This is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament


Apr 29, 2008
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Very cool :woot::

It's a showdown between the Light Side and Dark Side in the first This Is Madness tournament! Vote for your favorite Jedi, Sith, scoundrel, Rebel, or bounty hunter and help decide who is, once and for all, the galaxy's most popular Star Wars character.

The first round begins on Monday, March 18! Cast your votes and come back every day for new matchups and results, and be sure to visit us on Tuesday, April 9, to see who will be named winner of This Is Madness!

This is the full bracket:
I think Han will probably win.
I think Luke, Han or Boba have the best shot. In my perfect world Obi-Wan beats them all though :oldrazz:
Two tough matchups today (one's easier than the other for me though :oldrazz:): Obi-Wan vs Qui-Gon and Assaj vs Maul.
Another matchup today. Here's the results so far:

Kept forgetting to vote, started today. But, it went how I would have voted (though I may have leaned toward Hondo).

And sorry, Bim, in my head for my opinion, I have Yoda beating Vader. But, Obi-Wan does make it up to Yoda in a round, and for me, it is still close.
Han vs Obi-Wan is going to be a tough one, they are my two favorite SW characters :csad:. But to be honest, the last battles will be difficult, especially on the lightside. Yoda vs Luke will also be near impossible to pick, ugh.

R2D2 vs 3PO today (R2 gets my vote!) and Boba vs Dengar. No doubt who will win this one lol.
With the prequels, Obi-Wan has jumped into competition with Yoda and Luke for favorite. Han was great, particularly in Empire, and he might be my favorite non-Jedi. But for me, Star Wars is about the Jedi!

In my view, Obi-Wan v Yoda is closer than Luke v Yoda. Obi-Wan gets the edge over Luke I think thanks to his dry wit.

And yeah, I went R2 & Fett.
definitely gonna be Darth Vader his helmet alone is one of the most iconic images from the 20th century.
Dont forget to vote! Today's matchups: Leia vs Padme and Jango Fett vs Bossk. Here's the winners so far:

Today's matches: Chewie vs Wicket and Dooku vs Tarkin. This last one's kinda tough, i really love both.
Today we have Ahsoka vs Rex and Palpatine vs IG-88. Sorry for Snips, but i'm going with Rex here, and of course Palpatine :yay:
Han Solo vs Obi-Wan today. That's gonna be a close one me thinks. I voted for Obi, of course. Sorry Han lol.
Voted Obi-Wan, but was very tempted to vote Han. Tough to pick between the two.
This was a tough one, but I voted for Obi-Wan, Bim! :up:
"Gooooood!" :oldrazz:. It was tough, cause Han and Obi-Wan are my favorite characters in the saga, but looks like Obi took it 55% to 45% in the end, yay. Next up, another difficult one: Luke vs Yoda. I voted for the little green guy. And Cad Bane vs Jabba. I found myself voting for Bane :yay:
Yod beat Luke and Jabba beat Cad Bane. Next up today, Leia vs R2 and Boba vs Jango. I'm going with R2 and Jango :yay:
You think? i'm not counting the lightside out just yet. Palpatine vs Boba should be interesting...
I think its going to end up Obi vs. Vader or Boba.

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