The Force Awakens "Troopers" in next Trilogy?


Sep 9, 2008
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Republic Troopers, Clone Troopers, Stormtroopers, Imperial Knights,etc. Since every different time frame in the SW universe has always had different kinds of troopers, what kind would you like to see in the new Trilogy? A mix of Stormtroopers and Imperial Knights or a brand new set? Why not Droid Troopers?
I'd be okay with droid troopers, provided they are nothing like the incredibly lame battle droids of the prequels.
Something completely different.
I read a comic once where an older Storm Trooper was a clone who had survived from the Clone Wars. I'd love to maybe see that on screen, watch a clone move through the various eras. Living with the guilt of his hand in Order 66, having the hero of the story on the side of the 'bad' guys.
I forget which comic it was, but it was really good.

The other comic I remember focused on a group of troopers (this was far in the future) and they were being lead by a squid faced Sith. In the end the trooper decided to kill him. It was really cool seeing how terrified they were of the Sith. Plus I just love any story that focuses on the grunts.
I dont know, i get the feeling we wont be seeing troopers like in the previous movies. If the new Republic (here i am assuming lol) has an army of sorts and they show it, i think we might see regular folks with maybe an uniform or something. Nothing reminiscent of what the Empire had. I would think the people would have bad memories of the troopers because of what they represented for so long during the Empire.
Maybe some Stormtroopers if the Empire is still at play in some capacity. It's difficult to say what the big bad is going to be.
Ragtag mix of old Imperials in piecemeal armor with scoundrels, smugglers and mercenaries. The Imperial Loyalists have been forced to disperse among the various criminal organizations in the Galaxy to evade capture by the New Republic.
Dance Troopers. :oldrazz:

I'd rather see all new trooper armor, including some without the robot heads-- let's see some real faces for once--
No droid army or anything like that. Maybe some assassin droids. I'd like to see some new human/clone army but with either an all black armor suit design or maybe have a black suit, red armor design. Or maybe remnants of Empire purist that have amassed a new storm troopish army but they're in red armor modeled after the Emperors Royal Guard.

Should a new storm trooperish army have light sabers or just stick with blasters? Or maybe an army of some kind of force sensitive storm troopers?
Lightsabers should be a purely Jedi/Sith thing, in my opinion. Far too many non-force wielding characters already wield lightsabers, it gets a little silly. This super awesome weapon that takes years of training and is supposed to be a thing of great tradition loses a lot of it's mojo if every man and his dog are running around with one.
Regular Storm Troopers. The outlying worlds would still be under Moff control.

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