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The Wrestling Thread got interviewed by Sean Mooney

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Oy. More social media ********.
The guy was looking at Cole like"pfft estupido"
Hah, they threw an "Indeed!" in there. :lmao:

Oh, Zack just made this backstage scene.
Heath Slater has one of the most impressive resumes in wrestling right now.

He's been in the ring against Roddy Piper, Sgt Slaughter, Diamond Dallas Page, Dan Vader, Doink, Road Warrior Animal, Rakishi, APA and Lita.

Not many wrestlers in the ring today can boast that kind of ring work.
Cena is facing Rock at Mania for the title and will go over!
The Wrestling Thread celebrates 1,000 … posts

The Wrestling Thread got into a slapfight with Stephanie McMahon

The Wrestling Thread is busy sending out creepy touts

The Wrestling Thread looks like a homeless lumberjack

The Wrestling Thread finally grew chest hair

The Wrestling Thread jobbed to Heath Slater, bay-bay!

The Wrestling Thread got interviewed by Sean Mooney
45 minutes left to get Austin, Taker and Flair out there.
I really don't see Cena winning tonight... Mainly because they werent planning on having him MITB to begin with.
Talk about nostalgia, I totally forgot Funaki's "INDEED!" :funny:
The Wrestling Thread finally shook Mae Young's Hand.

The Wrestling Thread knows Trish is still hot.
AJ Left the Wrestling Thread at the Alter for a Job as its GM

Ne'er mind, that is a better title being used.
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