Toy Fair 2008 ... The Dark Knight

We should. He is in the Dark Knight, so if we dont it would be a shame. I hope he is in the 6 inch range, and is wearing his suit and the Mask, and does not like the Batman Begins figures which just looked Bizarre.
Ya I know, I still have that scarecrow figure, but I want something to resemble how he looks in the film.
I would SOOOO want a 6-INCH Ras Al figure with sword, Ducard with suit and cane and gas mask, Scarecrow with interchangeable head for mask and Cilian Murphy and briefcase with business suit, and one of Ras goons at the end there (awesome costumes those guys had) as well as a Gordon figure and a mail away Alfred would be sweet.

Also some 6-INCH figures from the '89 Burton film would be spectacular..buuut that's probably just wishful thinking...christ ALL of the figures I listed above are wishful thinking then Mattel would officially ROCK if they made all those....I think we are getting the Scarecrow figure but here's hoping he is film accurate and has interchangeable heads..that would be bad ass.

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