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The Wrestling Thread generates more income than Darren Young - Part 76

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As I said, Zack and Santino need Brodus Clay bad to even things out against those idiots!
Pink Ranger said:
Thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars ...

More like hundreds of dollars, hundreds of dollars...

Hotwire said:
The turban really doesn't work with the rock-n-roll image, either.

That was the first thing I noticed, too. Those 3 look like awkward rejects from the Lords of Flatbush.
The Wrestling Thread generates more income than Darren Young

The Wrestling Thread has an invisible watch

Ryback has physically inserted himself into the Wrestling Thread :(

Does the Wrestling Thread have your attention now?!?

The Wrestling Thread is also derided for lasting just 45 seconds

The Wrestling Thread blocked the brogue kick … with its face

The Wrestling Thread is now the SECOND worst stable in wrestling
The Wrestling Thread Will Make Your Decision For You
They can't even air guitar to the music properly.
Curt Hawkins needs to join the band
Thank you Ziggler for saying what everyone (here at least) is thinking about Ryback. Too bad you're probably going to get mega squashed by him.
Yeah, really...Mr. Ziggles is making a lot of sense there. :cwink:
Ugh, they just had to ruin Ziggler's rant by inserting Otunga's boring ass.
:lmao: Yeah, Otunga getting a WWE title shot. That'll be the day.
Don't care what anyone says, I'm a fan of David Otunga.
AJ just keeps getting cuter!!
Oh come on. Otunga was bad enough and now they are going to feed Mr. Ziggles to Ryback? Meh.
Every time I hear that opening FEED ME I constantly think of...


Audrey II
Ugh, that theme song. That character. That piece of **** wrestler.

I miss yip yip yip.
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