This kid's commercial is wrong on so many levels

Obsidian said:
what was hasbro thinking?!:confused:

eh, you should seen this thread about Disney. I remember someone posted a pic of Donald Duck that kids sit on to ride and it had a pic of a girl with Donald looking like he's peeking up into the girl's skirt :o
No Morg, this is more impressive than that was, hands down. :)

Look at that with the kid pumping. LOL
Can't my player won't work today
Quick, someone call Jerry Fallwell, the Gay Agenda strikes again!:eek: :o
I'm sure he is....I didn't realize Donald was a pedophile.....that explains the no pants all makes sense now...:(
any way do you think that super soaker commercial was filmed at the neverland ranch.
Why was that one kid rubbing it on himself...
POWdER-man said:
Why was that one kid rubbing it on himself...

God this is the second time this thread has me laughing. And that's soon after the one kid was making a face while pumping it.
i like the bit with it hanging of the finger it's something about mary like.
anyone remembers the Harry Potter vibrating broom? :o

Haha the ozzanator is funny, that kid was loving it hahaha

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