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    The first screams of terror in the city began on the fourth of July, the ironic nature of the date was certainly not one of humour. The emergence of the first few were deemed as a simple mystery, but when hospital morgues became increasingly empty as their occupant got up and left, that was when the chaos spread.

    At first, people tried treating it like a normal disease, likening it to rabies, but the truth escaped them as they could find no reason or viral agent in the victims, and before experts could make their way to investigate, the city was blocked off from the outside world.

    It was not long before the quarantined victims spilled onto the streets. Religious men claimed it was punishment from God, others that it was a government conspiracy or radiation from a freak meteorite. All such claims made no difference to the situation, beyond all comprehension and science, the city became increasingly overrun with these ‘living dead‘, these ‘re-animated cadavers’ , these…ZOMBIES!
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    As the early morning light shone brightly through the blinds of his hotel room, the man known only as Ben shielded his eyes and reached for the half empty bottle of scotch on the nightstand. Damn hangover, he thought. Swinging his legs out of the bed and onto the floor, Ben yawned heavily and then took another swing from the bottle. He put the bottle down and walked across the small room to pick his jeans up off the floor, feeling for his wallet and keys in the pockets as he put them on. 'Least that hooker was probably too drunk to steal anything.

    Minutes later, after packing up his few belongings into his backpack, Ben walked out the door and towards his parked motorcycle, not bothering to officially check out of the room. Something struck him as odd, though. He stopped at the side of the bike and looked around.

    There were no cars on the street in either direction. He could still hear noises in the distance, but there didn't seem to be any activity in his area. "What the hell...?" Suddenly, Ben was startled by the sound of gunshots and muffled screams coming from the inside of a small two-storey house up the street.

    BLAM! BLAM! "Get away! Margaret, NO! The gas lines!"

    Before the sound of the third gunshot even reached his ears, the explosion tore through the entire first floor of the building, letting what was left of the second floor cave in as Ben watched in awe from a distance. "Holy s**t," he gasped. Just as he was about to run over to see what help he could be, he heard heavy footsteps approaching behind him. Spinning around quickly, Ben was startled to see the portly motel manager walking towards him. "Hey, we gotta go over there and help them!" he said, gesturing to the flaming ruin. "C'mon!" Ben ran three steps before noticing that the other man wasn't following. He turned around again, "Hey, tubby! What the hell's wrong with you?! Come on!"

    "Guh," replied the manager.

    That's when Ben saw it. As the man opened his mouth, a thick stream of bloody chunks came spilling out. "Christ!" Frozen in disgust, Ben didn't think to run until the decaying form was within arm's reach and grabbed him by the sides. "The hell?!" Snapping his arms outward, Ben broke free from the other man's grip and kicked him in the chest, sending the former motel manager to the ground. "Screw this s**t!" he said as he ran back to his bike and swung his leg over it as fast as he could, starting it up and peeling away.
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    "FIlthy bastards stole my monkey" i thought as i pushed the blanket and the chair on top of the blanket off of me "I have no monkey, i do not know you anymore, you are fat and horrible! Oh, wait...nevermind" the house was dark and the filthy rug felt like it was alive with Chips as i was walking to the bathroom with the sound of freshly stomped-on chips in my ears. The light in the bathroom was on, a man's body in the bathtub with it's head splintered all over the walls. I go to the toilet and pee "lucky" i thought "it doesn't burn". I brushed my teeth and then walked out. " is the day." "Hooney!' i yelled at the walls of the house empty of all other live human beings except me "let's go to wallmart! We need some more butter, condoms and ammo."
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    I wipe the exhaustion from my eyes. I need coffee. Lots of it.

    And I hate coffee. I mean, I really really hate coffee.

    But I need a caffeine boost, and the dammed vending machine is on the fritz, again, so I can't even get a soda. I glance at fire extinguisher on the wall and daydream about bashing the vending machine in.

    I normally wouldn't even need caffeine, except I'm on the twenty-third hour of a twelve hour shift because Mike wound up getting sick or something and didn't show up to relieve me. Jerk just probably took off for the Fourth, leaving me stuck here while he's out drinking and blowing stuff up. And my commanding officer deemed it necessary that someone be at the lab at all times. A lab that hasn't had to do anything for the last week. We're in an airforce base, for crying out loud. What could possibly happen? Mike's going to pay. Oh yes, he'll pay.

    So all I can do is sit here, forcing myself to stay awake, trying to build up the nerve to pour myself a cup of coffee and choke it down. I look at the fire extinguisher again. A Coke sounds so good right now.

    A rotating light hanging from the corner of the ceiling starts to spin, flashing a blue light around the room. A pulsing siren starts a moment later, doubling my heart rate and making me jump out of my chair.

    Great. What now?
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    Zombies. Disgusting, flesh eating creatures. John Less. A disgusting, flesh eating human. "Doesn't seem like I'm so crazy now does it Ted?" John boasted, flashing the front page of the paper out of the glass. "These Zombies sound like my kinda people! Can't wait to eat em... I mean meet them sorry."

    Ted shook his head and adjusted his cap, shoving the tray of sloppy food through the gap. "Hmm... any fingers today? Nose? Come on, I'll even settle for someone's ass at the moment."

    "Shut it." Ted sure did have a way with words.

    "Charming." John turned back to his paper. "Maybe when you're one of them, you'll see my point of view."

    "Ain't ever gonna be one o' them, this place is way too isolated." John smiled and nodded.

    "Sure, sure, you can keep telling yourself that." that's when a daunting scream was let loose across the whole institute, Ted jerked his head round, while John got to his feet and started bounding up and down like a little girl. "Oh! They'rehere!They'rehere!They'rehere!"

    "I told you to keep quiet." Ted growled.

    "But Father Christmas is coming! And he's bringing the best present of them all! Delicious freedom!"


    Willy Locke peered into the distance as the hobbeled figure stumbled closer and closer. The nigh****ch man gulped, he knew what it was, it was one of those filthy little bastards. "Son of a..." he scrambled for the intercomm, knocking over his coffee. Where was Mike? Went to the toilet 20 god damned minutes ago. "Attention! Everyone its... uh... its them! The zombies are coming."

    Then he realised the intercomm wasn't even on. "God damnit." Arthuritis was slowling him down, his hands were shaking like maracas. The door creeked, and Willy span round. In front of him was a blood stained, dead eyed, Mike. "Oh god... oh god!" he spa and panicked. "St-stay away!" but it was too late.

    Willy kicked and screamed as Mike dug into his neck, a scream that echoed throughtout the entire institue. But it fell on the death ears of all but two. While Ted and John were talking, the entire building had been over-run.


    "I said shut your-- ARGH!" John laughed as a set of teeth sank into Ted's arm.

    "Mouth watering..." John squealed with delight. Ted scrambled through his belt, pulling out a set of keys and hopelessly jabbing the zombie's head. When it finally let go, Ted started to fall, grabbing onto anything to keep up. The hand holding his keys however managed to grab John's food box.

    Springin into action, John seized the keys. He looked at Ted's weak face through the glass, fading slowly. "Well... I have to see what I'm missing out on." he foced his teeth down on Ted's thumb, who screamed in pain.

    Tearing it off, he pondered on the taste for a second before rubbing his stomach. "Please sir, may I have some more?" he cackeled to himself, unlocking the door and stopping in frontof the zombie. "Thank you good sir." he saluted the mass of dead skin.

    "I'll be off to join the party then! Mind if I take our friend?" He slumped the body over his back, and bit through the neck, so as to prevent poor Teddy becming a zombie.. "One for the road." he said through a mouthful of gore. Pushing the zombie back with his leg, he set off. "Gotta run now, can't be late, I hate it when all the nibbles are gone."
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    (IC: Roger Stone)

    Fourth of July
    Ravenholm University

    Roger walked down the street. He was never one for big parties…not even for the Fourth of July. He rather study or film or do something more productive then get drunk and destroy his liver. He could have gone home for the short holiday, but what would that do? Waste money and time; that is what going home would have done. Plus, why would he want to see his parents anyway? They would only find ways to get under his skin. “Do you have a girlfriend yet?” or “Are you ok? How are you eating?” would all he would hear for those short days where he could be somewhere else, doing something else.

    Roger turned the corner and entered a small building on the Ravenholm University’s campus. It was a dojo, or that is what his instructor made him call it. Originally from a small town, Roger felt he needed a self defense class incase anything bad happened in the big city of Ravenholm.

    The dojo was silent and had an odd stench. This was very unusual. There was always someone practicing or sparing. Besides teaching his self defense classes, Mark, Roger’s teacher, taught several martial arts classes on campus for extra physical education credits. Roger looked around and then suddenly laughed. Of course! Classes were cancelled today! Even Mark, the most strict get-to-the-point professor on campus, could take time off. That didn’t explain why the door was open though. The student lifted himself on a counter near the door and turned on the TV that was mounted on the starch white wall. An anchorwoman appeared on the screen.

    “Citizens of Ravenholm are urged to stay inside. It seems a strange virus is…wait…OH MY GOD!” the screen switched to black. What the hell was going on? Virus? This was the Fourth of July how do they expect people to…what the hell was going on?

    The young filmmaker leaped off the counter and looked out the clear glass door that lead to the courtyard of Romero Square. There was no one there. How did he not notice this before? Independence day or not, there was always someone out there. He reached into his pocket and yanked out his cellphone. No service. Something really weird was going on. This was a hotspot for Verizon. Why didn’t he have service? Something smashed in the back office.




    Roger walked toward Mark’s office. The door was locked.

    “Come on Mark! This isn’t funny. It’s me, Roger! You know I don’t like this cute ****. What the hell is going on?” he screamed, pounding on the door. There was no reply. Ok, he had enough of this. He backed up and sized the door. It was thin wood. He could take it down. Never tried it before, but he was sure he could do it. Roger walked up and kicked it right in the center. The door bellowed open.

    “Oh my god…what happened?”

    Mark was slumped over in the corner of the room, his shirt drenched in blood. A large downward gash was stretching across his back. His eyes were coated with a red film and were emotionless. No, not emotionless. There was something in them that he never saw before…rage. He looked up at Roger and spat blood out of his mouth.

    “Errrmmm,” he groaned, jumping up and slowly making his way over to his student. Roger backed up, confused. It was if he was a zombie! That sounded ridiculous, but this was like a scene out of Night of the Living Dead. He grabbed a katana that was mounted on the wall in Mark’s office. He was teaching Roger how to use it during the first semester.

    “Mark, please…tell me what is wrong?”

    He said nothing and continued lurching forward. He was now an arms length away from his student. With one swift motion, he grabbed the young man’s shoulder and moved his mouth down to the flesh. Before his teeth could sink down into his skin, Mark fell backward, the katana sticking out of his temple.

    “Oh my god…”
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    "Level 2 Quarantine initiated. Level 2 Quarantine initiated."

    "Level 2? Just great. Who the hell schedule's a drill on the Fourth of July? Oh, yeah. General Reardon. That's who. No one else is as sadistic as he is."

    I walk up to the door and try punching my code into the keypad. Nothing. Which is what I expected. At level 2, only the access codes of chief personnel work for 24 hours. Another freaking day trapped in here.

    I don't think so.

    I pick up a phone and dial Major Smith. It rings, but no one picks up. I rub my forehead and slam the phone down. I guess I should be grateful the phones work at all. If this was a level 1 quarantine the phone's wouldn't work and only the base commander could unlock the door. I take a deep breath and decide to break protocol because I'm almost too tired to care. I dial the number of the base commander. It rings a few times, and then it's answered. But there is no voice at the other end.

    "Uh...Hello? General Reardon, sir? This is Doctor Pierce in Lab 2. I was wondering about the quar-" I hear a crash over the phone. "Sir? General?" Then I hear a scream. "General? General! Are you alright?" The phone goes dead.

    "What the hell?" That's when I realize something else is wrong. The lights still flash, and the alarm still rings, but there's been no announcement that this is a drill. Which means...

    "Holy-This is real?!?" I try to get myself together. Think John, think! Ok, red light means fire, radiation leak, toxic hazard. Yellow light means attack or industrial accident. Green light is the all-clear. Blue light light means...biological.


    Damn, damn, damn! I'm not thinking. Too tired too think straight. I rush to the emergency closet and nearly pull the doors off their hinges. I grab a mask and put it on. I pull out a suit and stick my legs inside. Pulling the suit up my legs, I sit at a computer and bring up the alert tracker. While I pull the suit over the rest of my body, the computer starts ticking off the samples it is taking from the lab's air. While that's running, I kick off a diagnostic on the lab's air seals and containment units. We don't have anything too dangerous or lethal, but we do have some nasty things that could have leaked out.

    I just hope none have...
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    On the outskirts of Ravenholm
    July 4, 5:30 p.m.

    "Aww, come"

    I paw a Lucy's skirt. We've been going steady for a few weeks and I ain't even got under her shirt.


    "Please? I'll do you, I promise."

    "Sorry. Not yet, I want to take it slow."

    I roll off her and sit up in the driver's seat. Goddamn Ravenholm girls, I never should have moved here. The construction money's good, but it ain't worth not getting any.

    "Whatever. I understand, I guess."

    My old chevy groans as I struggle to start it.

    "Matt. I said no!"

    I don't look at her while I press the pedal.

    "I ain't touching you, girl."

    "Quit lying. Who's hand is on my...shoulder?"

    I look up and see a dirty hand poking through the back window, touching Lucy's shoulder.



    The hand grabs her by the shoulder and jerks her through the back window. The glass shatters all in the cab as Lucy helplessly screams.

    "Son of a *****!"

    I reach for the old shotgun that sits on the truck's gunrack, I nearly cut my hand on broken glass as I check the ammo.

    "Two shells."

    I open the truck door and point the gun at the creep standing in the tuck bed who's got my girl.


    Lucy's right arm is in this guy's mouth, the only problem is what's left of Lucy is laying on the ground, to my right.

    "Jesus H. tapdancing Christ!"

    He's all....dead looking. Just like those dead guys in those scary movies.


    He lurches towards me and I squeeze the shotguns trigger, the shotgun roars to life as the dead guy's guts dissapear.


    He's still coming at me. Slowly walking towards me.


    Wait a minute....what's that they said in those movies?...Shoot em in the head.

    "Eat this you dead bastard!"

    Eh, so nobody's going to hire me as the next action star. But I just felt that line.

    The kick of the shotgun hits my shoulder as the shotgun pellets spray all over the zombie's face. He falls back in my truck bed and spasms. I look down at my dead girlfriend and back up at the zombie....


    Lucy slowly stands up and looks at me...she lurches towards me with her arms out.


    I'm out of shells, but I got a nifty club with the shotgun's butt.

    "You wouldn't let me get past first base, baby....."

    I grip the shotgun's barrel and hold it like a baseball bat. I run at Lucy's undead body and swing, her head flies through the air and lands in some nearby bushes.

    "...but, from the looks of things. I still got a homerun tonight."
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    JULY 4TH
    "Great. Another party for my bull**** smile to people who I could care less about."
    I told myself as I look myself in the eye of the mirror in my room. I moved my multi-died long hair out of my face, and put on my green colored contacts to cover my brown eyes. All my suitcases are packed and ready, and my lucky messenger bag full of my main necessities; cell phone, laptop, favorite drawing notebooks, and of course, a first aid kit dad makes me carry. I take the phone out of the bag and heads out of the room, down the stairs to the backyard to join the 'happy family party' in the backyard.

    Hours pass as the party bores me to the point where even my friends can't even bring me out of my rut. All of a sudden two men walk in on the party, drunkish looking. One of my mom's friends approaches the men and all of a sudden one of the men bites the friend.
    "Oh my god!"
    Mom races to the friend only to have her throat torn out by the mouth of the other man. I panic but I end up picking up one of the tiki torches and bash the head of the man with my mom's throat in his mouth. His head caught fire and he walked randomly in circles. I stab the other man in the head with the other end of the tiki torch. I look at my hands and see blood all over. As my dad comes to comfort me, the man with the flaming head tackled my father, they burnt together. I use my phone to dial 911 as I back away from what happened, the rest of the party goers in awe, as some of my friends watch me in surprise not thinking I would be capable of doing what I did.
    '911 Emergency, how can I help you?'
    "Hello, Officer McGraw," an officer my mom worked with "we have dangerous trespassers here. And I killed them."

    After a long ordeal of questions, and the death of my parents, they assigned an officer to watch over me. We stopped by my house for me to pick up some things. I just got my lucky messenger bag. I also went to my parents room and took my mother's handguns with ammo.
    'AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Victor get out of here!'
    The screaming of the officer came from downstairs. I look over the bannister to the ground floor. Four of those things are there with the windows crashed in not counting however many might be eating the officer.
    I load the handguns grab my bag and head to my brother's old room. I look around for the thing that he always got in trouble for using.
    "Ah hah, got it"
    I finally found his car keys.
    "Time to get the hell out of this ****hole town."
    I know what to do. I've seen just about every zombie movie known to man. Shoot them in the head and get the hell out of there. After blowing the heads off the four on th ground floor, I rush to the garage and shut the door from the house. I see a metal bat with all the junk in the garage and take it with me. I get situated in my brother's former Mazda Protege. I use the garage clicker to open the garage and I mow down about three zombies in reverse and I get as far as I can.
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    "Come on...come on...COME ON!!!" I shout at the computer like it will do something. How ironic. I always laugh at tv shows and movies when someone yells at the computer, or hits the monitor even though the brains of the machine aren't there. But right now, I want nothing more than to knock this damn machine's block off.

    I stand up and stretch my back. *beep*


    I sit down again and watch. The second screen displaying the samples of the lab's air starts listing everything. It all comes back negative. I breath a sigh of relief. It then reports that all lab samples are sealed and contained. That makes me lean back in my chair and chuckle. At least I'm safe in here. I try not to think of the fact that I'm going to have to manually check every sample to ensure integrity. I pull back the hood of my suit and take my mask off.


    I look at the first monitor running samples from the base itself. Negative results keep popping up:

    At least it's not SARS.


    Whew. That's the end of the list. I just about turn away from the computer when I see:

    "Unknown? What the hell's an unknown?" As I stare at the screen, I hear a firework go off. Who would set off fireworks during a quarantine? Wait a second, who would be allowed to set off a firework in the base at all? I hear a few more fireworks pops. The sound makes me stand up.

    "It's not fireworks...the sound is too deep.Too loud." I shake my head. "Gunfire?" That doesn't make any sense. If we were under attack then the yellow light would be going off. And we wouldn't be under quarantine. Unless it was a biological attack. But who? And why?

    Too many questions, too few answers. I hear more gunfire and run to my desk. Letting my training take hold I pull my sidearm from the drawer and load in the clip, pulling back on the breech to chamber the first round. I take a couple of steps towards the door and I roll my eyes when I remember to take off the safety.

    I lean against the window and try to look outside the lab...
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    "Alright, I'll admit I'm no neat freak, but holy hell, have the janitors ever heard of dusting?"

    Albert Fischer had inherited one of the more rundown classrooms on the school campus. Water stains peppered the ceiling, except around the big gaping hole in the corner. He constantly tripped over the tile that was starting to uplift and worst of all, the computer they gave him was at least six years old. During the first year, he had constantly asked the office if they could send the janitor to his room to try and patch things up, but they always just smiled and said they'd have a talk with him. Now either they were lying or that bum was just that lazy. Whichever it was, Albert had had enough and decided to spend one of his free weeks cleaning things up himself.

    Sure it was the week of the fourth of July, but what was he going to do? He had no one to spend it with and he'd feel awkward going to one of the firework shows by himself. So here he was, working late into the night, doing another man's job. After the final book was dusted and the last tile sealed down, Albert plopped down on his desk chair and flipped on his laptop. The whole situation had made Albert feel just a tad lonely, so he thought now would be good time to try and write to his friends and family back in California. Luckily, despite all the short comings of the room, it still had a great internet connection.

    As the laptop booted up, a low grumble emitted from his stomach.

    "Jeez, when was the last time I ate?"

    Figuring he couldn't write on an empty stomach, Albert grabbed his car keys and headed out of the building. The campus was divided up into 7 sections, each one devoted to housing a particular subject. His building, the English Building, was located closer to the back of the school, out by the football field. Out here there were no lights, even the ones on the field were kept off during summer break. About a 100 yards out though, he could see the front gate illuminated by the parking lot lights. As he walked by the Science lab, he heard a loud clang as something metallic hit the floor. The noise caused Albert's heart to leap up his throat, he quickly pressed himself up against a wall and tried to listen for any more noises.

    "Oh hell, there shouldn't be anyone else..." He thought. "Could be a burglar."

    As he listened, Albert could make out a few low mumbles. It was obviously a person and sounded like there was only one. Albert thought of calling the police, but then hesitated.

    "I gotta know for sure, before I call anyone, could be nothing." He thought.

    Edging himself down the Science Lab, he turned a corner and saw door cracked open with light pouring out. Tip toeing, Albert eased himself up to the door and tried to peer through the opening. As he pressed his face to the door though, someone pulled it all the way open, startled, Albert lost his balance and feel in as something grabbed a hold of him.
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    "Sweet bloody s**tcakes," Ben whispered to himself as he rolled through the town. There were only a few people in sight who weren't lumbering clumsily about the streets. Several of those people simply ran passed Ben on his bike, screaming with fear in their eyes but never stopping for an instant. He even saw one person just sitting on a street corner, crying her eyes out, seemingly oblivious to the growing crowd of monsters approaching her. Ben wished that he could do something to help the young woman, but without weapons, all he could do was cruise by and hope that the woman wouldn't suffer for long.

    As he tried his best to block out the screams of anguish behind him, Ben could only hope that he'd find someone or something more useful in the next city: Ravenholm.
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    A volley of shots ring out, much closer now. I put one cheek against the window and look down the hallway. Then put the other cheek against it and look.


    "HOLY ****ING ****!!!"
    I yell as I jump away from the hand slapped against the window coming from the first direction I looked. Out of instinct I pull the trigger on the gun. The inch thick bullet resistant glass does its job and absorbs the impact of the round, a circular splintered imprint is all that remains.

    The man ducks under the glass. Then slowly stands back up. I recognize him: Major Smith. His eyes are frantic and he's holding his arm. He slides his key card into the slot outside. My eyes go wide as I realize he's about to break quarantine. I quickly put my hood and mask back on. The door opens and he falls into the room. The door slides close and he inputs a locking code.

    "Give me a hand," he says, sliding a desk against the wall. I'm too stunned to move, wondering if it would be safer to go through the airlock and lock myself into the sample room that is still under quarantine.

    "The-the quarantine..."

    "NOW!!!" I obey his order out of instinct. We lift the desk up and use it to block the window. Then we do the same with the other desks. Soon, only the window in the door is left unblocked.

    Major Smith slumps to the floor, out of sight of the unblocked window. He's been injured and it looks like he's lost some blood. I grab a first aid kit as he rips the sleeve off his injured arm.

    I clean the dirt on the wound. "What the hell? That-that looks like a...bite mark."

    "Damn thing sunk it's teeth in me. Burns like a sonova*****." I pull out a morphine tab and stick it into his arm. His face eases a little bit.

    "Who bit you? What the hell is going on out there? Sir," I quickly add.

    "There were about a dozen of them. They walked right through the fence. The electricity didn't even slow them down."

    "Ten men did all this?"

    "No!" he says, grabbing my arm. "Not men." I can see fear in his eyes.


    "They're not men. Not anymore. They took every bullet like they were nothing. We pumped round after round into them. We dropped a couple, but I don't know why. The-the men tried to stop them. Too strong. They-god, they started to bite them." He pulls me close. There's more gunfire in the distance. "To eat them. They started eating our men!!!"

    The major lets me go and I fall backwards, crawling away. It's too much. Too much. I'm going to wake up now. Right now. And when I do, I'm going to drive over the bridge to Racoon City and party at dad's house with everyone. I didn't request a transfer so close to home to die being...eaten.

    "And then more showed up. And our own men...our own men got up and started attacking us." He sits up and points at me. "You have to be careful when you shoot them. Our men. Some of them are still armed. If you hit their grenades...That's how I took a couple of them out. How I got hurt."

    "I don't understand, sir."

    "They're zombies, Captain. God dammed zombies."

    "...You're ****ting me."

    He squeezes his eyes in pain. "Damn my arm burns. Give me another shot," he says before coughing a few times.

    "I can't give you any more sir. You'll pass-"

    "Give me the ****ing drugs!!!" I pop another dose in his vein. "God, I'm burning up." He scratches at his chest and coughs. Then his body goes into spasm. In great pain, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his key card. "F-find...others. Blow these hell." He puts the card in my hand. "Seven seven *cough* two niner six th-three alpha."

    "What?" Then I realize he's giving me his unlocking code. "No. No way I'm losing you." His eyes flutter closed. "No, you stay with me." I check his pulse, nothing. I grab the defibrillator of the wall and charge it. "You may be a bastard, but you're not leaving me alone in this situation." I zap his chest and his body jerks. I charge and hit him again. Then check his pulse. Nothing. I beat on his chest and start compressions. I check his pulse again. Nothing.

    "Bastard." I've lost patients before. Some were too badly hurt. Some just took a turn for the worse. But never this fast. I mean, he shouldn't be dead. He lost blood, but his wounds are superficial. The bite is inflamed, but that's it. The morphine couldn't have...

    The bite.


    "It's a disease. Some kind of disease." But it's not airborne. At least, it isn't infectious in the air or everyone would have died. "No. It only happened when they were bitten."

    "Damn. They are zombies..."
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    Firm hands gripped onto his shoulders as he stumbled forward, instinctively he pushed away at the person holding him. Stepping back and still startled, it took him a couple of seconds to register who was standing in front of him, it was Thomas the janitor.

    "Jesus, what are you doing here?"

    "I work here, you twit. Why are you skulking about in the dark? You damn near scared the crap out of me."

    "Well I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be here if my room wasn't such a mess."

    "And I wouldn't be here if you could keep your room clean on your own, so what's your point?"

    Albert rubbed his head in frustration, he didn't like arguments especially when it was clear this was just going to go around and around. So he decided to put a stop to it.

    "Look, I got some stuff set up in my room, so please just don't touch it. I'll be back in a little while, okay? Sorry if I scared you."

    Albert turned to walk away as Thomas continued to swear under his breath.

    Out in the parking lot, it was dead quite. In the far distance Albert could hear the audible pop of fireworks, he thought about driving past the park to get a glimpse of them. Looking around him the only other thing he saw was another car, likely Thomas'. As he turned to open his door, he heard the subtle scrapping of feet behind him. He turned around and saw what looked like a man who had been drinking, stumbling around in the darkness. He thought about warning Thomas, but the school had a fully enclosed steel gate, so this guy couldn't get on campus. Hopping into his 81' Ford 4x4, Albert pulled out and sped away.
  16. Charlie No-One iamamiwhoami

    Aug 29, 2004
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    (IC: Roger Stone)

    Roger ripped the katana out of Mark’s head and headed towards the door. He just took his teacher’s, no his friend’s, life. Sure, it was in self defense, but he killed him none the less. He started to breathe heavy as he opened the door. What was going on? Roger collapsed in front of the dojo. He was going to be sick. As he puked, he heard low moans coming from nearby buildings.

    “****…there are more of them?” He jumped up from the ground and wiped his mouth. He needed to get back to his apartment. He could take fortress there. This was crazy.

    The film major ran out onto Fifth and Main. RavenhomUniversity was right in the middle of the city. From the campus, you could go to all the hotspots just by walking. He remembered last year, when he was still rooming on the grounds, watching the Forth of July parade from his window. That is how good of a view he had. Then it hit him. He could hear screaming from up the street. The parade…


    Roger watched as more than a hundred people ran down Main Street. Scattered amongst them were those…zombies! They were capsizing towards the campus, ripping chunks out of the fleeing citizens. They were extremely slow…the zombies, yet they could take out so many people by their shear number alone. Roger pulled out his katana and started running to the other edge of the University. He needed to find a way back to his apartment.

  17. wiegeabo Omniposcient

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    I pull my mask and hood off, realizing I don't need them. I grab the Smith's gun and check the clip. Only three rounds left. I pat down his body, but don't find any more ammo.

    Stripping out of the hazmat suit, I go over to the counter, pour a cup of coffee, and force down the vile brew. I choke on it, but force down another cup. I hear a couple of more shots, then a scream. Then the room shakes with the faint sound of an explosion.

    I drop my mug and it shatters on the ground. I holster my gun, figuring I might as well use the Major's bullets up first. I look out the window, but don't see anything. I walk over to my desk, tilted against the window, and open a drawer. Various office things fall on the floor. As does my spare clip. I pocket it.


    I jump as a hand hits the window. Then another. Again and again. Quitely I take position in the corner, out of sight of any of the...zombies...banging on the window. After a minute of pounding I hear a few grunts. Then I hear sluggish footsteps as they shuffle off. I breath a sigh of relief and slowly make my way to the window. I peek through the window, and see nothing. I hear a sound behind me and turn just as Major Smith lunges at me.

    "**** **** ****!!!" I empty two rounds into his chest. He body lurches slightly with each impact, but he keeps coming. He grabs my shoulder and opens his mouth. I put my arm against his throat, pushing with everything I have. But he's so strong. I turn my head as his teeth get closer. Then I put his gun under his chin and blow his brains out over the ceiling. His body drops to the ground in a slump.

    My heart pounds. I can't catch my breath. I stare at what used to be my superior officer. "S-S-Sorry," I say for no reason. "I didn't want to...kill you." My hands shake with adrenaline.


    The zombies pound against the glass, looking right at me. They must have heard the gunshots. They stare at me with blank, but hungry eyes. Fresh blood drips from their chins and hands, smearing the window red. They keep pounding, harder and harder. And I hear a small crack as the one of the cracks formed by my bullet lengthens. The other windows start to vibrate as more zombies beat on them. Even the desks begin to shift.

    Good god, they're going to break in.
  18. S_H_F_4839 Hulk Smash

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    Jonathan was sound asleep in his apartment when his phone started ringing, He tried to ignore it, but it kept on ringing, whoever was on the other end was determined he had to give them that, he let it ring five more times before getting out of bed walking over and answering the phone.


    Matthew: Whats the matter don't know how to answer the phone?

    Jonathan:What do you want Matt?

    Matthew: Haven't you heard? turn on your tv fast.

    Jonathan reaches for the remote and turns on the tv to see the emergency flash warning message scroll across the tv screen, it says do not attempt to make contact with friends or family citizens are adv to stay indoors.

    Jonathan:So whats happening?

    Matthew: I don't know but the Cheif ordered everyone in, with any and all weapons they can come up with.

    Jonathan:I will pack what I can and be headed to the department.

    Jonathan hangs up the phone and walks over to his gun case, he unlocks it and takes out the cloth case and his .357 and his two .40 caliber pistols and sets them on the bed. He walks over to his closet and takes out his duffelbag and throws it on the bed He feels walks over to the dresser and pulls open the drawer on the top right and takes out his bowie knife. He puts it on his belt.

    He loads all his ammunition and his handguns and what little food he can carry in it and holding the duffelbag in one hand and the cloth rifle case in the other he walks to the front door.

    He walks out to the truck and puts his bag in the passenger seat and his rifle behind the seat. He is about to get in when he hears a scream coming from the alley.

    He reaches in the duffelbag and pulls out the .357 and checks to see if it is loaded, before heading for the alley.

    upon approaching the alley he hears a second scream this one a little closer, he takes a few steps in and sees a woman back around the corner looking terrified of something a little further down the alley. He recognizes her as Miss Sanders the little old lady who lives in the apartment down the hall.

    He tucks the .357 back in his jeans and tries to approach her she screams when she sees him and tells him to get away from her.

    Jonathan:Miss Sanders its me John whats wrong?

    Miss Sanders: No your lying your one of those things stay away from me.

    Jonathan:Its okay Miss Sanders lets go back up to your apartment, and you can tell me whats happened.

    Just as she is beginning to loosen up something lurches for her from where she was staring a minute ago, she is unable to dodge and the thing pushes her down and is trying to bite her.

    Jonathan runs up grabs the thing by its ears and pulls trying to get it off her, the ears come off in his hands, he is decides to be disgusted later and grabs the thing by the shirt it is wearing and pulls it off her and slams it into the dumpster, she hasn't been bitten yet but gets up and runs around the corner and he can hear the door slam shut where she has gone inside.

    The thing starts moving again and Jonathan notices that its arm has a big chunk missing.

    It climbs to its feet and starts moving towards him, he takes a couple of steps back and sees a rail on the ground looks like it fell off the fire escape, he swings and hits the thing in the side of the head and it falls.

    He walks around the corner and into the apartment complex and knocks on Miss Sanders door.

    He hears her talking with someone inside telling them it will be alright then a few moments later he hears her start crying he starts knocking on the door again trying to get her to let him in. Then he hears her scream again, he steps back and kicks the door in and sees her lying on the floor dead and her middle aged son laying above her biting her.

    He notices Jonathan and gets up and starts lurching towards Jonathan.

    Jonathan takes out his knife from its sheath:I never did like you anyway you lousy freeloader.

    Jonathan waits on him to get in reach and buries the knife in the top of his skull, to the hilt.

    The corpse collapes and jonathan wipes the knife clean on the mans shirt and puts it back in its sheath before walking out to the truck to head to the precint, to see if he can get any more information there.
  19. wiegeabo Omniposcient

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    The zombies (I still can't believe I'm saying that), keep pounding on the windows. I don't know how long I'll have, but it probably won't be long. The cracks lengthen, but the window still holds. The other windows vibrate, and I can hear cracks behind the desks.

    Think John, think. I look at my gun. Fourteen in the clip and one in the chamber, and another clip of sixteen. Not bad, but I can't be sure how many of them are out there. And they'd probably gang up on me before I could get through them. I need to think outside the box.

    I look around the room, my mind racing. There's plenty of chemicals in the lab. I should be able to use something. I start digging through cabinets and cupboards, skimming shelves for anything useful. I consider mixing ammonia and bleach. They combine to make a pretty lethal gas, and my hazmat mask would protect me. But I don't think it would do anything to those things out there.

    "Sulfuric acid." Not bad. But if these things can shake off bullets, then burning won't do anything. I keep skimming labels. Hydrogen peroxide. Iron sulfide. Titanium oxide. Sodium. Potassium. That would make a nice explosion if I dropped it in water. But probably not big enough. Nitric acid. Sodium hydroxide. Copper...wait...

    Nitric acid?

    An idea pops in my head. I must be crazy to consider it, but do I really have a choice? I start tearing through every part of the lab. Come on, come on. There's got to be some. Come on. YES!!! I hold up my prize. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I look back at the window. The glass is starting to splinter on my side of the door. I can hear small fragments falling behind the desks. They'll be through soon. I don't have enough time. Unless...

    I grab the chemicals I need and put them in a plastic tub used to hold equipment. I throw in a couple of stir rods, beakers, strainer, funnel, thermometer, and a few other things I probably won't even use. I use Major Smith's code to open the door to the airlock leading to the samples room, then enter the room itself, putting the equipment on it.

    I hear the resounding sound of tempered glass cracking. One of the zombies finally got his knuckles through the bullet hole. With every smack the hole widens and more glass falls to the floor from other impacts.

    I rush back into the lab and throw my hazmat suit into the airlock. Then I run to the fridge. I fill the plastic tub with ice, and then with water from the sink. I move back into the airlock as the zombies push the door window out. They start leaning over the door where the window was, trying to crawl over each other to get into the lab. I hear another window shatter. They'll be in soon.

    I move into the airlock and seal the door behind me. Then I move into the samples room, sealing the second airlock door. They'll probably get through these windows as well, but they're twice as thick, and should buy me time.

    But will it be enough?
  20. JinnSato Registered

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    Jacob Hern

    Journal 1: I'm going to write everything that happens to me and my friends in this journal. I'm writing this so people will know what really happened here. If I die or ya never know. This might just for a way to keep me sane. Well here I go.

    "It's been hours since the first attack started. Hell it coulda been longer than that. We've been trapped in this house for so long I don't know when this all started."
    I think to myself. I can still hear them outside moaning and groaning. And looking for what you ask? Us what else do they want there freaking zombies for gods sack. They want our flesh. But theres know way there gettin' us without a fight. But let me start from the beginning to make more sense of this.

    It was like any other July 4th. Fire works, hot dogs and burgers. You name it. Except that it was my going away party. I was about to be shipped out to basic to start the Coast Guard. Can't believe I was leavin' Ravenholm. I've been here my entire life. Lots a good memories. But I digress. The party was goin' great. Lots of hugs, crying, I'll miss you, and now you're a man. Ha ha that last one was from Neil. After about an hour of this we started shooting off fire works. We had some big ones this year. These were the good ones. Big and pretty. Not like those duds you get from Wall-Mart and places like that. We were about to start a second round when all of a sudden my aunt Gretchen screamed.

    "Someone get me the first aid kit!!!!", she screamed. "It's Sterling!! She's hurt!"

    "Sorry but I have to stop here. I think the zombies are starting to get in the house...... hopefully I'll be able to continue this later."

    to be continued.......
  21. S_H_F_4839 Hulk Smash

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    How has this happened? I don't understand it but there is something I have to know something I have to be sure of. He heads for the local cemetery, He pulls up and sees most of the graves undisturbed. He opens his rifle case and gets out his 30-30 and heads towards his fathers headstone.

    He looks at it and it is as he had feared, the ground is disturbed that means his father is up walking around again, he vows here and now that he will find him and give him the peace he deserves. He turns and sees a group of the dead things closing on him and he runs by them, makes it back to his truck, starts it and is about to back up when he sees someone climb into the back through his mirror, he drops the shifter into reverse and backs out of the cemetery. Makes a right and starts heading for the Precinct.

    He is a little ways down the road when the back glass breaks in. It was one of those things climbing in the back of the truck. He swerves right and left trying to throw the thing out of the truck it falls backwards right in clear view of the mirror, he see's it and cannot believe it, his vow will be set right no sooner than he made it.

    He pulls over and stops, he takes the rifle out again and the corpse that used to be his father reaches for him, he steps back lines up the sight the way his father taught him and takes the shot. He opens the tailgate and takes off dropping his fathers body on the highway. Before getting back on the road to the precinct.
  22. Charlie No-One iamamiwhoami

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    (IC: Roger Stone)

    The streets of Ravenholm grew more crowded by the minute. Roger ran past side streets of the sick “zombies.” He still had no idea what was going on. Sure they resembled the creatures from Dawn of the Dead, with the pale blue tint, probably from lack of oxygen, to the beat red eyeballs. Were they really dead though? That was the question.

    He jumped up onto a fire escape on the side of Cornerstone and Forth. His apartment was on the third floor. Going through the front door was too risky with all the people down below. He rather run down the ten flights of stairs. As he flew down the steps, Barbara, a senior at Ravenholm who lived with her brother on the eighth floor, stopped him.

    “Rog, do you know what’s going on down there? Johnny was watching the news but the power went out before they could get any details…”

    “I have no idea. I was on my way to work out…and then Mark…****! Barbara, I have no idea what is going on,”

    “Well, ok…let’s just relax. I’m sure the government will send someone out here. It sounds pretty bad…they would send the military righ-“ The familiar moaning sound shoved the words right back into her mouth. Johnny popped up behind her, wrapping stiff blue hands around her neck. She screamed in terror as he sank his teeth into her shoulder.

    Barbara hit the ground, her eyes slowly rolling to the back of her head. Roger lifted his katana and twirled it to the right. Johnny lunged towards him. Barbara coughed up blood, trying her best to get Roger from killing her brother. With a swift fluid movement, the 21 year old sliced his neighbor’s head right off.

    “HOW COULD YOU!” Barbara cried.

    “That wasn’t your brother. There is something wrong with those people out there. They aren’t the same…I’m not sure if they are even human. Was your brother sick before this happened?”

    “No…well…not really…I mean…last night he was bit…he said it was just his girlfriend’s dog…he wouldn’t say much more,” she winced, holding onto her shoulder. Roger looked around. He had to clean the wound. As he stood up, he heard Barbara cry again. Johnny’s head was still moving. His hungry jaws clenched, eyeing Roger and Barbara up. This confirmed it. These people were not alive…they were really truly dead; zombies. Roger grabbed his sword and plunged it into Johnny’s brain.

    “Ok…” He still couldn’t go over it. Even though these people were dead, he still felt like he was killing them. First Mark, someone who he valued very much, then his neighbor. He groaned before grabbing the girl’s arm.

    “I’m gonna need to clean the…” He turned to Barbara. She was unconscious; barely breathing. He ripped out his cellphone, forgetting that he had no service.

    “DAMMNIT!” He threw the phone down and grabbed her wrist. He couldn’t feel a pulse. Roger rolled up her sleeve. He gasped. There was at least five bite marks running down her arm. Dark red blood stained her skin.

    “He bit…” Barbara began to writher. As she opened her eyes, he could see that they were filled with blood.

    “F**k,” Roger screamed, running down the stairs. He saw the rest of the tenants racing towards the doors that lead to the stairwell. Some of them were locking the doors in hopes of setting up a fortress, while others were grabbing their things and running. He made it to the third floor in time before Mrs. Muller, the apartment’s land lady, could close the door.

    “You made it. Them suckers are already surrounding the place,” He gave her a slight nod before running into his apartment. She followed him, questioning his actions. As he looked out the window, he found her words to be true. The zombies were surrounding the apartment complex. There were about a hundred of them on the front and back and at least fifty piling into the alleys. It would only be a matter of time before their shear number alone broke down the front door.

    Roger grabbed his backpack from his coat rack and started throwing things inside. He grabbed two water bottles, a couple bags of chips, a few matches, a taser his dad gave him when he moved to the city, and a flashlight: all the things that movie characters forget to take during an apocalyptic crisis like this one. Before zipping up the pack, he grabbed his cellphone charger. If the service ever came back, his battery might be dead. Wait, where was his cellphone? He dropped it near Barbara. He bolted out into the hallway.

    “Where are you going?” screamed Mrs. Muller.

    “I need my cellphone and then I’m leaving. It’s too dangerous here. You should do the same. Open this door,” he answered, trying to open the stairway door that was bolted shut. Mrs. Muller grabbed her keys and opened it.

    “You should stay here…accept your fate like the rest of the tenants. None of them are leaving,”

    Roger looked at her in shock. How could she say such a thing? Who would willing sit down and give up hope? That was suicide. He patted her shoulder before running back up the stairs to get his cellphone.

    “GGGGGUUUUURRRM” Barbara stared at him; blood pouring out of her mouth, two carcasses sprawled out beside her. He didn’t recognize them; he was glad. She edged toward him. He could see his cellphone by her left foot. His hands readied the katana. In a burst of quick snappy footwork, Stone wedged the blade into her head. She paused for a second before slumping next to the other corpses. He quickly grabbed his cellphone and continued going up the stairs. The roof was his only escape.

    As Roger sprinted onto the complex’s roof, he could hear the front door breaking down below. The zombies were in the building. His mind knew that it would take them a while to get up the steps, if at all, but his heart was panicking. The building to the right was very close. There was about a four foot width in between the buildings.

    “I can make this. I can do it,” he said to himself with zero confidence. The film major spurted forward and lunged over the gap. The adrenaline rush made him lightheaded. He paused and fell to his feet. He needed to breathe.
  23. Wolfwood Shasta McNasty

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    Making his way to the closest burger joint, Albert was a little shocked to see the streets so deserted. Sure it was usually quite this time of night in a small town like this, but it was the fourth of July, surely there would be more people partying still?

    As he turned a few more corners he began to run into small groups of people running around on the street. Some of them were carrying what looked like luggage. A few cars zipped by wildly from side streets, Albert had to swerve onto another street to avoid an on coming truck. However, he had to come to a screeching halt, in front of him was a delivery truck that had slammed into a light pole.

    "What the hell is going on here?" Albert wondered to himself.

    Stepping out of his truck, he decided to check on the other driver. The driver must've hit pretty hard, the light pole had fallen over and crashed into the side of a nearby apartment building.

    "This is wrong...all this damage would've attracted everyone on the block. No way everyone is out celebrating right now."

    Pulling himself up to the cab of the window, Albert was greeted to sight of a corpse. The man's head was nearly torn off, it clinged to his body by a few shreds of skin and muscle left over from what was his neck. The passenger side door was open, whoever did this survived the crash and was up and about.

    Albert jumped back down, disgusted and ready to vomit, he backed away from the truck. From the shadows around him, people began to emerge.

    "Jesus, did you see what happened here? Has anyone called 911?" His questions were only answered by groans and grunts. As they came closer more light began to fall on them and Albert clearly saw that these weren't "people" after all. Their skin had turned a deathly color and their eyes pierced the darkness with a red glow, some were missing limbs and chunks of flesh, exposing bone and inner organs. The stench of rotting flesh began to overpower him. Suddenly, the truck's door popped open and the body of the driver tumbled out. Albert watched in sheer terror as the driver picked himself up and began to lurch towards him.

    At first Albert was too shocked too mover, all he could do was stare at the dangling head of the man walking towards him. Though he could not talk, his mouth continued to move, trying to tell him something. A hand swinging wildly for Albert drew him out of his shock, she spun to his side to see that a few more of these creatures had appeared. Scrambling away from the them, Albert jumped back into his truck, reversed on to the previous street and revved the car as he tried to think of where to go.

    "Back to my apartment? No, what if there's more of these things there? I'll head back to the school, it's more fortified."

    Albert peeled off and headed back in the direction he had came. Along the side of the streets he could see more of those things starting to appear, a few of them had gotten a hold of a man and were tearing into him as he shrieked in agony. Albert felt disgusted with himself as he continued to drive on. When he arrived back at the school, he could see a few more of the zombies wondering around in the parking lot. There were only four and he was confident he could open the gate and get inside before they saw him, problem was though, he wanted to get his truck in there and it would take at least two people to open the gate wide enough and fast enough to avoid the zombies.

    So he began honking his horn madly, hoping to get the attention of Thomas. After a few minutes, he finally emerged from the school's front office. Startled by the zombies roaming the parking lot, he was turned to head back in.

    "Hey, Thomas! Wait! I need your help!" Albert called from his truck. Thomas hesitated, but stayed outside. "What do you want? And what the hell are those things?"

    "I need you to help me open the gate, I want to put my truck inside!" Thomas looked back at the creatures and shook his head. "No way!"

    "Look, I'll distract them while you open the gate, okay? Come on Thomas, help me out here!" Thomas looked at them one more time as they stumbled around in the parking lot, clearly unsure of which direction to head too. With a sigh, he pulled out his keys and began to fumble with the lock. The zombies began to turn toward him, but Albert got out of his Toyota and called to them, banging on the hood of his truck. Anything to get their attention. Slowly they turned and began to head towards him. Albert got back into his truck and waited for them to get within inches of it before pulling forward, just a little further out of their reach. Whatever was wrong with them, at least it made them slow. Albert kept up this game of keep away until Thomas had the gate open wide enough for him. With a quick turn, he pulled away from the zombies and rushed the truck through the gate. Jumping out he ran for the gate and began helping Thomas' close it back up. It was old though and had begun to rust, so it wasn't easy. With each desperate push of the gate, the zombies came closer and closer. Albert had his side pulled all the way out, so he jumped over to Thomas' and helped close the gap. As the gate finally hit the other side with a clank, one of the Zombies managed to reach through and grab a hold of Thomas' arm, Albert tried to pull him back, but the creature had already sunk his teeth into his hand. Wrenching him free from the monster, Albert could see a sizable chunk of flesh missing from Thomas' hand.

    "Oh God! He bite me! The freak bit me!"
    "Jesus!" Thomas shouted. "Where do you keep your first-aid kit?"
    "In the janitor's closet, there's one in there."

    After making their way to the room and shuffling through a few boxes, Albert managed to find an ancient looking kit covered in dust. The materials inside were still in good condition though, he cleaned the wound with some alcohol and dressed it up using the gauze. Thomas' was looking pale, probably from the shock of being bitten and the blood loss.

    "Alright, stay here, I'm going to try and call for help. Is there anything you need?"
    "Some water, I feel like I'm burning up. Take my keys, you can get into any room with them."
    "Right, I'll be back then."

    As Albert left the room, he prayed that he had made the right decision in coming back here and hoped that the chaos he had seen hadn't spread to the entire city. There was no way in hell he'd be able to survive this on his own.
  24. Spike_x1 Get off my bandwagon!

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    The city of Ravenholm was not an improvement over the last three cities that Benjamin had visited. Instead, it was quite the opposite. It was much worse. "Good Christ."

    As Ben turned onto a street labeled Cornerstone, there were bodies literally strewn everywhere he looked. Some moving, others not. Ben looked down at the blood overflowing into the streets with distain. Even before all this crap started, he had had much more than enough of the sight of blood. This is stupid, he thought. I should turn the hell around and go back to Lost Haven. That place didn't seem to be as knee-deep in s**t as this hellhole.

    With that, Ben began looking around for a safe place to slow down and turn his bike around without the risk of being instantly swarmed by these things. Just as he thought he spotted a decent looking spot, Ben heard the sharp sound of wood splintering behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he caught sight of a horde of zombies breaking down the front door of a large apartment building.
    Finally seeing a survivor with what looked like a good head on his shoulders, Ben sighed in frustration. "Aw, f**k me," he said angrily to himself, knowing that he couldn't just leave the kid.

    "Hey! Smallfry!" He beeped his horn and shouted at the man on the roof above. "Is there a way down from there?" Ben cranked the accelerator and spun the bike on the spot, making the two zombies who were approaching him recoil away. Ben quickly drove another twenty-odd feet to get away from the growing crowd for a moment before coming to a stop again. Looking back up at the person on the rooftop, he shouted, "There a fire escape or anything?!"
  25. MST3K 4ever BRING IT BACK!

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    Edward Spenser pulls up to the Ravenholm Public Library on a scooter and notices something strange.

    Hmmmm I don't get is the day of the booksale. We've been taking reserve requests for weeks now and here it is an hour before opening and it looks like it's deserted. Shelia & Dana's cars are here but it looks like nothing has happened. Oh well probably some last minute details that need to be taken care of.
    He enters the library and cuts on the lights.

    "Hello Shelia, Dana where are you guys? Come on this is not the day to be joking around. We're going to be swamped in less than hour."

    Edward cuts on the lights in his office and cuts on his computer. He surfs over to a web-site for the Daily Sentinel. The newspaper he used to read when he was still Jonathan Kincaid. He pauses for a moment and reads something in the Style section taht makes his mouth drop. The headline "Webber & Kincaid engaged"

    Captain Howard Webber & Emily Ann Kincaid have offically announced their engagement. Well, well, well looks like Emily has finished the grieving widow part of her life and moved on. Not to mention Dave has picked up his Captainacy.

    Edward gritted his teeth and shoved his monitor off of his desk.

    THAT SHOULD BE MY LIFE!!!! MINE!!!! He pauses for a moment. Uh-oh they may ask what the noise was and what happened to my monitor...I know I bumped my desk...perfect.

    Just then he hears something outside of his office.

    Great I yell loud enough to wake the dead and they don't repsond. I break a monitor and here they come.

    His door-knob turns. Keep calm Kincaid...I mean Spenser...don't let on what happened. On the bright side my former life is now becoming a lot easier to forget...yeah I keep saying that I'll believe it.

    His door opens and Shelia and Dana enter in very slowly and very undead!

    "HO uglies," Spenser yells.

    The two undead co-workers keep advancing to Edward as he jumps on top of his desk.

    "I have no idea what's going on but something tells me this has nothing to do with the booksale and everything to do with why this place is looking like 'Dawn of the Dead' offense, " he says.

    The two approach Edward as he sumersaults over them and lands at the door. He quickly closes the door and not only locks it but sticks a chair under the knob to secure it in place.

    Okay I have seen enough monster movies to know that rarely are these things an isolated event that there are hundreds of these things. That there is also usually a small group of humans who band together. I am not exactly the group type though...I mean I usually....
    Just then his door begins shake and crack.

    Then again change is not always a bad thing.

    Edward bolts out of the library

    Don't want to take a chance on running into more of these things.

    He removes a manhole cover and jumps down the sewer. He then removes his sweater, button-up shirt revealing a plain black t-shirt.

    I studies the sewer layout of this town in case any of the Thunder Stealth guys showed up looking for me and I had to make a quick escape. Never thought I'd have to use this route to escape Zombies. My loft is about 3 blocks from here...get there and load up for war.

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