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Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 9

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Thor protects the weak and the vulnerable. Even arrogant Thor. He might be hot headed and he might love a fight, but he also is a good man.

And Jane was not the focal point for his maturing. It was his father stripping his power and sending him to Earth. It was Thor realizing the consequences his actions had on others, including his loved ones. The Thor that tries to take back the hammer the first time has learned nothing. It was the false news of his father's passing that kicked it into gear. It was there that he started to realize how much more the people he cares for mean in comparison to himself. It is Thor's passage to manhood. Learning the lessons his father has been trying to teach him.

That is what is at the heart of the film, which is very much a father and sons story.

wow, great points.. that might be the perfect synopsis of Thor ever. But I still think, from the film standpoint he wouldn't have gotten there without Jane. But you've nearly convinced me otherwise Darth.

The Hammer + Loki saying Odin died scene almost slipped my mind and it is for sure where he realizes who he was and who he needs to be. It does seem to me that they are playing Jane to be a major factor in this movie though, and whether she lives or dies, I still think she is essentially his bridge to Midgard in context of the movies at least.

Another factor to me, even though it was almost a throwaway scene was that the first person he asked about when 'securing' Loki was Jane, he wanted to make sure that she was safe first and foremost.

I'm okay with whatever way they go with this next Thor movie, because if Jane dies he's going to want to protect earth even more, and if she's alive and well he's still going to want to watch over her, and Earth closely as well.
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