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Three most popular ATM PIN numbers

LOL. Creativity is right out the window if people actually use such easy combinations.
I can't use my birthdate or year for passwords. I try and take the first number of something, then the second number of something else, etc.
I mean, is it that hard to find 4 digits that have some sort of special meaning to you that isn't a birthday or phone number?
What stupid people. No one will ever guess my pin number. 1077, the same price for a cheese pizza and drink where I used to work.
LOL. Creativity is right out the window if people actually use such easy combinations.

I work in IT, and I get to see some of the passwords people pick for one of our sites... trust me, a lot of people have absolutely no imagination.
PIN number is such a redundant term :cwink:

My PIN is based on a massive scientific principle that no one but me understands.
I used my ATM machine and PIN number to pay for a hot water heater.
Yeah, i hate it when my cold water heater breaks down.

Also, I have the same PIN that Lionel Richie uses.
i dont wanna, cuz it might be the same principle that i base mine on
Does anybody have the option to deposit paper checks via their smartphone by using the camera? I tried it a couple times and it did work, but I wonder how secure that is.
....or LED Lights (Light Emitting Diode....Lights). For some reason that just irks me. lol :cmad:

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