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I'm still surprised to think that Carol ended up one of my favorite characters. She's a great balance to all the crazy that's going around this show.

She's really illustrated what a **** character comics Carol was. TV Carol has lost her daughter and yet still keeps pushing forward and is becoming a badass in her own right. Comics Carol killed herself over a guy, leaving her daughter alone in the world with people that are essentially strangers.

People will find things to complain about in regards to being adapted to TV, but there is alot that this series has done just infinitely better than the comics, as far as I'm conerned.
Part 8? What the **** is happening, here?
Curious how the GOV will use the new members of Woodbury, against Rick & Co.???
I hope the new member split and some of them join Rick's group.

Governor needs to be taken down.
If I was Rick's group, I would be thinking of ways to make traps. Attract a herd while they shut themselves in the prison or something when the Governor attacks.
They should booby trap the hell out of the prison.
Gotta say I am having a hard time picking a side to root for.
Gotta say I am having a hard time picking a side to root for.

The one that doesn't murder innocent people, keep heads in fishtanks, torture and threaten to rape people.
The thing with the Guv is that it's him and him alone who is the agressor, bar his hardcore cronies. The community of Woodbury are essentially good people, and don't deserve to be murdered.

I still support Rick's group, but it's an uncomfortable situation.
Yeah, it's supposed to be a grayish area. It was in the comics, but it wasn't explored as much, since there was no consistent Woodbury POV.

But I for one can't wait until they leave the prison. I just read the 2nd compendium recently, and I think it was 100% better than the first (and I LOVED the first one).
I think all of Woodbury are guilty accomplices. Nothing good about following blindly. They went from a civil town to mad max without any question, and they quickly turn on their own. They're sheep following a man with one eye.
From their perspective, they were innocent victims of a terrorist attack. Them being a bit bloodthirsty is understandable, I think.
But they were never innocent since they have fight to the death matches with zombies. They may live in a town, but they have lost more scruples.
LMFAO!!! This is too funny. Reedus posted this on twitter. :D

Gawd, Bernthal looks like a dweeb. :funny:
Damn, Dale was an old man even as a teenager.
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Those pics looks like they're in character
Lol, in that picture, Carol looks hot, Shane looks like a complete dork, and Rick looks like a stoned Frodo Baggins.
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