Trauma Center: New Blood Review - one of the finest third party Wii efforts


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Jan 30, 2006
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Atlus delivers one of the finest third party Wii efforts of the year.

There’s a trend developing with New Blood: More of the same, but improved overall. That general rule can be used in almost every facet of the game, and it’s really a testament to the solid design Atlus has on its hands. No global changes were needed, but the new game has more depth in gameplay, added multiplayer support, online ranking, more VO, and better overall story, improved presentation – now with 16:9 as well as the previously included 480p – a larger span of difficulty on both the easy and hard side of thins, and a fresh coat of polish around the entire package. There’s more to improve on, including full-fledged online play, a larger array of Healing Touch abilities, improved storytelling – static images and painted backdrops aren’t exactly engaging – and the lingering possibility of amazing DS-to-Wii connectivity that could come with a new wave of handheld and console versions of the game, but we’re getting to the point where most of our issues with Trauma Center are less actual complaints or flaws in the game, and more just general ways to make the next version even better. We put this one on our Holiday Buyer’s Guide for a reason, as Trauma Center is easily one of the best third party games on Wii this year.

Games like New Blood fit the Wii almost perfectly, and even after blowing through two full games during the system’s first year we’re still asking for more, as there’s simply no denying the franchise’s motion/IR appeal. We could write volumes on why this game works, but it wouldn’t change the simple fact that it just does, so rather than read about the game you’d be better off grabbing a copy (and a friend) and just diving into one of the best pure gameplay experiences Wii has to offer. Trauma Center: New Blood is the best in the series, and a must-have for any Wii owner. Buy it, love it, and then beg for more.

IGN Rating:
8.5 (Great)

Seems like 3rd parties are definitely stepping up. :)
Well, for those of you who didn't play the first Trauma Center for the Wii, you missed out on one of the most addictive puzzle games to ever have been created. It was tough, but it was super fun.

I expect this one to be much more of everything: Challenge, fun, and addicting. This review just cements my thoughts on it, and I'll be picking it up on Tuesday. :up:
Wasn't there one DS? I'm a check that out and see if I can find the first one on Wii too.

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