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the last son

Aug 23, 2012
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Waiting for the movie to begin how many previews and messages do we need to tell people to turn off their phone. This is getting ridiculous. I mean there had to be about 6 of them. You have some telling people to turn them off and win a reward, I mean come on! Trust people to turn them off and start the movie already.
It is getting to be a bit much. I mean, I see why they do the ads, but I have noticed that the sheer volume has vastly increased recently.

the last son *texting*: "How many of these messages do they need? This is ridic--"

Advert: Remember to turn off your phone during the movie.

the last son: IN A MINUTE!!! :cmad:
I say they need at least 10 more than what they currently have. I was at the midnight for MoS. Just when Zod shows up to Earth, this dudes phone goes off in front of me, my eyes divert to his immensely bright wallpaper and i miss a few seconds of Man of Steel. So yea, there arent enough ads telling ppl to turn off their phones.
If the current number of ads aren't doing the trick, more of them aren't going to do a thing.
I agree but like Sawyer said more of them isnt going to do anything. I myself, make it a habit that when the trailers start i put my phone on silence or vibrate if i am expecting a important text.Once the movie starts its DO NOT TEXT OR CALL time for me bc i dont want to miss ANY part of a movie i have paid my money for.
It'll be better than having less. So more it is.

They're approaching this wrong. Hire an amputee to stand in front of the theater, wearing a sign saying "I texted during the movie". Job done. :o
If anything there should be more. Despite the numerous messages telling the audience to turn off/silence/dim your phone, a movie doesn't go by that I dont see an ocean of little lights in the audience. So goddamn annoying.
Too bad someone can't create a device like they had in TDKR where one click turns the cell phones off (but in case of TDKR, it turned the cameras off.)
They're approaching this wrong. Hire an amputee to stand in front of the theater, wearing a sign saying "I texted during the movie". Job done. :o

And that's why you don't...text during the movie.

AD is where I get at least 75% of my ideas from. :up:
Right back at ya, Anus Tart.

To be honest I can't think of the last time I had my phone off silent mode.
They should put the scene from Batman & Robin before trailers in theatres, where Mr. Freeze freezes one of his henchmen for interrupting his viewing of his personal videos. "Ah hate it when peepuh talk dureen deh moovee!"
I rarely put mine on silent. Its at least on vibrate cause if there is an emergency and someone really needs me I want to know. Having the ringtone on tho is a *****e move.
Whenever I'm at the movies, I put mine on vibrate & dim my screen.
I usually leave mine in the car. I'm at the movies, it can wait. I don't want to be bothered.
I put my phone on silent when I'm in the movies. Whatever it is can wait until the film is over
I don't know if this is just an australian thing but here on trains you have people who deliberately listen to music without their headphones. It's almost always dreadful techno and if you call them out on it they say "it's not my fault I forgot my headphones" as if its up to society to put up with their music because they can't remember simple things.
There have been times that some ******* was almost close enough with their phone out I could have grabbed it from them, taken out the battery (if possible) and thrown it away from them but so far they've been lucky.
Mine stays on vibrant 24/7, don't need the *bleeping* ringtone :oldrazz:

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