Torture of US Citizens - Yes or No?

Moral absolutism is a dangerous thing.

The Pakistani Taliban killed those kids cause they were retaliating for the military killing innocent family members. Like someone thinks they have the moral high ground in this situation? The Taliban are holding innocent villagers hostage to their interpretation of Islam and then get high and mighty about innocent family members?

The Twin Towers have been used to justify everything from Afghanistan to indefinite detention and Isis.
You don't become a rapist to defeat a rapist and you shouldn't abuse human rights to defeat someone who abuses human rights.

If you become evil to defeat evil, you didn't defeat evil, you replaced it.

This is all pretty moot is it not? By and large outside of movies like Zero Dark Thirty and TV shows like 24; Torture reliably provides inaccurate information while other interrogation/negotiation methods have a much greater chance to provide worthwhile results.

The Senate Report also confirms what has been known to almost everyone in the information gathering business(other than the CIA and Bush Administration)
No because it's evil.

You're basically kidnapping someone who could be innocent or uninvolved and tormenting them slowly while they're at your mercy.

You might rescue some people but you lose your soul in the process.

We defeated the Axis powers without torturing a single person. But we can't fight some sandal wearing jihadist who live in the desert without resorting to horrific acts.

It is less information gathering and more revenge disguised as information gathering. A disturbingly human response, I think.

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