Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen news,info, etc thread

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Okay, peeps, now is the time to try to break into Hollywood by submitting scripts.

I won't demand that much...honest!!!! Just GET A DAMN SCRIPT APPROVED TO BEGIN FILMING!!!!! I NEED A SEQUEL DAMNIT!!!

Pardon my language...but I'm sad over this. :csad:
F**k.... This strike is really starting to p*ss me off.
I could have swore just a few weeks ago Speilburg said the script was done. Maybe he meant the first draft.
well considering this is the only place ive heard im hoping this isnt true
i will be mad if we have to wait tell 2010 for transformers 2. i remember when we had to wait 3 years for spiderman 3 and then it was a huge let down. and if by any slight chance that tf 2 will suck (which is almost imposible) i dont want to wait 3 years for crap
Can't the filmmakers say "screw these a**holes" and just hire young hungry writers trying to break into the biz? Or does everything have to go thru the Writer's Guild?
well do you guys really want to wait 2 years and find out they got a writer that made a sucky transformers
damn Speilberg and Bay needs to just hire some of us, we'll give em a kickass movie.....for a small fee that is. :D
TOne the cover of the latest WIZARD mag, there's already talk of TF2! I haven't got or read the issue yet, but if anyone has plz post what you learn.....

Geez, what possible info would they have on it that we don't already know? Cheers for the post Golgo
This topic is kind of pointless if you haven't even read the article.
...that's why i said in my initial post could someone post what was in the article.
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