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Thor: Love And Thunder ..... the culmination of Phase 4


Dec 20, 2013
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Okay so I'm just going to throw this into the mix and see what people think...

Throughout Phase 4 we're getting a host of new character appearances and there seems potential for the formation of an assortment of teams using those characters, Young Avengers, New Avengers or West Coast Avengers and possibly Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts

Then we've got a Thor movie as the last film of Phase 4 (unless there's a surprise in store for Feb 2022).

I'm thinking maybe a take on the Siege story with an officially sanctioned Thunderbolts team laying siege to New Asgard and heroes (also including a couple from Eternals) from across the MCU coming to it's defence in the third act.

I'd love to see Siege get adapted
but without Cap and Tony and Natasha, and with Bruce and Clint being on the sidelines now, I feel like Thor's connection to the heroes of Earth is waning.
He knows Strange, had a brief moment with Capt Marvel that ended up being nothing, and could possibly call on Hulk and Hawkeye, but without that level of personal connection it wouldn't be as touching to see heroes he doesn't know come to aid Asgard. The Guardians could show up too, I guess, but Marvel likes to keep them away from Earth.

Idk, it could be cool, but they'd have to change a lot
The Dark Avengers need to be created, Sentry/Void needs to be introduced, Loki needs to come back- again- somehow.

I'm thinking we're just pretty much getting Aaron's "Mighty Thor" run adapted, minus (hopefully) the "Unworthy Thor" stuff
For Thor 5? Maybe.

Love and Thunder is coming out in 2 years and every project leading up to it has already been announced. Those projects don't include any of the new possible teams you mentioned and likely don't even include Ms. Marvel, She-hulk or Moon Knight, which will all probably be released after Love and Thunder.

There's no way Love and Thunder can handle introducing entire new teams of heroes, Jane Foster Thor and the siege storyline all at the same time. It's too much set-up.

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