Two Custom Joker Heads and Bale heads


Dec 11, 2007
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Alright, over at sideshow freaks forum, there is a sculptor offering pretty sweet deals on custom head sculpts. i'll simply repost his offer here. they are going for pretty reasonable rates with custom neck modifications and paint. a head 2 pack for pre-order is 80 bucks including custom neck work and paint. One is like 40 bucks and I think you can get a set of them for a good deal too. this is all INCLUDING shipping. He's going for uber-movie accurateness, one joker looking stern, another joker head with his tongue mid-lip-lick with two bales as well. his r. d. junior sculpt is pretty dead on, i give it an 8.5/10, so who knows how these jokers and bale heads will work out.

He will show final photos soon and then people can take advatage of the 80 dollar deal for two heads or get one for 40, they will be more once the pre-order period is done (two or three days after he releases final photos) and available one ebay. im getting mine done for my hot toys figure. great body and head, but this custom one might top it.

heres his post:


Well, My Robert Downey Jr head sculpt seemed to go over well, so I thought I would let everyone know about what I'm offering next: Christian Bale and 2 versions of Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight.

Joker version one is a stern creepy look.

Joker Version 2 is an even creepier licking his lips look.

If you aren't familiar with me and my work, check out my website

If you'd like to see the quality (and customer service
) I offered on the Robert Downey Jr Iron Man head look at this thread

I'm pretty excited about these head sculpts! I hope to have something to show next week. Check back to see the progress.

I'll be offering the heads in 1/6 scale. I intend to offer the unpainted heads individually and as a set on eBay. The eBay price will be $35.00 plus shipping for one, $60.00 plus shipping for a set of two.

However, Sideshow Freaks members can get a discount if they sign on early... anyone who gets on the list before I start the casting run will get this price break:

1) ONE unpainted head (Bale/Wayne, Ledger/Joker Stern Look, or Ledger/Joker Licking Lips) = $20.00 + $5.00 shipping within the USA.

2) TWO unpainted heads (any combination of the tree different heads) = $35.00 + $5.00 shipping within the USA.

Kuato (Chris C.) has kindly agreed to a sculpt/paint combo for those who are interested. If you choose to have Kuato paint your heads you will only pay for shipping once, so the painted prices would be as follows:

1) ONE painted head = $20.00 for the SCULPT + $25.00 for PAINT WORK which INCLUDES shipping. TOTAL = $45.00

2) TWO heads (one set) = $35.00 for the SCULPTS + $45.00 for PAINT WORK which INCLUDES shipping. TOTAL = $80.00

Please send the PayPal payment for the SCULPTS ONLY to my PayPal address, [email protected]

Please send the PayPal payment for the PAINT WORK ONLY to Kuato's PayPal address, [email protected]

Let me clarify all your possible choices:

1) Ledger/Joker Straight Stern Look ONLY
2) Ledger/Joker Licking Lips Look ONLY
3) Bale/Wayne ONLY
4) Set of Bale/Wayne and Ledger/Joker (Straight Stern Look)
5) Set of Bale/Wayne and Ledger/Joker (Licking Lips Look)
6) Set of the 2 different Ledger/Jokers
7) any of the above can be painted by Kuato with one single shipping charge

When ordering, please indicate which head or combination of heads you want and whether or not you want them unpainted or painted. Also include your screen name with your PayPal payment so I can keep everyone's order straight!

UPDATE!! If you need the neck of your heads customized for your specific bodies, please provide the measurements (neck length and hole diameter) that you need and I will modify them for an additional $5.00 each.

If you need any clarification, feel free to PM me or email at [email protected].

Thanks everyone!

Cool, I don't seem to see any pics of them on your website though, could you post the pictures either here, or give me a link?
Yes, I'd like to see photos as well.
no photos yet becuase he hasnt finished them. probably within the week we'll get them. pay attention to the forum, join, and if you like the pics when they show up, make sure to pay him within 2-3 days after he posts. he said that hes obviously not expecting people to send him money on a sculpt they haven't seen yet so he'll have a few days open for people to make up their minds. keep those eyes well peeled.

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