Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon - The Long Red Road

The world is not ready for this pairing.
Hardy (Bane) and Shannon (Zod)?

Holy ****. I don't care what the premise is, I'm there. Shut up and take my money.
A devastating new play about the impact of addiction, The Long Red Road introduced audiences to Sammy, who has fled his past and landed in South Dakota, where he is slowly drinking himself to death. When his young daughter arrives desperate to reunite with her father, he must decide between the self-hatred that consumes him and the responsibilities he’s tried to leave behind.

Hmmmm, interesting. It sounds like a personal role for Hardy. Intriguing stuff, and Hoffman could be directing. Hopefully this won't disrupt Tom's role in Yates' "Cicero" trilogy.
Holy ****.

Bane and Zod in one ****ing movie?

The only thing that will bring a balance into the world is a movie with Bale and Cavill.
Both are great actors, no doubt about that.

I am interested even though it looks like it is not an action movie but I am okay with that.

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