Two Face in the next episode?

No, it's Green Lantern. :yay:

Exclusive: Batman Nabs Mulroney for Green Lantern

Following visits by Superman, Green Arrow and the Flash earlier this fall, Green Lantern is the next super-friend to guest-star on the CW's Saturday-morning serial The Batman. Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend's Wedding) will voice the hero who shows up in the Dec. 8 episode to enlist the Caped Crusader's help in battling arch-nemesis Sinestro.

Mulroney has deep ties to these superheroes. His brother and sister-in-law, Kieran and Michelle Mulroney, penned the upcoming live-action film Justice League of America, which includes Batman and Green Lantern. "Kieran and I grew up reading DC Comics," Mulroney says. "We had a whole system where, once a week, we'd take a trip to the little store that sold the comics. I have a couple of brothers, and we'd fight over who got which issue. There's a long history of comics in the family."

There are many different Green Lanterns in comic lore, but the version Mulroney plays is perhaps the most iconic: test pilot Hal Jordan, who has a somewhat uneasy relationship with the Bat. "I really liked the dynamic between them," Mulroney says. "They're fighting for the same cause, but there are some personality conflicts. That was a fun part to play." — Rich Sands

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Source: TV Guide
yeah, I don't Two Face will ever appear on the show since he's being used in the movies. Same with Scarecrow and Ras Al Ghul, IMO.
Yeah, you're probably right. I still think that whole "we can't use that character because they're in the new film" rule is a load of crap.

What difference does it make anyway??!!

They just end up making fools of themselves and limiting what could be a really good idea.

I wonder why thy are not allowed to do Scarecrow and Ra's since they have already been done in the movies.
Too damn bad...they stop JLU from using the joker and all the other villians, so they deserve some punishment...
What would The 'crow costume look like if he was ever on The Batman? Same goes for Ra's.
legions of Gotham has it somewhere in their archives of their the batman forum let me go check
I remember seeing that sketch somewhere too,

I really hate this bat-embargo the WB has. I really think that having the characters on both mediums would only increase the anticipation of the films not dtract from it and confuse pple into not seeing the movie
why would ring toss mean two face anyway? When has two face ever used a ring? he uses a coin...

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