The Dark Knight Total film giving the goods again...


Nov 27, 2007
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Yes, again in this month's issue of total film we have another free dark knight poster, it's the one of batman standing in front of the building with the burning bat symbol. Just a little bit smaller than the joker poster we got free a few months back, it's the august issue for those interested, with a picture of The Spirit on the cover, hope you all find this useful.
If you are gonna buy this then just throw the magazine away.
Total Film are a bunch of ****s
Heres the afore mentioned cover


The poster which has folds

Yeah the magazine has seriously gone downhill lately, but at least it has the free poster, oh and a four/five page interview with gary oldman, which is worth a look.
I was tempted by this, but Im getting he actual theatrical version of this next week.
It really isnt worth the fold out posters, they look scruffy to me.

I got the theatrical version at a film fare and it was £15

I dont mind paying that at all for a better quality item

Example of the folded joker poster when it was framed, creases as clear as day

Yeah i gotta agree if you're buying it for the poster then it's not really worth it, but if you're buying the magazine anyway getting this poster is a nice bonus with it though, oh and i've just checked the poster is the same size as the joker one.

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