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Superman Returns Trailer Description Plus Screen Caps


May 10, 2005
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Can someone pelase provide, the sites to view the trailer are blocked at my office.

Thank you
j1h6 said:
Can someone pelase provide, the sites to view the trailer are blocked at my office.

Thank you

Where do you work? CTU? :)

Go to Kal-El.org. That shouldn't be blocked for you.
if he worked at ctu, all he'd have to do is open a socket and have the entire movie downloaded in 2 minutes :o
Yellow Cyclone said:
if he worked at ctu, all he'd have to do is open a socket and have the entire movie downloaded in 2 minutes :o

Not if he was Jack Bauer himself.
can anyone provide a description? thanks for the link to the trailer screencaps.
Can we get some Caps? The Trailer looks good can't wait to see the film.
.....*thinks about trailer*
Hope this will suffice:

It begins with an aerial shot of a ship somewhere in the Arctic and moves towards a helicopter and we can see 4 people walking towards a valley in the glacier. A voice-over guy on a radio says: “Mr. Luthor, we’re approaching the coordinates.”

Then it shifts inside the Fortress of Solitude and we see the four people enter as Luthor says: “This is where he learned who he was. This is where he came for guidance.” Then we see Luthor’s hands reaching out over something off-screen, presumably the console, which begins to light up. Cut to a shot of Luthor standing on the console platform staring at an image of Jor’El being projected by a crystalline view-screen. Cut to a close up shot of Luthor as he says: “Tell me everything.”

Cut to a shot of Superman opening his eyes (It’s the same one we saw at the end of the teaser) and then an aerial shot of Superman floating above the Earth with the lights from Metropolis down below.

Cut to a Lois voice-over initially, but as she begins to speak, we see her in person: “Let’s start with the big question: where did you go?”

Cut to Martha driving a red truck towards something we don’t see but it’s big and on fire. She looks on dumbstruck.

Martha voice over: “Your father always used to say, that you were put here for a reason.” Cut to shots of a young Clark leaping through the fields and landing on a large metal platform in a field with the farmhouse behind him and sprinklers watering the crops.

Cut to a pan up shot of the Daily Planet building. Martha voice over continued: “You know, the world can always use more good reporters.” Cut to a close up shot of Clark in the Daily Planet office. The Superman theme song begins to play.

Cut to a shot of a long stream of black smoke and Superman flying after the source of the smoke. Cut to shots of onlookers staring up into the sky (again, the same shot of the crowd from the teaser). Cut to a shot of Superman flying down a street while people stare after him.

Cut to a meeting in the Daily Planet offices. There’s a pan down the table from Perry White who is in control. Perry: “I wanna know it all. Everything. Olsen?” Shot of Jimmy Olsen looking like something caught his attention but it doesn’t feel like it’s a part of this scene. Perry voice-over: “I wanna see photos of him everywhere.”

Shot of Superman seemingly pulling up from flying in mid-air and shots of Jimmy taking photos of something in the sky.

Cut to the Daily Planet office. We hear Lois off-screen as we fade in on Clark who is smiling. Lois, very genuinely: “Clark! Hey, welcome back.” Cut to a shot of Clark sitting on a chair as he turns towards a young boy. Lois voice-over: “I see you’ve met the munchkin.” Clark says “Hello” to Jason in a kind but unfamiliar way.

Cut to Clark looking at a photo of Lois, Jason and Richard White sitting on a bench in a park somewhere. Jimmy: “Fearless reporter Lois Lane is a Mommy.” Shot of Clark’s thumb which seems to press down on the picture frame upon hearing this news causing the glass to crack. Shot of Jimmy and Clark looking shocked by this. Jimmy voice-over: “But if you ask me, she’s still in love with ‘you know who.’” (For those of you wondering, I doubt he talking about Voldemort)

Shot of Lois looking up into the sky, presumably as Superman flies away. Shot of Superman doing a barrel role on a street with cars below him.

Cut back to the meeting in the Daily Planet. Perry: “Does he still stand for truth, justice, all that.” Shot of Lois chewing on a pen.

Shot of a Daily Planet newspaper dated 28th September, 2006. it bears the headline “The Man Of Steel Is Back” and the subheading “Superman Appears Out Of Nowhere To Save Shuttle From Destruction.” There’s a photo of Superman on the front of the paper standing in the doorway of the shuttle.

Shot of Superman flying around the world in a curve heading towards the sun.

Back to the meeting in the Planet. Perry: “Superman returns.”

The Superman music ends and more sombre music plays. Cut to a shot of Lois standing on the top of the Daily Planet building. She turns and sees Superman standing on the ledge with his arms folded. Shot of Lois asking Superman: “How could you leave us like that” She looks betrayed.

Superman voice-over: “It’s not easy for me being who I am. Keeping secrets.” He says this while we see several shots; Lois slowly reaching towards Superman’s arm. Lois, now shoeless stepping onto Superman’s boots. Lois and Superman flying up and past the Daily Planet sign. Lois and Superman flying above Metropolis with the city in the background as Superman starts to look up into the sky.

Cut back to the daily Planet rooftop. Lois: “The world doesn’t need a saviour, and neither do I.”

Shot of Superman flying and seeming close to tears.

Shot of Luthor in the arctic looking down at something. Luthor: “So long, Superman.”

Shot of the ship in sailing at night in chopping waters and raining pouring everywhere. Shot of Lois saying: “Lex Luthor.” Shot of Jason saying “You’re bald.” Shot of Luthor saying “Cute kid.” Shot of Luthor ascending some stairs on the ship and holding a green container as he says: “Come with me. You’re not gonna want to miss this.”

Cut to Clark in the Daily Planet asking Jimmy: What’s wrong.” Jimmy, worried, says “Lois and Jason are missing.”

Shot of Lois holding Jason in her lap. Luthor tells her “I have advanced alien technology.” Lois: “Millions of people are going to die.” Lex corrects her: “Billions.” Shot of Superman looking nervous.
Shot of Daily Planet building as things start exploding. Shot of Perry in his office as this starts to happen. Shot of things on both sides of the office being blown to pieces. Shot of a police car seemingly being torn apart by a hail of bullets and a police officer ducking as this happens.

Cut to Luthor still talking to Lois: “Come on, let me hear you say it, just once.” Lois: “You’re insane.” Luthor: “No!” as he starts to laugh (But not in a camp way) “No, the other thing.” Lois: “Superman will never…” Luthor interrupts her by shouting “WRONG”

Shot of Superman flying down a street, through a closed window and through an office. Cut to another shot of Superman landing hard on what looks like the charred remains of the Fortress. Shot of Luthor and his henchmen; they look worried but Luthor’s is completely cool. He moves his arms out in a welcoming gesture.

Shot of the “S” on the suit. Cut to a shot of Superman looking seriously pained and then a close-up of his eyes which look similarly pained.

Cut to a shot of Superman walking towards a guy who’s operating what appears to be machine gun and then a master shot his continued walking towards the guy. He’s on a rooftop and there is a helicopter in the background. The bullets, which have an orange glow to then making them look like laser blasts bounce right off Superman as he walks.

Cut to a shot of Luthor loudly warning Lois “Bring it on!”

Cut to a shot of the shuttle heading towards the Earth with its tail on file seemingly out of control. Cut to a shot of Superman grabbing the wing. Cut to a shot of the shuttle continuing to fall. Cut to a shot of Superman trying to stabilise the shuttle while holding onto the wing when the pressure become too much and the wing breaks of the shuttle causing it to begin a barrel role. Cut to an interior shot of the shuttle as Lois gets thrown out of her seat and hits the overhead bin hard. Cut to a shot of Superman trying to catch the plane as the second wing breaks off and heads straight for Superman who lowers his head for the impact.

Title Card: ON JUNE 30, 2006

Second Title Card: LOOK UP IN THE SKY

Third Title Card: The Superman “S”

Perry voice-over: “Whadda you got Olsen?”

A photo of something in the sky is thrown down on a table on top of a two photos, one of which is Luthor’s girlfriend Kitty being held in someone’s arms (Superman) and another that looks like a damaged truck. Cut to a shot of Lois, Perry and Jimmy staring down into the camera, but really at the photo.
Jimmy: “Look in the sky chief.”
Lois: “It’s a bird.”
Perry: “It’s a plane.”
Jimmy: “No, its….”
They turn as they hear the office door open an we get a shot of Clark sticking his head in the door.
Clark: “You wanted to see me?”

Title Card: RETURNS SUMMER 2006

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