Tomatometer predictions on this film?

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Feb 20, 2015
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Any prediction for the rotten tomatoes rating? For those unfamiliar with the term, the tomato meter is from the rotten tomatoes website. The Tomoatometer is a consensus of critics who liked and did not like the film.

To achieve a fresh rating, you need 60% or more of the critics liking it.

I’ll go out on a limb and say this one is a rotten review with 50% or more of the critics giving it a negative review. Time will tell.
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This movie will be between 5-10%

It's going to be awful honestly.

Can't be worse then the 1st 2. Atleast this one is PG13
based on what? These mainstream reviewers are not going to deduct brownie points based on the lack of comic-accuracy. It can still be a good and compelling movie notwithstanding.
I'm gonna say between 70-80. I think it'll be a good film...just not what fans are wanting or expecting.
Definitely below 50 when the dust settles, hopefully below 27 just to make sure it's the lowest rated Fox F4 film.
I'll say in the 20-30 range. Green Lantern numbers, basically.
Nothing indicates it will be as badly received as Green Lantern, comic-accurate or not. I think something between 60-80.
Nothing indicated Green Lantern would be as bad as Green Lantern.
50s or lower.

Consensus will be that it's a capable, serviceable but bleak/bland and ultimately passable movie.
I was going to say 62. However, Man of Steel got 55 and ASM2 got 53. I think it'll be somewhere in that range, so I'm going to go with 54%.
I think it's way too early to even guess on something like this. Based on Josh Trank alone, I'd guess it would be about 80.

But it sounds like there were a lot of problems along the way, and it seems like it's more a film by committee than a Josh Trank film, so that could push it lower.
I think it's way too early to even guess on something like this.
This is true, but imo, it's always too early to guess a tomatometer.

The only truly reliable gauge for a movie's critical reception before its release are reviews themselves.
Long as it's rotten I'll be happy. But I foresee this being in the mid-70's probably. I still stand by my prediction that this will be a modest hit.
Hmmmm...50's to 60's. I'm feeling generous. ;)
I'm going with 45%
Nothing indicated Green Lantern would be as bad as Green Lantern.

I saw an early red, or shall I say green flag when pretty boy Ryan Reynolds was cast Hal Jordan.

Reynolds was cast for his looks, not his voice, or acting ability.

Green Lantern has huge potential. It wasn't Ghost Rider bad, but it disappointed.

Back to the FF reboot. Every movie has its fan base. I get the sense 1/3 of the FF/ Marvel movie fans are getting ready to jump off the bandwagon. With many super hero movies out there, it's going to take the Thing's best Sunday punch to change perspective.
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