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There's Anorexic Women, Obese Women... And Then There's This:

Eeeee-to the ****ing-wwwwwwwwwwwwww...

It looks like she stuffed her bra with grapefruit or something.

Now of the three choices, Anorexic, Obese or She-Hulk, what would you choose?
I bet she's nice when she hasn't had any spinach :o
Groooooooossss!!Her boobs have muscles! Ew..Women should never,ever look like that.
For shame.:o
when done in moderation, i'm quite partial to a lil muscle worship...

although they are generally the physiques of fitness models off season when they aren't so toned.

nothing better than a bit of tone on a woman
Ewwwww it'd be like having your way with a bag of bricks :o
Now of the three choices, Anorexic, Obese or She-Hulk, what would you choose?

Since obese people repulse me, as does this woman, I'd have to go with anorexic.

Part of my way out with that is the fact that I went on a date with an anorexic girl one time (a girl who was diagnosed with it, not just some boney girl) who, unless she told you, you'd think she was joking when she said she was anorexic.

She had a nice body (not very boney at all, actually) and was short, so her weight seemed normal for a girl her size.

Plus, she was pretty goddamned hot:o.
That's definitely a transgender.

Mmm...not necessarily. Really looked like a woman that got into the anabolic steroids and got herself good and jacked. The implants over the top of her ripped pectorals was horrible, though.

Eww. Gross.

And to answer the question asked. I'd rather have an obese woman than that or a stick figure. That was if I was straight. :o
Nothing wrong with abit of beef.

Nothing wrong with abit of beef.


I actually like that kind of a build in a woman, to be honest. But, when I think of obese, I usually think of this:


I know people qualify for obesity at much lower weights than that, but I people like the one in this picture irk the hell out of me:csad:.

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