The Wrestling Thread Worked Its Butt Off To Get Where It Is Today. - - Part 74

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That was a great match until the finish. Terrible.
Shades of DDP and Johnny Ace. But still, Ziggler lost.
The Wrestling Thread Worked Its Butt Off To Get Where It Is Today.
Does Layla have pants on her head? :/
People don't want to see The Wrestling Thread hug Ron Simmons.

Definitely a worthy suggestion.

In case we're looking for alternatives:

Dr. Shelby can’t fix the Wrestling Thread

The Wrestling Thread no longer remembers the Attitude Era

Why is D’Lo Brown on the Wrestling Thread’s management committee?

The Wrestling Thread has pants on its head
On the JBL thing. His commentary has been very good, but part of the problem I have with the "worked his way up" stuff is that it kills the uniqueness. He is building up everyone up in the same manner. You start to tune that stuff out.
Eve has an MMA background, but she doesn't even take advantage of it to make her more unique.

Cole's flip flopping is getting annoying.
I hope the Orton win means Ziggler cashes in later tonight. The Wrestling Observer was reporting earlier that creative was considering having him do so.
I've learned a lot tonight about some of these wrestlers. Thanks JBL.
Wow, JBL just dropped a Von Eric reference.
Eve is actually doing a decent job and the crowd is heckling her , lol. The Diva division is so screwed it's not even funny.
The Wrestling Thread Turned Math Into A Conspiracy Theory.
"There's no crying in wrestling." Lol
Guys, there are only two matches left on the card! One is the WWE Championship! Could it finally be the main event?!?!?!

That gives me an idea!!!

FINALLY, The Wrestling Thread, Has Come Back To The Main Event!
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