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Jun 22, 2012
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Here's my theory: a Suit made of police-grade Kevlar, calf, knee, and shin guards, gloves with steel knuckles, gauntlets with the blades on them, a Utility belt holding Batarangs and grappling hooks, etc. a Kevlar bat-cowl with an attached cape, removable in the event of an emergency. Cape is half-circle shaped, flame ******ant, and made of some very durable yet elastic material, maybe to be used as a glider for short distances. The cowl should have Lenses rather than open eyes. Mirrored lenses that have UV protection, like on Aviators. No mesh needed. The Kevlar should be thinner around the ears as to not hinder hearing, or maybe even some kind of advanced hearing aid system, like artificial super-hearing. The hearing aids could be planted in the bat-ears, and they could run down to the actual ear via a wire. The Grappling hook could be some sort of Batarang, but with a piece of pipe in the middle housing some thin yet super strong cord, strong enough to support the weight of the Batsuit and its wearer. As for Batarangs, that's simple enough I guess... Bat-shaped Shuriken, I mean...Hellooo?

But anyways, a skintight Kevlar suit, with maybe a bulletproof vest and steel plates for arm/leg protection, a fancy cape, some gadgets, and a fancy hearing aid system, etc. and you've got yourself a pretty good little IRL batsuit.

as for the Boots, they could be black knee-high Kevlar boots with a shin plate and a metal toe guard similar to the rubber ones a Converse shoe. The bottom could be made of the highest grade carbon rubber, and with really deep grips you know.

What do you all think about this theory? I was thinking something styled after arkham asylum.
I saw you on the Spidey web shooter thread, thought I'd comment. Go on google images and type in 'Urban security suit', it's rant to be an affordable piece of protection, and is the main part of my Batsuit design, mainly because kevlar's too heavy. This stuff is fire proof, and good against most fire arms(minus armor piercing). A custom plastic cowl, with, like you said, hearing aids, and special HUD sunglasses lenses under the eyes, which are in development, possibly out next summer. The symbol would be Tim Burton style, and be a shatter-proof glass search light. This would scare the piss out of the last guy in a crowd of thugs. MMA gloves, leather gloves w/ claws under for dramatic effect, cus Batman is very theatrical, and stun knuckles, which is the super baby of knuckle dusters and tasers. Just to give an extra zip to his punches. Also, in the cowl, don't have an open mouth, a. This gives us room for a gas mask, and maybe a voice changer to be scary. b. This would give less space for vulnerability. The arm blades from BB would work, maybe even put a smart phone in on the underside. Boots would either be jiki tabi ninja boots(easier to climb) or combat boots(made for running). A parachute silk cape could be gripped for short distances for gliding or landing safely. Black utility belt, cup, and knee/elbow/shoulder pads. As far as weapons go, prepare yourself, this is long:
Batarang shuriken
Smaller batarang shuriken with a hallucinogen
Larger batarang shuriken with cable.
Airsoft pistol to shoot small foldable arrow heads with cables
Tranq rifle
Smoke grenades
Tear gas grenades
Miniature sonic grenades
Thermite putty(affordable explosive)
Handcuffs(like plastic tie style)
Flare pistols
Triton door breacher
Strobe pad
Med kit
Finally, a batmobile. It stands to reason that a replica of the one in dark knight would work. Fast, effective if you installed tesla turrets, road spike drops and bottle rocket shooters, and quite possibly one of the baddest @$5es on four wheels. Also, maybe a robin suit like from arkham city, and a night wing suit from young justice, and a batgirl from the aaron Diaz bat family. Whatcha think???

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