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Jun 3, 2003
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The Walking Dead Casts Wire Alum as Tyreese!

Rick’s post-apocalyptic army is growing, and not a moment too soon.

The Walking Dead has recruited Wire grad Chad Coleman to play the key role of Tyreese, TVLine has confirmed.

In the Walking Dead comics, Tyreese was a prominent member of the survivors and served as Rick’s second in command following Shane’s death. The character’s arrival (rumored to be in this season’s eighth episode) comes as Rick prepares to do battle with David Morrissey’s Governor.

Coleman’s post Wire credits include stints on The Good Wife, Burn Notice and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

News of Coleman’s casting was first reported by TVOvermind.
T-Dog is in zombie form now thinking, "Ah hell nah!"
I'm guessing we see him at the end of season 3 or at the beginning of 4?
We'll see him in the last episode before the break.
I liked comics!Tyreese but I'm just really not all that excited about his arrival here.
Well I'm curious,
they are more than likely not bringing him in just to get killed within the next 9ish episodes, like he did in the prison story of the comics, at least I hope not, sooo should be a whole new angle on Tyreese, I mean will he come with his daughter and her boyfriend and all that drama from the comics? I'm sure there will be a lot of love and hate from fans, because things stuck or didn't stick to the comics with him.
That's good news, I wonder if he will have his daughter and her boyfriend Chris with him.
I think it's hilarious that he also voiced Coach in Left4Dead2. Whenever he's fighting a horde of zombies I'm going to expect him to call out "Here comes a Boomer!"
Hahaha! I had no idea he voiced Coach. That's great. He was so awesome as Cutty on The Wire. Easily one of my fav characters
I called this **** way back before the show even aired.
I bet this guy's REAL glad that I Hate My Teenage Daughter didn't last...
So does this mean Tyreese won't show up until the fourth season? Or are they still filming for the third?
I thought next week's episode was the mid-season finale?
Nope, still two more before the hiatus.
I just really need to know how they're going to introduce Tyreese now.
right after Oscar dies most likely. Neither can live while the other survives.
The Walking Dead has the same rules as Timecop has, except with black people.
Black males. Michonne ain't going anywhere. :o:up:
Black males. Michonne ain't going anywhere. :o:up:

They killed that black chick in the first season to make room for Michonne and the Doctor from Woodbury we never saw again.
Yeah, it seems like they can only have one black woman and black man at a time on this show.

Brother does not approve.

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