Supergirl Tyler Hoechlin IS Superman

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Apr 25, 2015
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It's official folks! :awesome:

Tyler Hoechlin To Play Superman On Supergirl


Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin has been cast in the iconic role of Superman/Clark Kent on The CW's Supergirl.

As previously announced, the character of Superman will first be seen visiting his cousin Kara in National City at the beginning of the series’ second season.
"Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. "We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character."

This isn't Hoechlin's first go-'round as a comic book character; he gained notoriety as Tom Hanks's son in the film adaptation of Max Allan Collins's Road to Perdition. He was also briefly rumored to be in the running to play Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice...although it's likely those were just rumors, since he's obviously not close to the age range they ended up using for Batman.

Kreisberg previously told last November that they hadn't "been jonesing to have Superman on [the show]." He explained that it was a purely creative decision, though, by those running the show (Kreisberg, along with fellow EPs Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler), and that there wasn't "anything [they've] asked for that was not given to [them]."

The EP also said in that previous interview that "if you're going to cast Superman, you've got cast Superman right!" That seems to click with the idea of announcing the character's appearance while the casting process is ongoing.

"For us, Superman is more of an idea than it is a personification of the character, so we're more than happy to have him backlit," Kreisberg said of his season one appearances. "We're perfectly happy to have him swoop in, save Kara in Episode Three, because the real heart of the story is that she then kicks Reactron's butt. She's the one that takes him down, and that's what much more important for us.

"So it's not like we've been asking for more Superman or can we do it like this or can we have him in this. For us, we're perfectly happy with the amount of Superman that we've had because it's the exact amount that we've asked for."

Hoechlin most recently received critical praise for his starring role in Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some!, and will soon star in Stratton. Other credits include Hall Pass and Solstice.

The second season of Supergirl will air Monday nights this fall at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.
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I have no opinions on this as I don't know the guy.
But... Welling...

Personally I have an easier time seeing Hoechlin as someone like Batman, but who knows.
How big is he, frame wise?

I see that he's only 28. And he seems to have had a little role in Castle a few years back. He looked considerably smaller than Nathan Fillion though:


That was a few years ago though. I don't know what he's like now. I hope he's put on some muscle.
I've never seen him in anything. But seeing an interview with him, I can see how he might give off the same kind of vibes as Kara if that's what they're going for.

This is surprising. He's got the dark / brooding thing going on (with the constant five o'clock shadow and thick eyebrows). He's also not very tall (5'11-6'0). Not sure he'll work too well.
He was cast in Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed so you know hes a good actor.
He was good in Teen Wolf and I never saw it but he was recently in the 80s Dazed and Confused "sequel".
This is surprising. He's got the dark / brooding thing going on (with the constant five o'clock shadow and thick eyebrows). He's also not very tall (5'11-6'0). Not sure he'll work too well.

Well that's not very good. He did look quite a bit smaller than Nathan Fillion in that Castle clip, whereas you'd expect Superman to be about Fillion's general size.

He also seems like he's younger than James (and he is in real life). He looks more typical CW love interest than Superman.
Hm. I don't see it. He's like three inches shorter than Jimmy and barely a couple of years older than Kara.
Superman doesn't have to be that huge.
But... Welling...

Personally I have an easier time seeing Hoechlin as someone like Batman, but who knows.

Yeah he looks more like Bruce Wayne in that top photo.
They're probably going the Superman: Earth One route with him being smaller than most depictions of the character, thus able to hide a little better in plain sight.
wouldve preferred matt bomer, especially if they werent looking for a 6'4" guy.
That pic of him in the very first post makes him look fairly small shouldered and not all that built. He doesn't look the way Cavill looked in a suit for the Man from UNCLE where he really filled it out and you could tell he was big underneath:

Strongest Superman with the biggest frame. The best...

This satisfies my criteria of "not Tom Welling" but I've never actually seen the guy in anything. Hopefully he does a decent job.

I still think they're gonna kill him off anyway.
Uhm... I thought Clark was already known as Superman for a number of years, before Kara crashed on earth as a teen. So, well, shouldn't they have cast someone who's a bit more seasoned? Why cast someone only a year older than Melissa?
I think I would've preferred someone who looked a bit older so that he would seem like he actually imparted some wisdom and life experience to Jimmy on his way to becoming James.
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