The Walking Dead The Walking Dead video game wrapping up next week

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Jul 4, 2003
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IGN just confirmed that the final episode of the downloadable TWD game will be available next week.

For those who've been playing the game, what do you think? I love it and especially that it's not some shoot'em up zombie game but one that really takes a more cerebral, story-driven approach to it so much that it fits into the style of the comic and TV show.

It's been intense so far. I beat it not too long ago and some of the decisions you have to make throughout the's rough, they really nailed the feel of the series. The latest episode was definitely the best.

Amazon has the whole thing for sale now for $12.49 - Not sure how long that'll last though.
I love the game! If anyone messes with Clementine I'm Falcon Punching them on sight.
I haven't played the game but I have watched the walkthroughs on youtube for all the episodes 1-5. It started out as a curiosity thing to pass time between real walking dead episodes and I found myself just as addicted to watching the game as the show lol. My only question is I watched one guys walkthrough for episodes 1-4 and a different guys for episode 5.

[BLACKOUT]After Lee gets bite at the end of episode 4. Kenny wasn't willing to help Lee find Clem and was gunna stay with the boat. However in episode 5 with the different gamer playing kenny was all about helping Lee. My question is does Kenny die regardless if he goes with Lee or not?[/BLACKOUT]
if I'm understanding your set up right,[BLACKOUT] yes even if Kenny says he won't help, you meet up with him later in prt 5 screwed out of his boat and ends up helping you out.[/BLACKOUT]
I just finished watching the final walk through on youtube.....All I can say is.......Man...........
That link I posted above? Works again at $12.49 for Cyber Monday. :) If you missed it on Black Friday you have GOT to get it this time around. Seriously, this is a potential GOTY!

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