Days of Future Past Tom Rothman exits 20th Century Fox


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Nov 20, 2005
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Though in truth this is an amicable parting of the ways, the word around Hollywood is that Rothman was fired before he could jump ship. (memos and releases below). Sources tell us that Rothman’s News Corp bosses were annoyed that he was aggressively seeking the top job at Universal Studios from Comcast. (Not Ron Meyer’s President/COO job per se, but the long vacant Chairman/CEO gig that would also put the TV studio under him.) And he did himself no favors when he opposed the new Fox distribution deal with DreamWorks Animation orchestrated last month by Gianopulos. In addition it’s been Gianopulos who has maintained the close working relationship with studio star talent James Cameron, not Rothman, and will see the studio through the much-anticipated Avatar 2 and 3.

Perhaps now X-Men and other franchises' productions will have more of a chance to breath.

best news of the month, or should Id say of the year?

hope this means more quality in xmen movies yet, the same with all their proyects since now
It will be interesting to see the effects of this on film production and quality.

It's so funny because just moments ago I was looking up Tom Rothman on wiki to see if he was still CEO because Fox has been making pretty good movies as of late. Then I read he resigned yesterday. Awesome.

Now I can fully anticipate XMDoFP and Wolverine.
and Wolverine and Street Fighter and DragonBall and so on
Hopefully FOX will still put X-Men as one of their biggest prioritizes when it comes to their films.
Hopefully FOX will still put X-Men as one of their biggest prioritizes when it comes to their films.

I would hope they would recognise its value. How many other moneyspinning franchises does Fox have? Alien/Prometheus, Avatar and Apes are those that come to mind.

I don't know exactly how much Rothman positively or negatively impacted the films so far. That would be interesting: to find out which good and bad decisions were down to him.

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