The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IV

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    Vertigo: Part IV
    New York JFK Airport

    “Hey, what are you guys lookin’ at?” one of the airport security said as he walked up to the Joey and Marv, who were looking as Floyd Lawton was getting a sports bag full of money from one of the airport lockers.

    “Oh, hey Ted, me and trigger-Tex here were just watching that man there.”
    “What for?”
    “Guy didn’t want to douse his cigarette, but he shut up good when we showed up.”
    “You know, that guy looks an awful lot like…”
    “Yeah, yeah, Joey thought it was Floyd Lawton too, but c’mon you, really believe that Ted. Floyd Lawton walking in this here airport, in his civvies?”
    “Idiot. That really is Floyd Lawton!” Ted said as he drew his gun and started to walk towards Deadshot, with his two buddies following close behind, hands on their guns.

    “Mind if I see what’s in that bag, sir?” Ted asked Floyd as he held his gun near. Joey and Marv were standing a distance away, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.
    “My undies.”
    “I’d really like to take a look.”

    Deadshot seemed to comply but to the surprise of the officer, quickly drew a gun and held it against the man’s belly.

    “Listen to me, and listen good. You’re gonna walk back to your friends and act like nothing happened, and I’m going to go away. Officer Ted, working at JFK? You know how long they keep those employment files, Ted?” Deadshot spoke in a hushed tone, as Ted was shaking like crazy. “Go along now, Ted. All you’re doing is facing the best shot in the world. How about it?”

    Ted nodded and turned around slowly, started the walk back to his partners. Where he should’ve worded ‘it’s okay’, he did the opposite and worded ‘it’s Deadshot’, causing Joey and Marv to grab their guns and yell: “Freeze!”
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    "This city is mine!" The Black Mask said as he roamed the halls of the museum of masks. For a few months now, he and his men had remained hidden, waiting for the right time to strike.

    "For too long has the man with half a mask been living my life. Its time to take that life back from him." he looked at one mask, the fires of hell shon from it. "The Mask of Death" it read below.

    Black Mask laughed at the title. "This mask projects that death is to be feared. I am not one who fears death, I challenge it. The bible itself says that you will follow god and have eternal life, but I am eternal. I challegned the mighty one himself, and came out living. If god himself cannot stop me... then no one can. I will take this city and place a dark mask over it. No one will be safe from it, not even the Batman. My reign shall be eternal."

    He walked out of the hall and down into the basement. A large number of men were sitting there, they looked up in hope at the sight of Black Mask. "Brothers! It is time! Time for us to eliminate every threat in this city and make it ours. You know your targets! Go forth and destroy all religious buildings. For Gotham is no place for God."
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    Walking through the bustling corridors of Keystone International Airport, McCulloch finally came to the airport's lockers. Using the key that came in the letter he received last night, McCulloch, who was using his mirrors to cast the illusion that he was an average middle aged, balding man, opened locker number 267 to find a small gym bag.

    He didn't grab it right away, but stared at it for a few seconds. McCulloch was busy peering into the reflections, making sure one more time that this wasn't a set up by the government spooks who've been hounding him since he joined the Rogues.

    Seeing no sign of a trap, McCulloch smiled and took the bag. Going into the men's room, the Mirror Master opened a stall, put the toilet lid down, and the bag on top of it. He opened it up to find a cool fifty thousand dollars in it. A down payment on a job he recently accepted.

    Also included in the envelope with the letter and key was a passport and plane ticket to the European nation of Vlatava, and a picture of the man he was hired to kill. There his hunt will begin. And what a hunt it will be! His target was the true master of the place, a former villain, Count Vertigo. Once the job was finished and the Count dead, McCulloch would have Vertigo's treasury all to himself.

    With all that money, he'd be able to retire from the mercenary life, and devote himself entirely to the Rogues. The money could also be used to pay for better safe houses for him and the Rogues as well. Not too mention better equipment, and more mirror weapons.

    Slinging the bag of cash over his shoulder with his own duffle bag of clothes and devices, McCulloch came out of the stall and stood in front of the mirror.
    Making sure nobody was around, McCulloch ditched the guise of the middle aged man, now wearing his standard Mirror Master suit under a large trench coat, minus the mask which was in a pocket.

    Taking his plane ticket out of his coat's pocket, McCulloch looked at it for a moment before tearing it up.
    "Piss on flying. I'll get ta Vlatava my own way", he said as he jumped into the bathroom mirror and was gone.
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    Vertigo: Part V
    New York JFK Airport

    Sure, Deadshot had a death wish. But they didn’t include the security guards at JFK airport, so he did what he rarely did. He ran. Grabbing his mask from his coat pocket on the way, he put it on and grabbed his guns, keeping a look out for his pursuers.

    It wasn’t long before the cops streamed out of the building, but every police car in the surrounding neighbourhood had a flat tire, and Deadshot was smiling as he grabbed a taxi. He was tempted to drive off, to find out a different way to Vlatava.

    “Ah, hell.” He said before he gave the steering wheel a sweep and the car made a turn around, now heading straight back, crashing through the windows of the building. So if the security guards didn’t make it interesting, he’d have to do so himself.
    Two days later…

    Floyd Lawton was cooling his heels, smoking his cigarettes, reading the morning newspaper as he sat on the boat to Europe. The fifty thousand would cover the expenses to Vlatava.

    “Man, believed to be the assassin Deadshot still missing after JFK incident.” Deadshot said with a smile, as he folded up the newspaper and relaxed.
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    <Guy Gardner>

    I flip a latch on the side, and it bursts open.

    A bright yellow light shines, blinding me.

    An image starts to appear.

    I know that face.

    "Hello Guy, it's Micheal... Booster,"


    "I know all about whats happened. I know about the Unity, I know about how your ring went crazy, and i'm sending you this package to help you,"

    I look at the image of Booster. He waw what made my league special. We may have not liked each other, but we looked out for each other.

    Booster, Beetle, Fire... Ice...

    "You're ring, it was a copy of Hal Jordan's. You know that. That's the main reason it went weird, started chaneling Unity engergy."

    I look at my ring finger, a bruise where the ring should be. It had disolved into my skin when it finally stopped working.

    "Parrelax tapped into Jordan's ring, that's how the fear demon corrupted him. You're ring, it was made of the weaker elements of the ring. Parrelax wanted you as a new host, so it made your ring susceptible to outside influence. The Unity in this case."

    It kind of makes sense...

    "Finally the ring was absorbed into your body. When it finally stopped working, it was re-absorbed into your body. I don't know why. You and the corps never figured that part out. That's how I know this stuff. I can't tell you a time frame, but you and the corps will face a test in the future which leads you to re-evaluate how the rings work. That's when you figure out what went wrong with yours,"

    The future. I hate Booster and his time travel crap.

    "I'm here because something has gone wrong with history. Once the ring was absorbed, you were meant to be given a new ring by the Corps. That's how history was meant to play out. But according to the new records, you disapeared. Made it hard for anyone to find you. Doesn't make sense why the Guardians couldn't find you. My guess is something changed, and you're not what they consider 'Lantern' material."

    Not Lantern material? Those little green s.o.b.'s...

    "That's why i've sent this little gift. The next time you see me I won't have any knowledge of this. You can't tell anyone of how you got what i'm about to give you. The Guardian's would take steps to stop it. But, and it pains me to say this, as you have said on many occasions, the world needs a Guy Gardner. You say things that the others avoid. You're egotistical, you're annoying, hell you're downright unpleasant... but you are also a conscience among the heroes."

    What are you getting to Booster...

    "So I stole this from the hero museum in the 25th century Metropolis..."

    A ring... A power ring appears. A Lantern power ring...

    "...In my time, the Guardians allowed Hal's ring to be kept as a memorial. It was empty of charge, no one capable of weilding it even if it had power, they saw no harm in leaving it here. You have a battery. This ring need's a charge. It's a gift Guy. Be the Lantern you always were."

    I pick up the ring and place it on my finger. It sparks. It's out of charge, but the ring that was absorbed into my body was half full on energy. It's powering it up.

    "Bye Guy. Good luck. Check up on Ted for me, k?"

    And the message stops, fading away.

    I look at my ring. MY ring. I pull my battery from its subspace mooring, and charge up using that stupid oath...

    "In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight, let all who worship evil's might, beware my power..."

    An energy wave ruptures over me. My old Lantern uniform returns, but instead of a waist jacket, i'm wearing a full length green duster. My hair is still dyed black, but the beard disapears. A normal Lantern uniform underneath, similar to Hal's, but not as dorky. I'm back. But i'm different.


    Guy Gardner's back. And i'm looking for some butt to kick!!
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    The masked Bodyguard emerged from a hidden wall panel in the highest storey of the elevated parking garage on Stern Street without any trouble. His black business suit had a few small clumps of dirt on it from his journey, but he didn't bother brushing them off; he was bound to get plenty dirty in the minutes to come anyway.

    The level was filled with parked cars, but not a soul was around that he could see through the infrared lenses provided in his mask. Good. No witnesses would be allowed until the appropriate time.

    The Bodyguard reached into his pocket and pulled out the small mechanism that his employer had given to him. The device was as small as a lighter, untracable to LexCorp and it only had one button on its side. Smiling slightly underneath of his mask, he pressed his thumb onto the button and waited. The signal would release a sonic beacon that was far beyond the range of human hearing. Anything within the United States with either four legs or with Kryptonian DNA would be cringing in pain from the ear-splitting noise. All the Bodyguard had to do was wait for Superman to show up and 'convince' him to turn it off.
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    The Joker lifted up a manhole cover on the road, climbing back up into Gotham City. As Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy followed him to the surface, The Joker looked up at the moonlit sky. This night truly belonged to him.

    "We're one big happy family," The Joker declared, "I'm the father, the patriarch, Big Daddy Joker. Harley, you're one hot mama. And Solly, you're our beautiful baby boy. We're just like The Simpsons! Only people..."

    The Joker's ramblings were cut off when he noticed a man wandering along the road. His eyes were wide with terror as he muttered to himself.

    "Scarecrow Bludhavan...apartment 15....152 second street."

    "What's that, Lassie?" The Joker cooed, holding his hand to his ear, "Little Jimmy fell down the well? No? Oh, The Scarecrow's in Bludhaven! The town that Joker built! HA HA! Let me just take a note of that."

    The Joker took a scrap of paper and a feathered quill from his jacket pocket. He leaned the paper on the guy's back as he wrote down the address he was uttering over and over.

    "I'll tell Scarecrow I got your message," The Joker said, putting the paper in his pocket and patting the man on the back, "And you can keep the pen."

    The Joker stuck the pen in the man's back, and casually walked back over to Harley and Grundy as the man started screaming in pain, running around in circles before falling face-down onto the ground.

    "Lady and gentleman," The Joker sobbed theatrically, a frown on his face, "We must not forget what happened in that sewer today. An innocent child lost her life, senselessly, brutally. And this tragic event must be...somehow...commemorated! And I think I know how."

    The Joker took a set of car-keys out his pocket, and pressed the button. The lights on a large ice-cream truck came to life as the doors unlocked.


    The Joker hopped over to his customised ice-cream van - his own personal Batmobile (a Jokermobile! HA HA!) - and opened the back doors.

    "Solly, get in the back of the van," The Joker said, ushering Grundy inside, "Help yourself to all the ice-cream you want. Except the green stuff. DO NOT touch the green stuff. Harley, get in the front with me. It's time to make an appointment with Dr. Crane. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
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    This City Belongs To The People.

    It Belongs To US,Dent.Take It Or Shut The Hell Up.

    Two-Face sat in his part of the rundown warehouse he and his boys were staying at.Sure,He was hiding from the police.Sure,things looked bad for the long run.But Two-Face was still chuckling to himself,from time to time.


    Gotham City belonged to Him.Black Mask was out of the picture for months,now,and Oswald Cobblepot was too.Two of Gotham's leading mobsters were gone...vanished...ran out dry.And all that was left was free territory.Territory that now belonged to Two-Face.

    Even if the cops did,eventually,catch him,He'd still have more than enough control to be busted out in no time.Not even Batman could fight that kind of power.

    What you're doing is insane.I never wanted any part of it!

    Well Too Bad.Ya Aint Got A Choice,Here.Not In My City.You Either Take What You Get Offered,Or You Get Your Brains Splattered All Over Gotham Square.The Only Reason I Haven't Done THAT Yet Is Because You're Attached To My Head,Too.

    Is that your idea of power and control?

    Why do you keep askin' these stupid questions?!

    Two-Face looks up,as a knock is heard on his door.He gets up,and opens it.Ricky stands at the other side.

    "What The Hell Do You Want?"

    "We were addin' up the value on those gold bricks we stole,boss...And...well...we got a call...and...we...uh..."

    Two-Face grabs him by the collar of his shirt.


    Ricky gulps,before answering.

    "One of our contacts on the east side called.He might'a seen somethin'."

    Two-Face was getting impatient.

    "WHAT WAS IT?!"

    "...He might'a seen a False Facer!"

    Two-Face looked at Ricky,silently,for a second.

    Black Mask was still in town?This was unbelieveable.After all the humiliation he went through,all the threats,everything...Roman was still at it?!

    Two-Face reached into his pocket,and pulled out his coin,before flipping it,to Ricky's horror.They both watched as it landed on the 'good heads' side.

    It's your call,Dent.What do we do?

    Black Mask hasn't made any moves,yet.It's tough to say if he's still in town,or not.His gang could be operating on their own,without him.And even so,they've done nothing of significance yet.I say we wait until they make a move,before we attack.

    ...Fine.We'll do it your way.But don't think this means I ain't gonna strangle that freak,if he tries anything.

    Two-Face looked at Ricky.

    "Who've You Told?"

    "N..No one,Sir."

    "Keep It That Way.We're Not Moving Ahead With Any Attacks,Yet,And I Don't Want Any Of The Boys Gettin' Any Ideas.Even If Black Mask Is Back In Town,This City Still Belongs To ME.Got It?"

    Ricky nodded.

    "Now Leave.Before I Decide To Make Another Flip.One For Your LIFE."

    Ricky turned around,and hurried away from Two-Face.Two-Face sneered at him,before shutting the door,and sitting back down,in his 'office'.

    Our City.

    My City.
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    "Grundy like ice cream."

    Grundy began to snack, when he grabbed his ears in pain.

    "Gaaaah! Loud noise. Making Grundy mad. Clown will make it stop. Noise hurt."

    :marv: :marv: :marv:
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    "And so, which is the greatest religion?" Black Mask said, amused as his men through a jew, a muslim and a priest to his feet. "All found at churches, mosks whatever?" he asked one man, who nodded in reply.

    "Haha, good. Let me explain to you who I am. I am your leader. Or at least soon to be. As a leader, I need to get rid of all oppositions, including religions. But then again, can't only one of these religions be true? And so, you're here as my little lab rats. You're going to kill each other, the last man standing will be declared the winner, his religion will be the true one."

    The priest stood up. "I will never submit to these... sick actions you demand me to take!"

    Black Mask frowned. "You know, do you think its possible for God to stop a bullet going through your head?" The Priest didn't move. "No? How about something more painful then? He produced a screw driver from his pocket. By the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you'd have been crucified."

    The Priest quickly fell back in line. "I thought so." Black Mask said, resting the screw driver on his lap. "Begin."


    "Well I must say I'm quite impressed." Roman said walking over to the priest. "Beautiful work. A bit of dirty play but in a life or death situation, you can't help yourself!"

    "P-please... I've done what you wanted, let me go!" BANG! The priest fell to the ground as the bullet sliced through his head.

    Turning to his men, he said. "Go, set fire to every church and cathedral in this city." he looked down at the dead priest. He noticed a necklace round his neck with the cross on it. He picked it up and put it on. "Rather fitting. I'll shove it in Harvey Dent's eye when I unleash hell on him."
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    Scarecrow stared out the window of the apartment over all the dead. Everyone of them smiling with that giant grin. Another scream came from the back.

    "mR. SToNE wILL yOu QuIte dOWN OuR gUeSt WiLL bE hERe SoOn" but Scarecrow did not know when they would be arrive. Suddenly he caught a faint sound coming from the outside. It sounded like a like a song small children would sing. Then in the distance it appeared an ice cream truck.
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    The crime scene is rather quite. A few CSIs are around looking for evidence, and Izzy and a few other detectives are talking in a circle. Not many reporters. I stand outside the police tape with my tape recorder. Izzy spots me and heads over.

    "What happened here?"

    "Quadruple homicide. A family. Two kids and the parents."

    "Cause of death?"

    "Looks to be stab wounds. Some sort of claws. Folks nearby said they heard what sounded like some kind of bird or bat screaching. We'd say it was an animal, but...well..."

    He points to a wall near where the bodies were. There, on the wall, is a question mark.

    Painted in blood.

    Izzy leans forward and presses the stop button on my tape recorder. He then whispers in my ear.

    "Looks to me that someone's trying to send old no face a message."


    I sit in my car, thinking over what Izzy just showed me.

    Obviously, someone is trying to tell me something.

    If they now anything about me, they probably expect me to investigate this. First checking out the crime scene. Then, questioning anyone who was in the area. Then, checking into the family that was killed. Then, just beating up people who look suspicious until I get an answer. If someone went to these lengths to get my atention, they probably aim to kill me.

    This is going to be an interesting evening.

    I drive back towards the scene. Now, all the cops are gone. So is the police tape. I stop about a block away, change into my 'work clothes', get out, and walk to the alley where they found the bodies.

    The first thing I notice is the question mark. By the time the cops got here, it was already dry. Still haven't chipped it off all the way yet. Doesn't look like brush strokes. The killer probably did it with his or her fingers. But the strokes are rather wide. And I don't see any finger prints. Could be that the killer was wearing gloves.

    Or, it could be that the killer wasn't human.

    If it turns out to be the later, I may be in a bit over my head.

    I turn to where the bodies were found. Izzy mentioned that there were footprints behind the kids. Footprints that didn't belong to the parents. Looked to be the killer's. The thing was, they had particle residue in them that didn't look like it came from the streets. More like the gravel that the rooftops above me are covered in. And there weren't any prints leading up to the ones found behind the kids. Meaning that the killer may very well have jumped down 20 stories unharmed. Not unheard of, but hardly common. And definately not good news for me.

    Suddenly, I hear a high pitched shreak. I clutch my ears to try and block out the sound. It gets lounder and louder. The pain gets so bad that I drop to my knees. Suddenly, it stops, and I look up.

    Standing over me is a tall, muscular man wearing all green, with a green mask and a large green cape shaped almost like a pair of wings. His gloves have small talons protruding from the finger tips. He looks down at me.

    "Hello. It's been a while."

    "Oh my God."

    The Banshee
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    Kyle sat at the local Denny's, finishing off the last of his meal. It had been one of his crazier days, and in all of the mess he had almost forgotten supper.

    "Anything else, hun?" the waitress added. She looked like one of those old motherly waitresses from the movies. Kyle smiled.

    "No thanks. Just enjoying the peace and quiet."

    The restuarant was relatively quiet, but then again, it was almost midnight. Actually, the only other person in there was an off duty officer sitting a few seats down the counter from him.

    Kyle sat for a few more minutes, watching a TV on the wall when somebody walked in and sat down beside him. He barely noticed until the waitress came back to take the new person's order.

    "What'll be Nattie?" she asked the new arrival, who was obviously a frequent visitor.

    "Just some water right now. Crazy day at work, nerves aren't the best."

    Kyle though he recognized the voice, but still paid no attention, reaching into his back pocket to grab his wallet.

    "Yeah, I saw it on the news. This town is just gettin' worse and worse. But Green Lantern being there...did you get to meet him?"

    That got Kyle's attention. He slowly looked over, trying not to make it obvious.

    "Oh God, you're kidding me," he mummbled to himself.

    "Kinda. I tried to introduce myself, but he seemed kinda skittish. Got outta there real quick."

    It was the stripper from earlier that day. Of all the places in L.A. he could have gone to eat, he had to pick her regualr hang out.

    Still, she was kind of a looker. He really hadn't noticed earlier, but then again, he was trying to make as little eye contact as possible. He was raised to be a gentleman.

    This wasn't the time or place though. He took a twenty out of his wallet and put it on the counter.

    "Food was great. Keep the change."

    "You have a good one, hun."

    The waitress picked up the money and walked to the register as Kyle headed out the door, all the time feeling like he was being watched by the...dancer. He couldn't shake the feeling though as he stepped outside and headed up the sidewalk.

    Couldn't shake it....because someone WAS watching him. Someone who shouldn't have been. He knew it.

    Someone wanted to play games? They picked the wrong person to play them with.
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    My name is Guy Gardner.

    Once I was a Green Lantern.

    Then I lost out to that loser Jordan in a fight, and I got my ring taken from me.

    My power ring.

    So I did what anyone who had been fairly beaten in a duel would do.

    I hitched a ride with a psychotic bounty hunter to the planet where the makers of the rings run their intergalactic police force, and snuck into the burial chamber and stole the yellow power ring of the organisations greatest enemy.

    That didn't last though.

    Eventually, I lost that ring too.

    Then I found out I was an alien.

    Used the powers this discovery granted me to become the 'Warrior'.

    Those powers lasted a while until they decided to destroy my body by exploding it from the inside out.

    That's when the ring came back to me.

    The ring I lost to Jordan duplicated, and fused with my finger.

    I was a Green Lantern again.

    The Guardians accepted that some higher power had chosen me to be a Lantern.

    That was until it turned out the ring was made of the rejected parts of Jordan's ring; the weak, corrupted parts. The parts a big yellow fear demon decided would allow him to take control of the premier Lantern.

    Now i've finally, after years of linear time, and over five centuries for the actual ring, gotten the power ring I lost back.

    And it feels great.

    I'm flying, my new outfit flailing in the wind.

    I don't know where i'm headed.

    I'm not an official Lantern.

    I don't even know if anyone's noticed i'm gone.

    It's been a month. And the world has Kyle and Hal.

    And they won't have messed anything up.

    They're pro's.

    God, that month has changed me...

    I'm calling Jordan 'Hal' and I said he was a pro...

    Guess this is me now.

    Well, I don't have anywhere to go.

    Bar's gone.

    Looks like it's off to the big city for me.

    The big M.


    Should be the perfect place to get used to this ring again. Perfect stage to show off the new Green Lantern in town. The new Guy Gardner.

    I put a mask over my face with the ring. It covers my entire face, but still shows my hair.

    I don't want anyone to recognise me.

    Not at first.

    And with that thought I shoot off out of the European continants and head for Metropolis...
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    Iron Heights Penitentiary, Keystone City

    I awake to the sound of an awful piercing noise.

    AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I roar in agony, clutching my ears.

    “Whatsamatter Donkey Kong? You got a headache.” one of the insolent human “guards” taunted me. I attempted to psychically share my pain with him, but was thwarted by two separate barriers; one, the psychic dampeners on my cell; and 2, the wailing shriek.

    Once I find out who is responsible for this torment, they will pay terribly.
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    Billy finished his newscast detailing the heroics of Captain Marvel when his boss Mr. Henderson motions him into his office. He motions for Billy to have a seat and says, "Billy I think you've done a great job here. Your work is top-notch and the exclusive exploits of Captain Marvel are just phenominal which makes this all the more difficult for me."

    Billy asks, "Am I being fired Mr. Henderson?"

    He replies, "Oh no Billy not at fact you can say that this is somewhat of a promotion. Our sister station WKLS in Metropolis is need of someone to fill-in for their regular on-air reporter who is going on special assignment. The heads of our corperation met and they think you are just the guy for the job." Henderson sticks his hand out and Billy shakes it. Henderson then says, "Now keep in mind this is a temporary position but if you do a good enough job they may decide to keep you. If nothing else you may even run into Superman."

    Billy replies, "Well sir I just want to do a good job and make the station proud."

    Henderson says, "I'm sure you will Billy. They're expecting you to start in 3 days. I suggest you get moving. We've arranged for you a place to stay (handing him a peice of paper) there's the address it's a nice little apartment and their expecting you. You better get moving you start in 3 days and I suggest you use that time to get settled in. If you need anything my phone line is always opened for you. Good luck son." They shake hands and Billy leaves the station.

    Billy heads back to his house and tells Uncle Dudley the good news. He is so excted he begins packing his bags almost in an instant. He says to his Uncle, "Holey Moley Uncle Dudley Metroplois. I'll probably run into Superman at least once or twice. There is so much I can learn from him. This is just the opportunity of a lifetime for me not only as Billy Batson but as Captain Marvel." In no time Billy is packed and heading for the bus-station. He gets on the bus and he looks to the sky smiles. The image of him and Superman patrolling Metropolis is making him smile from ear to ear. He then hears a familar voice in his head. It is the Wizard Shazam and he says, "Remember young Billy you are guest in his city. Do not overstep your bounds. Your entusiasm is understandable and in time will prove to be a great resource, but remember Superman is more than capable of taking care of Metropolis on his own...know your boundries and respect them." Billy nodded and continued grinning as the bus rolls along.
  17. LibrarianThorne

    LibrarianThorne Registered

    Dec 6, 2005
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    He was over Ohio when the noise hit him. Vibrations on the ultrasonic frequency, so powerful that they rattled his teeth. Intense pain stabbed into his mind. He hovered in space momentarily, clutching at his ears, trying to block out the noise and locate its source.

    Using his microscopic vision, he followed the noise to its source. A rooftop in Metropolis. Grunting with pain, he shot off, a blur of red.

    Moments later, he was above the building, and below him he could make out the source of the noise. The man was dressed in a black suit and wore a completely covering mask and held a small device that was creating the painful noise. Even now he could hear the cries of dogs and other canines all across the country as the signal put their simple minds in excruciating agony. The man hadn't yet spotted him, so Superman announced his presence with a burst of heat vision, melting the device. He then landed in front of the man, arms folded across his chest. He attempted to use his X-Ray vision to find out what was underneath the mask, but unsurprisingly, it was lined with lead. I suppose it was a faint hope that Luthor would've stopped being paranoid, he thought, recognizing the man as Luthor's new bodyguard.

    "Ok, friend, you've got my attention. What do you want?"
    The man in black responded wordlessly as he launched an attack upon Superman. Superman stood still, awaiting the punch, wondering why Luthor would hire someone stupid enough to attack him. Hope and Mercy, his previous bodyguards had been human, though powerful ones. Superman was shocked when the man's punch hit, staggering him back. Few beings could do that, and none of them were human. The man's assault continued, a roundhouse kick aimed at Superman's side. The unexpected power of the blow again caught Superman by surprise, and sent the Man of Steel to his knees. His assailant raised his hands to the air and clasped them, preparing a hammer blow.

    "I think that's enough of that," said Superman as he caught the descending fists. Superman held onto the man's powerful hands as he stood up, then lashed out with a knee to the man's stomach, forcing him to bend over in pain. Another blow, this time a right hook to the side of the man's head, sent him reeling. "I don't know who you are or why you're attacking me, but you've got to know you can't win."

    He heard a low sound, almost like laughter, and then with shocking speed the man launched an uppercut into Superman's jaw, sending him careening off the rooftop of the garage. He landed with a thud on the roof of a small nearby coffee shop, dazed and groggy.
  18. twylight

    twylight One And Only

    Dec 8, 2003
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    The sun was peeking through the clouds, as if taunting the overcast that had kept it from shining the past few days. The snow was melting sending little rivelets of water into the streets that ran along the gutters before tricking into the sewers. The air was crisp and biting. People walked along the street bundled in thick jackets and coats of wool and fleece. A newspaper boy stood on the side walk yelling out the headlines and the honking of delivery trucks punctuated the sounds of car motors as the automobiles sloshed through the melting snow and ice.

    A dark haired woman stood on the side walk, waiting for the light to signal green for the pedestrians. Behind her a mother held tightly to her young son and daughter&#8217;s hand&#8217;s.
    &#8220;Mommy I wanna go HOME!&#8221;
    &#8220;Honey, we can&#8217;t, we have lots of stuff to get.&#8221;
    &#8220;Why, mommy?&#8221;

    Two men stood on her right side.
    &#8220;Look at the stock prices!&#8221;
    &#8220;Well I&#8217;ll be&#8230;Wayne Enterprises stock is going up.&#8221;
    &#8220;Now might be a good time to invest.&#8221;

    The light flicked green and she crossed it at a fast clip, her dark hair trailing behind her and the lower part of her face tucked into the black scarf she had wrapped around her neck. Her hands were shoved deep into the pockets of the long woolen crimson jacket she had on.
    She stopped in front of the corner newsstand. Two pictures graced the front page of the Newspaper.
    One was a clear shot of Batgirl, her face fully covered, leaving no hints about her facial features. The picture next to it was taken from a distance and would have been grainy without having been reprinted on news paper.
    Even with the low quality it was obviously the figure of a woman, the figure of a woman in a black costume, with a yellow bat across her womanly chest. A yellow belt, shoes, gloves and cape lining stood out in the picture as the rest of the costume faded into the background. The Headline ran across the top of the paper &#8220;BATWOMAN?&#8221;
    The woman reached her hand out and picked the paper up with her black gloved hand.
    &#8220;Hey! You gonna pay for that?&#8221;
    She looked up at the over weight man behind the booth and stared at him levelly. She turned as if to leave. He reached out and grabbed her arm.
    &#8220;Wait a...AH!&#8221;
    In the blink of an eye she twisted his arm away from her and glared at him. She applied just enough pressure to cause tears to brim his eyes before releasing and tossing him a 5 dollar bill. Turning she disappeared into the crowd.
  19. Harlekin

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    Aug 7, 2003
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    Vertigo: Part VI

    Deadshot had made it to Vlatava safely, able to successfully avoid the authorities as he booked into one of the few hotels still in Vlatava. It wasn&#8217;t a particular tourist attraction, and the situation would only be worse with the death of their Count. A death Deadshot would bring him.

    He locked and loaded his weaponry, having absolutely no moral quandaries in murdering his old ally Count Vertigo. Heck, originally, the Count had asked him to put a bullet in his brain, because he was sick of living. So maybe the Count didn&#8217;t ask for it now, but Deadshot did not hesitate as he stepped onto a hired motorcycle and rode for the castle of Count Vertigo.
  20. Johnny Blaze

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    Feb 25, 2003
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    "Aye, this'll do", said McCulloch as he looked around the small apartment he had paid a month's rent for. It was a single bedroom and bathroom place, with stains all over the carpet, in the spots where there was carpet, and the white walls had a sickly shade of brown on them. Roaches ran across them and the floor every so often, and you had to wait about thirty seconds for the sink to push out all of the brown gunk that was in it before getting to the water. But, he had only paid ten US dollars for it.
    "Ye get what ya pay for, as they say."

    Putting his bag down on the small cot that masqueraded as a bed, McCulloch brought out his weapons as well as a blueprint of the Count's castle that he "aquired" upon arriving in the country. After studying the blueprints for some time, McCulloch nodded his head and began to suit up.
    With his Mirror Master suit on and his weapons in the proper places, McCulloch placed some traps along the door and windows of the apartment, as well as in his room. He couldn't let anyone just waltz in here and steal his money after all.

    "All right", he said as he cracked his neck and tossed the picture of the Count onto the floor after looking at it a final time.
    "Time to go to Wonderland, Alice."
    McCulloch leaps into the bathroom mirror and disappears. Next stop, Count Vertigo's castle.
  21. Harlekin

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    Aug 7, 2003
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    Vertigo: Part VII
    Vertigo Castle

    Infiltrating the Castle was a piece of cake. Deadshot didn&#8217;t find many guards in his way, and the ones he did find, were killed with a single bullet. He made no noise as he stalked the halls, coming ever closer to his goals. He could hear two guards speaking in their native language not far off, and from what little he could pick up, one of their mother&#8217;s wasn&#8217;t such a nice gal.

    Their bickering allowed Deadshot to creep up behind them, brandishing his wrist-magnums. Normally, he would have made a spectacular entrance, but deep inside, he knew that possibly dying in a gutter-trash country like Vlatava by some guards, wasn&#8217;t what he wanted.

    Killing them quickly and easily, Deadshot continued his journey, deeper into the castle. Coming ever closer, he rounded a corner&#8230;
  22. Johnny Blaze

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    Feb 25, 2003
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    The guard stood in the bathroom, up near the sink filled with water, as he stared into the mirror and shaved. Shaving off the last bit under his nose, the guard went to rinse the razor in the sink full of water, but he quickly dropped the razor in fright as he saw the smiling face of the Mirror Master in the water.
    "Hullo, Alice!" said McCulloch as he arm shot out of the bathroom mirror, a serrated knife in hand. He quickly cut the throat of the guard, severing his vocal cords, so that every time he tried to scream it would just come out a faint gurgle. As the guard died, his life blood poured into the sink water, turning it a dark red. All the while McCulloch's face sat in the bloody water and smiled, wickedly.

    With the guard gone, McCulloch jumed out of the mirror and into the bathroom. His mirror gun drawn, McCulloch slowly opened the bathroom door and peered into the long hallway. There were no guards in sight, so he took off down the corridor towards the way he picked as the easiest point of entry to get to the Count.
    Nearing a turn in the hallway, McCulloch was about to slow down and quietly peak around the corner when a figure came around the bend. Unable to stop, both men quite literally had a meeting of the minds as they smacked into each other, falling back on their rumps.

    "Ye bleedin' piece of...", said McCulloch as he rubbed his head and aimed his mirror gun as his enemy. But his words trailed off as he saw that the person he bumped into was not a guard, but the assassin and deadliest shot in the world, Deadshot.

    "You!? What th' hell are you doin' here!?" McCulloch said, though he had a pretty good guess that it might be for the same reason he was.

    OOC: I didn't really want to bunny you too much, Harl, so feel free to add in dialogue wherever you like. :up:
  23. Harlekin

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    Aug 7, 2003
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    Vertigo: Part VIII
    Vertigo Castle

    “Same to you.” Deadshot said as he quickly got up and pointed his wrist magnums at the Mirror Master. There was a certain honour amongst thieves, but only between the Rogues, and if there was one outfit Deadshot would never join, it’d be the Rogues.

    The Rogues was a good idea in concept, but too many possibilities for waking up with your throat slit. The bastards wouldn’t even let you die in your sleep. They’d wake you up before doing it. Mirror Master had to be the most annoying one of the lot, with his bleeding Scottish accent.
  24. MST3K 4ever

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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Billy drops off his items at his new apartment and looks around. He says, "I think I'm gonna like it here. The landlady seems like a nice person I got all the luxuries of home" looking around a little slower he says, "except for my family. I think I'll go take look around my new city." He starts to head out the door and then goes back to the phone he calls his Uncle Dudley who encourages Billy that things are going to be okay and it's only a temporary job in Metropolis. With that Billy smiles, hangs up the phone and heads out.

    He walks around Metropolis looking at all of the buildings. "Wow Fawcett City has some neat buildings but this place is just huge! I could use a cup of coffee right now though." He starts to walk into a local coffee shop when he sees a red & blue blur land on the roof. He then realizes what he just saw, "Holy MOLEY! That's Superman. Anything that can knock him back like that can't be good for Metropolis or Superman for that matter."FONT]

    Billy quickly runs down a back alley. "I thought I was lucky that Fawcet City had a few back alleys this place is loaded with them." He looks around and sees no one and says, "Shazam!"

    KABOOM! Billy is now transformed into Captain Marvel. He jumps up and begins to take flight. He hovers above Superman and says, "Superman are you okay? What happened? Do you need a hand?"
  25. wiegeabo

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    The ground shakes. A rumble is heard throughout the city. People scatter, filled with panic, desperately looking for someplace safe. Some debris falls, but it could be much worse...

    If not for me.

    Floating above the city, I focus my ring energy on the faultline. The quake worsens. I see a chunk of debris break away from a building and fall towards people on the street below. A quick bubble around them protects them as the rubble harmlessly bounces off my field and comes to rest on the ground. The people look up and wave at me. I smile at the recognition.

    People around the world are starting to know the name Sinestro. And not as a villain. I've done a great deal of good work during my recent time on this planet. The population was devistated after the defeat of Unity and loss of the paradise they had enjoyed. Within the first weeks I had personally stopped over two hundred suicide attempts around the world. There is no telling how many this planet's heroes stopped in total.

    I have saved villages from unexplaned volcanic eruptions. I have rescued people from everything from devistating storms and quakes to gangwar violence to the common mugging. Unlike many of this world's heroes, I do not confine myself to a single city. The entire world is feeling my protection, and my recognition has grown...except with the heroes.

    They still refuse to trust me, even in the slightest. Even after refusing to join Unity and fighting against it alongside them. But I must continue on this path. After all I have done to harm this planet, if I can convince them I am now a force for good, if I can convince even just some of these heroes, than I can convince anyone. Including the Guardians.

    My thoughts return to the task at hand. Retuning the frequencies my ring is broadcasting, I begin to dampen the shockwaves running through the fault line. The quake begins to subside, obtaining only a fraction of the intensity it would have manifested otherwise. The energy still needs to be released, so while I reduce the size of the quake further, I increase its duration, letting it last longer than it should. Yet in little time, it is finally over. I can hear cheering from below as people thank me for my help. Again, I smile at that.

    That is when I see him. It is about time he showed up. It is his friend's city afterall, one he promised to look after. And since people have recently begun to return to Coast City, I did not think he would leave them so unprotected. Stewart just floats there, slightly above me, with his arms crossed. No doubt it makes him feel superior, but I can still see the look on his face of mild surprise and anger. Most likely, that anger is directed at himself for not being here when they were needed.

    "Thank you," Stewart says. That catches me by surprise. "...for protecting them."

    "Of course," I reply.

    "But I can take it from here. Leave."

    He still doesn't trust me. Fine. "If you wish," I calmly say, my work done. I begin to take off, but I look back at him. "Did Jordan tell you what happened between us when I first returned, remember what you wanted me to do?"

    "Of course," he says. "He wanted you to return to Oa with him, for trial infront of the Guardians."

    "And I refused. I wanted to prove that I had indeed changed."

    "I know."

    "Well, it may soon come time for that journey. You may want to let Jordan know." I leave Stewart with that thought, and can tell he is confused by it. That suits me just fine.

    I have much to still do...

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