do with The Last Jedi :funny::funny::funny:

    What order should you watch the films in? And more importantly, how do you introduce a Star Wars novice to this beloved franchise?

    To get the ball rolling, I've created my own list; it's by no means definitive, but I've given my reasons for it in the link here: Star Wars Viewing Order For Newbies

    So have at it everyone! What are your thoughts? Release order? Chronological? Machete Order? Only the originals? Do you include the Holiday Special? "The choice is yours alone" -Shmi Skywalker
  2. Marc Foxtrot Registered

    Dec 21, 2019
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    After watching Rise of Skywalker, my preffered way of watching the saga will be a little weird but is the best way to watch only the movies I liked. Of course this view is only reccomended for star wars fans not for a first viewing since "I am your father" will not be a surprise.

    I will divide everything into two trilogies, the " George Lucas trilogy" with only movies directed by Lucas and the "Luke saving the timeline trilogy". Let me explain.

    The first trilogy has episode 1, 3 and 4, that way you can see the evolution of anakin portrayed by 3 different actors in very different times from a young boy to a jedi knight and ending in a Sith lord and also we get to see the evolution of obi wan, from padawan to jedi knight/jedi master and ending in his sacrifice for the new generation.

    The second trilogy has episodes 7, 5 and 6 in that order. We dont know what happened between episode 4 and 7 but we know it was not very good because according to episode 7, Han and Leia are not together but had a son, ben solo is not a good guy, luke doesnt want to help and is hiding somewhere and the main focus of the story for Rey is to find Luke skywalkre, there is a reason for that. After Rey founds Luke and shows him Anakin lightsabre then something happens in Luke and he knows he has to correct the past for this dark future not to happen and save Han, Ben Solo from going to the darkside and the destruction caused by Starkiller base. So basically episode 7 is a possible future, and episode 5 and 6 is the retcon of that future, young Luke subconsciously knows in episode 5 and 6 that he has to do things differently but is up to the viewer to decide what that is. Maybe going to rescue Han and Leia on cloud city, maybe rescuing Anakin from the Darkside, maybe going to train with Yoda, maybe just not killing Vader after he mentions the sister or anything else the viewer wants. That way you still have 2 trilogies but the final scene is still Luke watching the old Jedis and celebreting with Han, Leia, Lando and Chewie that the future was saved.

    I know many people dont like episode 1 but I do, even though is the weaker of these 6 still has many great moments and also if you start with episode 1 then it just keeps getting better.

    I actually liked episode 9 and also some scenes from episode 8, but 7 was my favorite of the new trilogy but overall I was a little dissapointed with the trilogy but that is just my taste.
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    episode I
    episode II
    episode III
    Rogue One
    episode IV
    episode V
    episode VI
    episode VII
    episode VIII
    episode IX
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    I watch them chronologically usually, so pretty much in the same order as C. Lee. If i ever watch 7-9 i'll watch them chronologically too. These dont make me excited to see them again, so i just skip them. Once or twice feels more than enough, sadly :(

    I dont include the holiday special or Solo either lol.
  5. BoredGuy Never Did a Popular Thing

    Jan 5, 2008
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    Episode IV
    Episode V
    Episode VI
    The Mandolorian


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