Tim Burton Speaks!!!

Yes, it does. The Burton fans you described do exist and they give a really bad name to the Burton fans like me who just want to enjoy what they enjoy in peace, without being labelled or put up against anyone some kind of warped Burton vs Nolan fans type thing.

I just don't understand ANY of it. Really, there's just absolutely no point in these attitudes from either sides whatsoever.

Agreed. I enjoy both series and am grateful for both. It's a damn shame the Schumacher films had to be made, but one good thing that came out of them is Batman Begins. I don't understand why people can't just appreciate both. They're both dark interpretations of Batman, which is cool in my book. They're both highly entertaining as well, which is great.
Now, I'll guess that maybe 50% of posters here do believe that. In all my years of posting, very rarely has anyone dared suggest something in a movie is superior to, improves upon, something in the comic.

I believe the Burton bat-films as well as TAS contained a number of things that were improvements over the comics. I can probably even think of a thing or two in Begins that was an improvement over the comics, for me anyway.

And great post as always Kevin. :up:
Anyone read the comments on that article? There's a couple of immature idiots on there, one of which is apparently a diehard Burton fan, talking smack about "Brokeback Batman" and "The Dork Knight." I mean c'mon, it goes on in BOTH DIRECTIONS. I personally love Burton's movies as well as Batman Begins, but I think some of the Burtonites don't realize that there are just as many jerks in their clan as there are in the Nolanite clan. I mean really, you can't get much more immature than "Brokeback Batman."

Well, whenever the "Burtonites stay quiet except for 3 or 4" line gets thrown around, it's in relation to here. There's literally only three or four of them who actively sling mud.

But on the rest on the 'net? Billions!
It's these fans who seem to believe there is some kind of 'One True Batman' and those who don't subscribe to it are heretics. It seems to be a kind of amalgamation of Dark Knight Returns, the animated series and Batman Begins (despite the fact all three are different to each other).

It's similar to fans who see whatever happens in the comicbook as official, no matter how crap it may be, and the movies themsleves as inaccurate translations, no matter how great they may be. The Penguin as a sympathetic Richard III-esque manipulator with shades of the Elephant Man and the Phantom of the Opera whose own plight mirrors that of Batman? No thanks, the Penguin is a short crimeboss in a tuxedo.

It's ridiculous.

Now, I'll guess that maybe 50% of posters here do believe that. In all my years of posting, very rarely has anyone dared suggest something in a movie is superior to, improves upon, something in the comic.

Superheroes are no longer bound to the comic pages! The movies are just as much a true medium for Batman and Superman and SPider-Man as the comics. Spider-Man 3 is just as 'official' as The Amazing SPider-Man # 1. If the real McCoy is the one most people have experienced, it's no contest. Far more people have seen superhero movies than have read the comics. The comics themselves are constantly updated, retconned and rewritten anyway.

Superheroes are changing all the time, always have, and they develop in the mediums of comics and movies. If you can't except that, then....I'm not sure what you're doing here.

The bold is why I find some fanboy's mentality extremely warped. If it wasn't for the constant evolution of the characters none of us on this board would even have fallen in love with Batman and his world. This is a fact as many of us on here prefer different interpretations of the mythos. I've been reading Batman comics for about 19 years and have to say that I'd take the movie Penguin over the comics version all day every day. Just had a greater pathos to him that made him a lot more 3 dimensional and interesting.

Also I have to say that while I'm a fan of the absent minded himbo public Bruce Wayne we always see in the comics as well as Burton's movies and the animated series I much prefer the obnoxious rich a$$hole that the public Bruce Wayne was portrayed as in BB. IMO that was an improvement on the comic as I found it much more authenthic. Let's not forget to mention all the times the movies themselves have influenced the comics (Ie: an Anton Furst-esque Gotham making it's way into the 90's comics, organic webshooters, The Joker being a hitman by the name of Jack prior to his accident etc.)

People need to get a grip and understand that without reinterpretations and evolutions our favorite characters wouldn't even be around anymore cause they would've become dull and the readers would've outgrown them after a while. What I appreciate the most about superheroes is that they continue to grow with us as opposed to staying one step behind us.
Thanks Mr. Socko, just doing the duty of a lifelong comics fan is all.

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