Traitor, Con-man, Insurrectionist, Sexual Abuser, Convicted Felon and All-time Loser : The Trump Thread

Judge Aileen Cannon has a net worth of $8 million USD. In addition to the $200k salary she earns as a Judge, Cannon makes hundreds of thousands of dollars through real estate deals and business profits.

Reports suggest that, Cannon’s husband Josh Lorence worked for Florida based New York mobster John Rosatti, who happens to be Donald Trump’s lifelong friend and current contributor.

Cannon’s husband earns millions through lobbying and government construction contracts. In partnership with Fox News anchor Dana Perino’s husband Peter McMahon, he runs a successful cybersecurity company too.

Trump appointee Judge Cannon issued a bizarre order indefinitely delaying Trump’s trial for mishandling classified national security documents.

It’s the culmination of months of foot-dragging by Cannon that looks deliberate and incompetent.

A rich judge working for a rich criminal best interests. Maybe she's hoping to cash in somehow if she can stay on the case.
I'll be surprised if many Black people actually vote for Trump.

However, since Biden has abandoned Black people, I do expect lower turnout among Black Americans.
Also, they're probably cheaper than the knockoffs worn by that moron Boebert. LOL
So he gets to spew his lies about the cases. Awesome. :dry:

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