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The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead" Comic series, created by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore


Jul 18, 2007
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If you've not read the books, and are watching the TV show, you may find potential spoilers or events that have happened in the books but NOT the TV show. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Right then, let's get this show on the road!

Issue #100 was crazy, though obviously we're gutted about Glenn but from the first few pages it was obvious it was gonna happen!

Also enjoying Rick's devious plan.... Though, it probably won't work. His plans don't usually go too well!
Negan's more of a scumbag in 4 issues than The Governor was in his entire arc. Bravo.
I stopped reading during the No Way Out arc because [BLACKOUT]Kirkman not killing Carl off really just ruined the series for me[/BLACKOUT].
Damn dude. You really like seeing little kids die huh?
Man, I've read Crossed. TWD doesn't have **** on that!
I have recently just caught up to issue 103 by reading it all at once. I am really interested in seeing how Rick's latest plan will work out.

My guess he will hold another meeting letting all the people know his plan that way they can spend the next few months planning and getting ready for the Saviors next visit (Eugene making bullets (maybe bombs)). They ambush and kill all the ones that enter their city that way they reduced the Saviors numbers without having to deal with the whole group. They take the truck under disguise as Saviors and drive it to where Jesus discovers their hideout. Take out the outside guards silently (probably Michonne), plant the truck in a spot close to living quarters with a bomb assembled by Eugene. Set it off and let all hell run loose. Of course this is completely just BS, will probably not happen this way at all, and their plan will most likely not come out they way they want it to.

Two things that stuck out in the past few issues. Them taking all the morphine/oxycontin, etc so this will make them high as a kite and hopefully less dangerous and more easier to take down and second I hope they use some of that alcohol they seem to have in abundant and create some molotov cocktails. They don't do much against the dead but sure will do some damage to the living.
Is anybody else keeping up with this series?

Now that issue 104 is out, I feel that it is starting to pick back up. Although I feel that Kirkman is trying to create a new version of the Governer with Negan. I find it funny that even Negan admits that Carl creeps him the f**K out.
I just read about it. [blackout]Carl's got himself in deep **** now.[/blackout]
You know, I've been noticing a problem I've been having lately watching the show. I saw the first season of TWD before reading the comics, and loved it. Once it was over, I bought Compendium 1, and every trade avilable up to that point. I've kept up with the whole series from that point on. Problem is, I really miss that feeling of the first season where I didn't know what might be coming, instead opting to b***h and moan when things don't go with how the comics did it. And I kinda hate myself for it.

The comics are better, its a fact, but I admit if I hadn't read them, I probably would have been just like all the people who comic fans tend to dislike for only going on about the show and such. . Hell, it may have made the search for Sophia somewhat suspenseful if I hadn't complained all the way through about how far off and uninteresting it was from the comics. Still, nothing I can do now but try to enjoy the rid ein both media.
I've had a similar problem. While the comic is obviously better, I've learned to separate the two and appreciate both for different reasons.
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