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Ultimate One Universe - Genesis: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Discussion in 'RPG Archives' started by UltimateRPGs, Sep 23, 2014.

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    In the beginning...

    The past age of the "superhero" died off with Captain America and the JSA. In World War 2, America's super-soldier, Steve Rogers, led a small group of heroes against the Axis Powers and helped the Allied Forces win the war. But Captain America was lost in covert mission, and presumed dead. Not long after the war, the rest of the surviving JSA retired from heroics leaving the world to fend for itself.

    In the decades that have passed, humanity has seen the rise of an offshoot, Homo Superior, Mutants. Humans born with natural "gifts" that manifest around puberty, mutants are shunned by society and feared by normal humans, called "monsters" and worse.

    It has been over half-a-century since the days of the JSA, and the world has seemingly forgotten all about their former protectors. But reports are starting to come in from across the globe of costumed vigilantes appearing in cities, stopping criminals and helping people in need. Citizen reaction has been mixed, some praising the new costumed crime-fighters for their good deeds, but most keeping quiet mistrust about the new capes, even fearing it may be a mutant plot to gain the human's trust before declaring war against mankind.

    Whatever the case may be, the world governments have taken notice, and are paying close attention to what is being heralded as the New Age of Marvels.

    © Johnny Blaze, Founder


    This RPG is based off of a player-created continuity dealing with a modern revision of the One Universe concept that combines the DC and Marvel comics universes into one, cohesive reality. There is no pre-established continuity. As players, it will be your job to take the basic ideas and characters of DC and Marvel comics, and reinvent them into however you see fit. Though it is your choice of how drastic the alterations should be, you are free to customize everything from a character's origin to motivations, identity, mannerisms, costume, powers, and world. Let your imagination run wild.

    To apply for a character, fill out the application supplied below. If your application is rejected, do not despair! Simply rework what the Gamemasters tell you is wrong with it, or in the case of multiple applications, choose another character. All players are welcome, regardless of membership status or post count.


    1. You may have up to 3 characters. All characters can interact with each other as it is, of course, the same universe.

    2. You may choose any character from both universes, but no custom or Amalgam characters such as Darkclaw or Super Soldier will be allowed.

    3. No Killing. Unnamed, faceless NPC's may be killed, but not major characters, or taken characters. Someone else may want to take up the character, or they may be important to another story.

    4. You can go anywhere within the galaxy except planets already known to be destroyed, such as Krypton, although if you have the ability you may visit the ruins or asteroids.

    5. You are your character, so act like it. Talk like them, use their dialogue. Do not exaggerate your powers, or pop-up here and there without explanation. BE Your character.

    6. Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters. If a PC doesn't wish to participate in a major event storyline, they don't have to.

    7. You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post, your character is up for grabs. You will receive no warnings as it is your responsibility to keep track of your character.

    8. Be serious, no slander, or impractical actions from your character. Example; "I found a crystal and now I own the world! You're all my slaves!"

    9. If a major character is applied for, there will be a 48 hour period for other applicants. If there are multiple applications, the other players will decide who gets the character by casting their votes. Voting will be open for an additional 48 hours, with the player who receives the most votes getting the character in question. Less popular characters can be given out on a first come, first server basis.

    10. Sidekicks and legacy characters will be required to be permitted by the player orchestrating the mentor's role in the UOU. For instance, if you want to play Superboy, your acceptance will hinder on the player playing Superman, and his thoughts.

    11. Respect the Gamemasters. If they make a request of you regarding the game, listen to them. Failure to adhere to GM and Hype! Moderator requests will result in expulsion from the game.

    12. Be creative, and do not be afraid to try new and exciting things with old concepts. This is a new continuity - the laws of the regular DC and Marvel Universes are not set in stone. You want to have Matt Murdock never be Daredevil and make the Man Without Fear a Green Lantern? As long as it's well-thought out, it's encouraged.

    13. And of course, all regular rules of the Hype apply.

    Ultimate One Universe
    Character Application

    Character Name:

    Alignment (Hero, Villain, Walking the Line):

    Character Speech Font and Color:

    Powers and Abilities:

    Character Origin/Backstory:

    What Makes This Version "Ultimate":

    What can you bring to the RPG:

    Sample Post (provide a short post of at least 3 paragraphs and 1 line of dialogue for your character):


    Batman/Bruce Wayne

    Captain America
    Eddie Brock

    Charles Xavier

    Superman/Clark Kent

    Victor Von Doom, The Demon's Head
    Andy C.

    Spider-Man/Peter Parker
    Eddie Brock

    [BLACKOUT]Moon Knight/Jason Todd[/BLACKOUT]

    Matt Murdock
    Morden Man

    Sue Storm

    The Flash/Barry Allen
    Eddie Brock

    Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond/Bruce Banner

    Eddie Brock

    Diana/Wonder Woman
    Andy C

    Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

    The Spectre/Frank Castle
    Byrd Man
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    So apparently my app was too long...so you're getting two posts

    Ultimate One Universe

    Character Application

    Character Name: Bruce Wayne/Batman

    Alignment (Hero, Villain, Walking the Line): Hero

    Character Speech Font and Color: Georgia Black for Bruce/ Bold Georgia Black for Batman

    Powers and Abilities: Bruce has no powers of his own, though through over a decade of training he has molded his body into a living weapon. He is versed and proficient in over a dozen forms of hand-to-hand martial arts, has peak level human endurance, strength, speed, durability, dexterity, and agility, as well as a master of a multitude of non-lethal weaponry and gadgetry. Through his time training abroad, Bruce has become an expert on the criminal mind. His time with Stick and League of Assassins taught him to be a master strategist on the battlefield as well as an unrivaled stealth warrior. He is an expert tracker and hunter, and is an able marksman with non-lethal throwing objects.

    Bruce is also exceptionally brilliant. He is adept at forensic science, engineering, and architecture. Thanks to the riches left to him by his parents and the resources of his family’s company, Bruce is able to design and build any gadget he thinks may help him in his fight as Batman.

    Character Origin/Backstory:

    Bruce Wayne was born to industrialist Thomas Wayne and his wife Dr. Martha Wayne in the early 1980s. Thomas, CEO and leader of Wayne Enterprises, was the most wealthy man in Gotham City, the Wayne’s ancestral home. Once a proud and prosperous city, Gotham had largely fallen into despair and crime in the years following the great depression. Wayne was the only large company left keeping the city afloat, and he spent quite a bit of money to combat the poverty and crime that had begun to choke his city. Martha, an accomplished doctor, ran the city’s hospitals as well as free clinics for those that could not afford proper health care. The two were Gotham’s favorite children, and Bruce immediately became the city’s darling.

    He was raised on the grounds of Wayne Manor, looked over by Thomas’s old friend and the Waynes’ head of security Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred was a former Marine in the Royal Army who had been saved on the battlefield by Thomas, who at the time had been serving as an American Marine. Alfred loved the boy as if he was his own, and tutored young Bruce until he was ready for school.

    In Bruce’s eighth year, his father could no longer stand by as Gotham descended further into chaos. He decided to run for mayor, throwing his hat into the ring against rival businessman Oswald Cobblepot. Cobblepot was a ruthless businessman who had put many of his competitors out of business. The campaign was brutal and contentious, and came to an abrupt, tragic end one cold fall night. As the Waynes walked along a city street, they were gunned down in front of Bruce by a supposed mugger and left dying at his feet. Cobblepot was elected mayor, and Bruce was left without his family.

    But the Wayne’s deaths brought with them an unexpected consequence. The city rallied around their desire to change for the better, and Gotham made strides in cleaning itself up, even though corruption still ran deep.

    Bruce, from that day on, was raised by Alfred. He went on to attend high school in Gotham, insisting to Alfred that his place was in the city which his parents loved. There, he made friends with two kids who often walked the wrong side of the tracks in Harvey Dent and Selina Kyle. Dent, whose father was an abusive alcoholic, was brilliant but rebellious, and his girlfriend Selina helped bring that side out of him even more. The trio often found themselves in trouble, and Wayne reveled in his new friends and sense of freedom.

    Life at home, however, was different. The night his parents died never left Bruce’s mind, and his desire for revenge was strong. He had convinced Alfred to train him in combat, and began laying the ground work for his life’s mission. He decided that he would eradicate crime from the streets of Gotham one way or another. Along with the combat training from Alfred, Bruce delved into psychology, criminology, law, and engineering. He setup a dojo and meditation area in the caverns below Wayne Manor, a place his father had taken him as a child. It was here he had remembered his first true fear as a child, the bats that circled around the ceiling.

    When Alfred realized Bruce had learned all he could from him, and seeing how reckless he was being with his friends, he was sent to the nation’s premier boarding school for further education. Before leaving, Bruce and Dent had a falling out after Harvey discovered Selina had been cheating on him with Wayne, shattering the trio’s friendship. At boarding school, Bruce met fellow heir Tony Stark. The two instantly became rivals, often sniping at one another in the halls and class. Bruce saw Tony as a pompous, loud-mouthed jerk, and Tony saw Bruce as a dour, boring, wet blanket. Still, the two had a begrudging respect for each other’s intellect and skills.

    College and Disappearance
    Bruce graduated tied for the top of his class with Stark, and then attended Princeton pursuing a double minor in forensic science and engineering. He let on that he planned to study law following his undergrad, but in reality Bruce was planning something grander. Wayne knew that he’d never be able to destroy crime within the confines of the law. Police and federal agents had rules. They had jurisdictions. Bruce knew he needed to form his own path and fight crime on his own terms. He coordinated with Alfred a plan to disappear and travel the world, searching out new teachers and masters to learn how to successfully wage a one man war on the criminals of Gotham City.

    After his graduation, Bruce embarked on a solo backpacking trip across the world. During a stopover in Africa, Bruce faked his death, prepared numerous false identities, and began his journey. The world mourned the sad story of Bruce Wayne, while the man himself began his mission in earnest.

    Time Abroad
    Bruce’s first stop brought him to the secluded country of Wakanda. Bruce managed to get into the country by posing as a mercenary loyal to the Cult of the White Gorilla, a rebel group attempting to overthrow the Black Panther dynasty. While with the group, Wayne learned of an assassination attempt against the next Black Panther, T’challa. At his coronation, Bruce foiled the attempt and became fast friends with the country’s new monarch, who helped his new friend by teaching him to be a master hunter as well as guerilla battle tactics. When Bruce felt he had learned all he could from T’Challa, he left Wakanda and disappeared yet again.

    The next round of training came in Paris, under the master detective and manhunter Henri Ducard. The two manage to track down some of Europe’s most wanted criminals, and Bruce learned the subtleties and nuances of detective work. The partnership ended in tragedy, however, as Bruce learned Ducard was imprisoning men he saw as competition. The detective was attempting to set up a criminal empire across Europe of his own. Bruce ended these dreams of glory by delivering Ducard and evidence against him to the authorities in secret.

    Bruce eventually landed in a Latverian prison by mistake, a situation he was rescued from by a mysterious woman. She beckoned him to come to a hidden compound in the Andes Mountains where he could truly learn how to end injustice. He did as she asked, and was lead to the League of Shadows and its leader, Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s told Bruce he knew his true identity and sent his daughter Talia to retrieve him. The Demon’s Head said he saw great potential in Bruce, and that his organization wanted to wipe out crime and injustice in the world as Bruce did. Ra’s offered him a place at his side, which Bruce gladly accepted.

    The next years were filled with training the likes Bruce had never experienced before. He became proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat, ninja weaponry, theatricality, deception, distraction, and stealth. Ra’s heralded him as his greatest student ever, much to the chagrin of the man known only as Bane, Ra’s’ second in command.

    During this time Bruce also fell deeply in love with Talia, and the two became engaged. It was not meant to be, however. Ra’s informed Bruce of his plan to rid the world of injustice through terrorist tactics and weapons of mass destruction. Ra’s believed that the only way to fix the world was to cleanse it of most of humanity. Wayne rebelled against his former master, destroying the League’s headquarters. Bruce believed himself to be the only survivor of the struggle, and disappeared back into the world.

    His final stop during his time abroad came with the ninja master Stick, and his organization the Chaste. Here Bruce refined his training from the League of Shadows while battling the nefarious ninja cult known only as The Hand. It was also during his time with Stick that Bruce met and befriended blind warrior Matthew Murdock, who was on a similar quest for justice as himself.

    Prodigal Son
    After his stint with the Chaste, Bruce decided he was ready to return to Gotham. He was retrieved by Alfred, and the two friends happily reunited. During Wayne’s absence Alfred had constructed a base of operations for his war on Gotham’s crime in the caverns Bruce had once used as a dojo. Alfred claimed to the builders it was a garage for the classic car collection he was going to buy after inheriting Bruce’s fortune. Instead, Alfred had turned it into a sophisticated command center to help Bruce respond to any threat imaginable.

    When the Wayne private jet landed in Gotham, the rumors had already spread about Bruce’s return. When the stairs dropped to the tarmac, a mob of reporters greeted him as he stepped of the plane. His return sent ripples through the Gotham power base. He was instantly the richest and most powerful man in the city, which ruffled the feathers of the mob bosses, who had once again put the city in their strangle hold. Entrenched mayor Oswald Cobblepot also was put on edge, worried the boy would take up his father’s crusade to be mayor.

    Bruce had no desire to do so, however. In the months following his return, he played up his cover as a billionaire playboy while also secretly gathering intel on the mob families of Gotham, as well as the corrupt politicians.

    Resurrecting a Company
    Gotham wasn’t the only thing that required saving on Bruce’s return. His family’s company was in the process of a hostile takeover by rivals Oscorp and Sionis Pharmaceuticals. Norman Osborn, a titan of scientific thinking, desired Wayne Enterprises’ manufacturing arm to turn his company into a true titan of industry, and Roman Sionis wanted Wayne’s chemical research department. In order to save the company, Bruce put in his own bid for leadership, infusing vast amounts of his own cash to ensure the others’ bid failed. In the aftermath of this, Wayne CEO Lucius Fox stepped aside to allow Bruce to lead the company. Bruce kept Lucius on, and appointed him head of special projects.

    Finding Allies
    Wayne began sifting through the Gotham police force, searching for cops he knew he could count on when his fight began in earnest. Only five names crossed his radar: Detective Renee Montoya, Detective Katherine Kane, Detective Crispus Allen, Detective Harvey Bullock, and Lieutenant James Gordon, head of Gotham’s Major Crimes Unit. Gordon had been the best cop during Gotham’s short lived love affair with decency after the Wayne murders, and he shot up the ranks quickly before being left in his current position. The other four worked for him, and did their best against the rising tide of corruption.

    There was also Bruce’s former friend Harvey Dent, now an assistant district attorney vying for the top job. Dent was running on a platform to fight corruption in the government and had already made plenty of enemies in the upper echelons of Gotham. Wayne figured Dent wouldn’t be happy to see him, but he needed someone like Harvey in a position of power.

    Bruce’s final cog in his machine was Lucius Fox, head of special projects. Bruce came back to the company his family had built, and Fox stepped aside to allow him to be CEO. The two became fast friends, as Lucius and Thomas had once been. Bruce confided in Lucius his plans and asked for material help, which Fox agreed to.

    Becoming the Bat
    The months after securing the partnership with Lucius were spent in the new command center, building his arsenal. Bruce knew through his training that criminals were a fearful bunch who used their power to ensure they were feared even more. In order to prey off their fears, he decided to cloak himself in his own great fear. Crafting a costume that gave him the visage of a bat, he became the Batman. He, Lucius, and Alfred spent their free hours crafting gadgets and weaponry to aid him in his quest.

    Finally, Bruce was ready. He had his symbol, he had his targets, and he had his weapons. Gotham’s time for justice had come.

    What Makes This Version "Ultimate": Bruce and his world in this game will be an amalgam of the different Batman mythos (Earth One, Dark Knight Trilogy, Post Crisis) as well as melding and folding in of the Marvel universe. I’ve also changed up some of his Rogues for the game, as well as bringing in some characters destined to be legacy characters down the line and changed their origin.

    As the game begins, Bruce has been back in Gotham for about a year and a half before starting his vigilantism. He’s spent that time mapping crime families, Gotham’s corruption, and the rivalries within them. Along with this, he’s solidified Wayne Enterprises as a powerhouse yet again, much to the chagrin of the corporate raiders who had desired the company.

    What can you bring to the RPG: What I hope is a compelling take on the Batman mythos as well as an interesting take on the city of Gotham an its inhabitants.
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    Dramatis Personae

    Batman’s team

    Bruce Wayne/Batman – The Batman himself, Bruce Wayne is the tip of the spear in Gotham’s fight against crime.
    Alfred Pennyworth – A former Royal Marine and friend of Thomas Wayne, Alfred raised Bruce from age eight. He now acts as his mentor and counsel, giving Bruce advice whether he asks for it or not. Alfred, while supportive of Wayne’s crusade, harbors worry over losing the boy he raised.
    Lucius Fox – Wayne Enterprises employee and Bruce’s main material supplier, Lucius helps Bruce design and build the various gadgets and vehicles he uses as Batman.
    O.R.A.C.L.E. – Stands for Observation, Research, and Covert Logistics Entity. A computer program of Bruce’s own design, ORACLE is an artificial intelligence that aids Bruce in nearly anything he needs. ORACLE also runs the Batcave’s defenses as well as those of Wayne Manor.

    Gotham PD

    Lieutenant James “Jim” Gordon – Head of Gotham’s major crimes unit. Jim is a single father and widower. His wife was murdered, believed to be by one of Carmine Falcone’s goons while Jim was investigating the mob boss. The loss of his wife has robbed Gordon of the fire he once fought with, crippling the one good arm of the Gotham force.
    Detective Harvey Bullock – Gordon’s former partner and current right hand man. Bullock plays loose with the rules of the squad, believing the only way to get the job done in a town like Gotham is to do it yourself. Bullock is an alcoholic and prone to depression. Single and aging, Bullock’s life is in his work. Currently Bullock partners with rookie detective Katherine Kane.
    Detective Crispus Allen – A former Metropolis cop who transferred to Gotham to work with Gordon, who he saw as a “super cop” in the days before Gordon’s wife was murdered. Since then Allen has become disillusioned with the job and the city he drug his family to.
    Detective Renee Montoya – Born and raised in Gotham, Montoya joined the force to attempt to save the city she loves. The lone determined and experienced detective in the MCU, she fights a near meaningless battle. Currently she is Allen’s partner and is secretly dating Detective Kane.
    Detective Katherine “Kathy” Kane – The rookie detective in the ranks of the MCU, Kane partners with the volatile Bullock and dates Montoya in secret. She finds Gotham overwhelming and the fight for justice is starting to wear on her.

    Gotham Government

    Mayor Oswald Cobblepot – Gotham’s long time mayor, Cobblepot is loved by the city’s elite, and is believed to be heavily involved in Gotham’s criminal activities. Bruce believes he had something to do with the Waynes’ murders.
    Commissioner Gillian Loeb – Gotham’s police commissioner and possibly the most corrupt official in Gotham.
    District Attorney Hamilton Hill – Firmly in the pocket of Carmine Falcone.
    Assistant DA Harvey Dent – Bruce Wayne’s former friend, Dent is now seen as the “white knight” of Gotham. Batman hopes to see Dent become DA to aide in his fight against crime.

    Falcone Crime Family

    Carmine “The Roman” Falcone – The king of Gotham organized crime, Falcone knows everything that happens in the city. He owns the biggest piece of the pie in Gotham, and the other mob bosses are constantly looking for ways to bring him down. Falcone’s biggest rival is Salvatore Maroni, and the two are currently locked in a bitter turf war.
    Hammerhead – Falcone’s lieutenant and bodyguard, Hammer head is a giant of a man with strength to match. It’s said he’s killed dozens of men with his bare hands alone.
    The Sullivans – An Irish mob family who often act as hired muscle for the Flacone Family

    Maroni Crime Family

    Salvatore Maroni – Head of the family and second biggest crime lord in Gotham. His organization trails behind the Flacones significantly, which has led Maroni into an all-out war with Falcone to try and gain some ground.
    Luigi “Big Lou” Maroni – Patriarch of the Maroni clan and former ringleader. Big Lou is now wheelchair bound and frail.

    Bertinelli Crime Family

    Franco Bertinelli – Head of the family and the Sicilian families in Gotham. The Bertinellis were once far more powerful, but were muscled aside by the aggressive expansion of the Maroni family after Sal took over.
    Helena Bertinelli – Franco’s daughter, Helena desperately wants to escape her criminal lineage.

    The Mutants

    Mutant Leader – The leader of the Mutants, an anarchistic group that often rampages through the poorer sections of Gotham. Few have ever seen the leader, and fewer of them have survived. Those that have seen him claim he is a deformed creature with vast amounts of strength.


    East Side Dragons – A Chinese gang who run illegal dogfighting rings as well as human trafficking.
    Odessa Gang – A Ukrainian gang and arms dealers.
    Kingpin’s Contingent – A group sent by the so-called “Kingpin of Crime” from New York to try and gain influence in Gotham.

    Corporate Figures

    Anthony “Tony” Stark – CEO of Stark Industries and former classmate of Bruce Wayne.
    Norman Osborn – Corporate rival of Bruce and CEO of Oscorp.
    Roman Sionis – Corporate rival and owner of Sionis Pharma.

    Other Notable Gotham Citizens

    Mister Reese/Enigma/The Riddler – A prominent criminal information broker and hacker. None know his real name and most address him by one of three aliases. It is rumored he has settled down in Gotham for some unknown reason.
    The Catwoman – A cat burglar of high renown who stalks the streets of Gotham. She is available to the highest bidder.
    Doctor Johnathan Crane – A renowned psychiatrist and therapist, Crane is currently the head of Arkham Asylum, one of the country’s premier homes for the criminally insane.
    Doctor Harleen Quinzell – Crane’s colleague and girlfriend.
    Barbara Gordon – Jim’s daughter.
    Vicki Vale – Prominent Gotham reporter
    Doctor Michael Morbius – A brilliant genetic doctor, Morbius works for Sionis Pharmaceuticals.

    Sample Post (provide a short post of at least 3 paragraphs and 1 line of dialogue for your character)

    The humid, Gotham air hung close to the man in the cowl as he crept silently along the rooftops of the sweltering city. The summer had been brutal in the metropolis, and the way Gotham seemed to surround and suffocate one’s life didn’t help anything. The urban sprawl of industrial times had turned much of Gotham into a concrete wasteland, with only a few smaller parks dotting much of the city. The smell of hot tar from the roof below him was overpowering, and he fought hard to clear it out of his mind and focus on his objectives. Even the gargoyles, one of Gotham’s prominent architectural flourishes which lined nearly every building, seemed to sweat in the damp, dirty heat. This wasn’t the optimal night to don the arsenal he had put together for himself for the first time, but he could wait no longer.

    Gotham had often been described in the media as a literal hell on earth, a description that had never been more apt than this summer. The heat mixed with the gothic architecture that filled the city made one feel like they were paying for some terrible sin they wrought upon the world. In reality, the sins were what made Gotham the place it was. Crime had skyrocketed in the past months, past even the highest statistics from when the masked man was a boy. Gotham had more or less become a warzone, and the mayor had finally lost control on the situation. Falcone and Maroni men butchered one another on the streets, the lesser gangs profited off the carnage through gun running or the drug trade, and the cops were powerless to do anything about it.

    That’s why it was his time. Bruce Wayne had spent the better part of a year scouting the crime families of the city, gathering intel to bring them down when his true crusade began. His obsessive surveillance gave him insight into the inner workings of the men that ran this city, as well as ways to help bring them down. He had hoped to spend more time preparing, but Wayne could tell the city was on the brink. If Bruce did not act quickly, the city would crumble before he had a chance to get started.

    The Batman stopped at the edge of a rooftop across from his target, which was a small warehouse by the Gotham docks. The moonless night allowed him to stay nearly invisible to the men patrolling the roof on the other side. There were only two of them, one on each side, and neither was looking at one another. Below him, a power transformer hung on the street. He took a small disk off of his belt and tossed it at the device. As soon as the disk made contact with the transformer, the entire area went dark. Wayne could see the men on the roof look around anxiously, but neither moved.

    Kicking off the roof, Batman extended his cape, gliding towards the nearest man. Before he could react, Bruce folded in the cape, causing him to dive hard into the waiting opponent. The man crumpled into a heap, instantly unconscious. The scuffle drew the attention of the second guard, who called out, “Anyone there!?”

    Batman crept silently around towards him as the guard moved towards his partner. When they met, Bruce threw his palm into the man’s chin, muffling any scream before slamming his elbow into the thug’s temple, knocking him out.

    Sufficiently sure his opponents were incapacitated, Batman spoke into the comm on his cowl, “ORACLE, I need the layout of the building.”

    “Transmitting, Batman,” was the only response from the artificial intelligence. ORACLE had been Bruce’s greatest accomplishment of the last year. The program is stored with mountains of Gotham information as well as battle plans, strategy, and criminal behavior. Bruce believed it was as developed as the FBI’s and CIA’s own criminal databases.

    Once the data got to Batman, two covers slid down out of his cowl, covering his eyes and displaying the building’s floor plan. ORACLE continued,“Three floors. Top two are composed of catwalks. Bottom is the warehouse floor. Satellite scans show there may be a hidden basement.”

    The eye coverings slid up as Batman said, “That’s where they’ll be then.”

    The East Street Dragons had been running a human trafficking ring out of this building all summer, though Bruce was only just able to pin the location down. He was fairly certain they were in league with the Maroni family as well. The Dragons didn’t have the resources to move the number of people they had been bringing in, and Maroni needed a new revenue stream to keep pace with Falcone’s continued success. All Bruce needed was the connection to start pulling that string.

    Batman slipped through the warehouse’s open skylight, landing deftly on the third story catwalk. Scanning the interior of the building quickly, he saw that there were only four Dragons remaining, all of which were on the ground floor. He slid down to the second story catwalk without making a sound, and readied his grapple gun. He fired the gun, which caught in the rigging above. Swinging down, Batman scooped one of the men off the floor, landing on the other side of the second floor. He quickly delivered a strong headbutt, quieting the man before he could yell to the others.

    “Jin?” one of the others called out to the man now laying at Wayne’s feet. “Hey man, where the hell did Jin go!?”

    “Relax,” one of the others tried to calm his compatriot, “maybe he went to take a piss.”

    Bruce dropped down to the first floor and hid behind a pillar near the first man. The natural light filtering through the skylight didn’t touch him here, and he was one with the shadows. As the man began speaking again, Bruce pulled him back, putting him in a chokehold, causing him to pass out.

    “What the hell was that, man!” the remaining Dragon squawked.

    Bruce threw a batarang, a special throwing weapon he designed, which clanged on the wall on the other side of the room. The two men responded by firing their weapons in that direction. As they did, Batman fired his grapple gun at one of them, hogtying him and instantly dragging him towards the vigilante.

    Bruce bound him before leaping through the air towards the final gang member. Batman tossed another batarang at his hands, causing him to drop his weapon. Before the thug could react, the hero had him by the collar and off his feet, “What the hell are you!?”

    Bruce merely sneered, “I’m Batman.”

    After another headbutt, Wayne discovered the secret door to where thirty Vietnamese girls and women were being held. Intended for sex trafficking, Bruce had discovered the shipment thanks to ORACLE noticing a discrepancy on a shipping manifest coming into the harbor.

    <Please, be calm,> he reassured them in their native tongue. <The authorities will be here shortly.>

    “ORACLE,” he said back into the comm, “dial Lieutenant Gordon.”

    After a few rings, a tired and empty voice answered, “This is Gordon.”

    “Lieutenant Gordon,” Batman growled. “You’ll want to get to the 39th Street dock. The East Street Dragons have been running a human trafficking ring out of the building for months. Currently, all their guards are incapacitated and a group of over two dozen women are in need of rescue.”

    “Who the hell is this?” Gordon demanded.

    “A concerned citizen, Lieutenant,” was Wayne’s only answer. “39th Street dock. Make it fast.”
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    Character Name: Charles Xavier

    Alignment (Hero, Villain, Walking the Line): Hero

    Character Speech Font and Color: Bold Arial and Gray

    Powers and Abilities: Charles is a mutant with the power of telepathy. Charles is perhaps the world's strongest telepath. In addition to his telepathic powers, Charles is also a gifted geneticist, teacher and an astute chess player.

    Character Origin/Backstory:
    Charles Xavier was born in England in 1970 to a nurse and a wealthy nuclear physicist. When he was eight, Charles moved with his parents to upstate New York, living in a mansion in Westchester County.

    Charles was thirteen was when he started hearing voices. Voices all around him voices that made him scream in terror. His parents had him briefly committed. It was during his time at the mental hospital that he began to realize what the voices were. They were thoughts. Charles was hearing the thoughts of everyone around him. In a padded cell, his arms bound together, he taught himself to block those voices out, use his gift to turn his telepathy on and off at will. After a few months, he was released back into the care of his mother and father.

    Charles went to Harvard and then Oxford where he studied genetics. It was there that he discovered the cause of his telepathy. Charles had a mutation in his genes. From studying, he discovered that he wasn't the only one with said mutations. At Oxford, he found records of Holocaust victims the Nazis had operated on. These people had genetic structures similar to them. He tracked down a descendant of one of the Holocaust victims in Poland. A man named Erik Lensherr. Charles discovered that Erik was a mutant as well. He could control and distort magnetic energies. In Erik, Charles discovered a deep seated anger at being a Jewish man who had been victimized in the past by antisemitic people. Together, the two men bonded on their common background as mutants and decided they would work together to find more mutants.

    With Erik's help, Charles built a device that could amplify his psychic powers a thousand fold. He could reach out across the globe and touch every mind. With the device, he could identify mutants and where they were located. The device was built and dubbed Cerebro, the Spanish word for brain.

    As they built Cerebro, Charles began noticing a disturbing trend with Erik. Whereas Charles wished to find mutants and educate them on their abilities, Erik was interested in cultivating an army. Finally, Cerebro was ready. Charles plugged in and his mind went out across the world. He could see millions of mutants in every country, millions of men, women, boys, and girls who were frightened and scared of what they were.

    While Charles was in Cerebro, Erik began to whisper into his ear. He asked Charles to attempt to go into the minds of the humans. Make them suffer, make them bleed. Speed the progress of nature. Wipe Homo Sapien off the map to make way for Homo Superior. Charles refused and Erik attacked him while in Cerebro. The physic back lash from the fight caused the entire planet to black out for thirty seconds. Charles and Erik fought, Charles entering his mind just moments before he blacked out.

    When Charles came to, he was in a hospital with government agents watching his every move. They had took notice of the global black out and tracked him down. Erik was in custody elsewhere, paralyzed from the waist down. During their fight, Charles had accidentally used his abilities portion of the brain that controlled walking. While in government custody, he heard that Erik had managed to use his powers escape.

    Charles, suffering guilt over what he had done to his friend and the rest of humanity, did not attempt to argue or protest as the government forced him to work on the emerging race of mutants. After repairing Cerebro, Charles used the device again under armed guard and reached out to find five people he could use and they were recruited. On the island of Utopia off the coast of San Francisco, Charles trains the five young people to be agents of the government.

    His students were:
    16 year old Scott Summer
    16 year old Jean Grey
    18 year old Henry "Hank" McCoy
    15 year old Jefferson Pierce
    17 year old Rex Mason

    Together they were the students of Xavier. His first class in the upcoming defense of humanity against the very mutants he wished to help.

    Their first mission involved fighting Erik and his terrorist group the Brotherhood of Mutants at the San Diego Naval Yard. After defeating them, an incident involving the Navy led to a showdown between mutants and humans before Charles intervened and stopped the incident before it got out of hand.

    Months passed and Charles began to feel the unease and distrust of the humans at Utopia. The commander of the project Vice Admiral William Stryker worked in secret with Dr. Nathaniel Essex to study and experiment on incarcerated mutants at Alcatraz. Stryker began to grow paranoid of Xavier and his team. Against congress's wishes Stryker ordered the arrest of Xavier's team. Using Sentinels, Navy SEALs and Marines with cybernetic upgrades to make them resistant to mutant powers, Stryker fled to a secret military base on Krakoa Island in the Pacific with Charles' team. His plan as to use Jean's psychic abilities to control a makeshift cerebro, finding all the mutants in the world and targeting them for extermination. Xavier managed to escape and sought out an uneasy ally named Logan. Using a makeshift cerebro they recruited a new team to rescue the old team. They were:

    Ororo Munroe
    Buddy Baker
    Piotr Rasputin
    Beatriz de Costa
    Kurt Wagner

    After a crash course Xavier and Logan headed to Krakoa with the new team. Meanwhile on Krakoa, Scott engineered a breakout. Leading Jefferson and Rex, Scott saved Hank and was on the way to rescuing Jean when the new team showed up. Mutants new and old teamed up to fight Stryker's forces. They arrived just in time to see Jean kill Stryker in self-defense. The mutants fled Krakoa with Xavier wiping everyone's memory and Hank using his computer skills to wipe Xavier and the mutants' records from any government database.

    From his home in upstate New York Charles founded a school for mutants: Xavier's School for Higher Learning. He declared to the world that he was a mutant and that there was a new force in the world to help people, mutant and human, against any and all threats in the world. The X-Men, they work to protect a world that both fears and hates them.

    Ten years later and Xavier and his mission are still progressing regardless of threats from humans, mutants, and even the odd alien foe.


    Xavier's School for the Gifted

    Charles Xavier - Headmaster
    Henry McCory - Deputy Headmaster
    Logan - Head of Security,
    Scott Summers - Teacher
    Jean Grey - Teacher
    Buddy Baker - Teacher
    Jefferson Pierce - Teacher
    Katherine Pryde - Teacher


    Scott Summers aka Cyclops
    Jean Grey aka Marvel Woman
    Buddy Baker aka Animal Man
    Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lighting
    Piotr Rasputin aka Colossus
    Beatriz de Costa aka Fire
    Ororo Monroe aka Storm



    Brotherhood of Mutants

    Erik Lensherr aka Magneto
    Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver
    Louise Lincoln aka Killer Frost
    Larry Bolatinsky aka Bolt
    King Shark
    Dr. Nemesis

    Fearsome Five


    The Hellfire Club

    Vandal Savage - Black King
    Emma Frost - White Queen
    Werner Vertigo - White King
    Donald Pierce - Black Bishop
    Giganta - Black Queen

    The Friends of Humanity

    Graydon Creed
    Various human followers

    Residents of Mutant Town, IN


    Unaffiliated Mutants
    Scarlet Witch
    Major Disaster

    What Makes This Version "Ultimate": Xavier can walk for starters, plus certain mutants have been tweaked as have the characters and rosters for the team and all the other related teams.

    What can you bring to the RPG: An okay RPer. No more, no less.

    Sample Post

    Lansing, Michigan

    "What do we want?!" Graydon Creed's southern drawl boomed through a bullhorn.

    "Justice!" The crowd in front of him yelled back.

    Creed stood on the steps of the Michigan state courthouse. A hundred or so followers were gathered at the foot of the steps, many of them holding signs that condemned baby killing, abortion, and mutants.

    "This man," Creed continued, "He tampered with at least two dozen unborn babies. Why? Because he could. He killed two babies in the name of science. And make no mistake about it, friends, he did in fact kill those children. They were unborn, but they were alive. And our government isn't charging him with murder. They're charging him with lesser charges. Does that sound right to you?"

    "No," the crowd roared in unison.

    "If this man has been out there for God knows how long, poisoning our youth, how many others have their been? How many more murders is it gonna take before our government realizes what's going on? That the truth is, this doctor is the first wave on an oncoming invasion. A mutant invasion! Make no mistake, my friends, their a full-scale invasion going on throughout this country. Mutants threaten our very way of life, and this doctor represents their beliefs and their values. If he doesn't die, then the mutants will have won. It'll be the first step in an age old process. A process called extinction. Human extinction. Is that what you want?!"


    "Then stand with me, friends. Stand here on these steps day and night and show the government. Show them that we will not back down, we will not be moved, and we will stand together. We may be the Friends of Humanity, but we are also its defenders. Will you stand with me?!"


    Creed threw his hands up in celebration while the crowd roared their approval. While his supporters cheered, a group of on-lookers watched from across the street.

    "This is the same guy we fought back in Mutant Town?" Metamorpho asked with an arched eyebrow.

    The X-Men and Xavier were inside a minivan parked across the street from the courthouse. They watched as Creed took a bow and proceeded to walk down the courthouse steps.

    "What gives? A few months ago, this guy was like the guys in Deliverance. 'I don't reckon I like them thar mutants! Now, who wants to watch me play mah banjo?!'"

    "Perhaps it was a speech pre-written by another person and he just memorized."

    "Or he could have taken a public speaking course. The Y offers them for very reasonable rates."

    "Neither," Xavier said from the driver's seat of the van. "During the speech, I reached out to his mind. There's something in his mind. A block, a barrier. Something."

    "A block means that he's been in contact with a psychic."

    "You can't tear through it just like you did with the government agents and Adler?"

    "I'm afraid not. This block is stronger, stronger than the one that was in Adler's mind, and much stronger than the one the government had in its operatives. If I try to break through, the psychic backlash could cause brain damage to Creed, or even myself."

    "Look at that," Jefferson said, pointing towards the crowd. Creed had emerged through the throng of people and approached a beautiful blonde woman who was standing at the edges of the group.

    "Wow. Maybe there are perks to this whole being a mutant hating bigot thing. Is it too late to change sides?"

    "I think now would be an excellent time to try out your telepathy abilities, Jean. If we can't read Creed's mind, we can try to read his friend's. Try it."

    Jean looked at her teacher and then over to the boys, who were all looking at her. She let out a breath, licked her lips, and then closed her eyes. Jean felt her consciousness floating out of her body and drifting towards the courthouse. Her abilities zeroed in on the blonde woman and her mind. Jean began to probe the woman's mind when she recoiled back in pain. The only thing she could see was diamonds. A wall of diamonds.

    ~Naughty girl,~ a condescending voice said in her head.

    "Professor," Jean shouted in alarm. "That woman is the telepath."

    The group turned back towards the courthouse. Creed and the blonde woman were hurrying down the street away from the courthouse. Creed was shouting, pointing towards the van. His followers turned from the courthouse and began walking towards the van.

    "Oh, my stars and garters..."

    "If, umm, if anybody happens to have the mutant ability to kick a hundred people's asses all at once, now would be a good time to use it!"

    Muttering to himself, Charles started the van and pulled away from the parking spot in a hurry, a few of Creed's followers attempted to give chase, but they were unable to keep up with the speeding minivan.

    As the van sped away, a young woman in the crowd watched the car disappearing from sight. She began to walk away from the group, pulling her red hoodie up around her face. Putting her hands into her pockets, Wanda Maximoff disappeared down a side alley.[/QUOTE]
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    Glad to see you back at it with the X-Men, Byrd. I always liked your concept.

    Contemplating my second and possibly third character here. Waiting to see everyone else's concepts.
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    Character Name: The Joker

    Alignment (Hero, Villain, Walking the Line): Villain

    Character Speech Color and Font (actually say what it is, like Blue Comic Sans): Purple System

    Powers and Abilities: He is a psychopath with a highly developed sense of narcissism, and a very unpredictable physical combatant. He has created many weapons of death based upon comedy. Some of these include lethal joy buzzers, acid flowers, razor playing cards and his lethal laughing gas called Joker Venom just to name a few. Thanks to Oscorp he is now "gifted" with great physical strength, reflexes, and an enhanced genius IQ especially in chemistry and computers.

    Character Origin/Backstory: Jack Napier wasn't always a twisted psychopath. At one time he was a law-abiding citizen who was married to a beautiful young lady and he had a good job at Oscorp as a lab assistant. Jack had real gifts in the field of chemistry and he was also very gifted in computers he built his own from scratch. While he had these gifts he didn't really care for them. Jack used them as a means to a paycheck but he had desires to be the next Jim Carrey and he liked to moonlight as a stand-up comedian at some of the local night clubs.

    Unfortunately Jack was not very funny, and when he found out that his wife was pregnant he knew he needed to do something for some quick extra cash, so when he found out about a drug-trial for a new human enhancement drug that Oscorp was developing and could set his family up for at least 5 years Jack signed up for it.

    Jack was injected with the drug and over time he began to develop a stronger physique, greater intellect, and sadly a much more dangerous sense of humor. To the point that his wife had no choice but to leave him because of a dark and angry side that was emerging. Norman Osborn saw the flaws in this drug and knew it would have to be refined for future testing, but there would be questions about this first trial. It was time to get rid of Jack and so Norman hired an assassin to deal with Jack.

    The killer stalked Jack for weeks and finally one day shot him and dumped his body into a vat of chemcials that were emptied out into the river. The chemicals not only healed the bullet wound but they reacted with the drug in his bloodstream. Jack's skin turned pale white, his hair turned green and lips were now ruby red. Jack's face was also frozen into a permanent smile.

    Jack climbed out of the river and saw what he looked like. At first he was horrified but then realized that not only did he look like a clown, but this was his chance to finally be the comedian he always wanted to be. Upon seeing himself he began to laugh over and over. Between the chemicals in the vat and the drugs already in his system Jack discovered something that night. The more he laughed the more his memory of his previous life began to slip away, and he was liking that because his previous life was nothing but pain and suffering for him. It reached the point that he no longer even remembered his previous life. It was as though he just one day appeared on Earth one day with one purpose; chaos and death. The man though realized he needed a name, and he found it in his appearance. He saw that he looked like a clown, but not just any clown but a Joker from a deck of cards. It was at that moment; The Joker was born!

    What Makes This Version "Ultimate": The connection to Norman Osborn and the enhanced strength aspect. Although Norman believes that Jack is dead and The Joker doesn't remember anything about his time with Norman. (Nor will he ever)

    What can you bring to the RPG: I love playing villains, and I am familiar with the work of the other players here.

    Provide a short sample post as your desired character, in three paragraphs or more:

    Inside the Gotham City Opera House renowned Tenor Luciano Formateg has just finished performing Rigoletto. He takes his bow and acknowledges the crowd and then the Orchestra. Luciano then exits the stage to cries of "encore, encore."

    Luciano takes a bottle of water from the stage manager and says, "Thank you I think I have enough left for one encore."

    The Stage Manager with his head bowed and cap pulled low says, "Well you know what they say give the people what they want, and they want a night they'll remember for years to come."

    Luciano nods and smiles as he heads back to the stage. The Stage Manager lifts up his head revealing himself to be The Joker!

    The Joker pulls out a razor sharp playing card and flicks it across to the stage and with deadly accuracy embeds it into the back of Luciano&#8217;s skull.

    Luciano begins to stumble about and finally falls over dead. The crowd is horrified and begins to scream.

    The Joker says, "Hmmm some people just don&#8217;t know how to have fun and enjoy the Opera. What a bunch of killjoys! I try to give them a night they&#8217;ll remember for years to come and this is the thanks I get? Ingrates!"

    He says into a radio, "All-right let&#8217;s give the people something to smile about."

    A voice on the other end says, "Got it."

    Just then the doors lock into place and the Opera House fills up with the Joker&#8217;s Venom gas. Quickly people begin to fall over laughing and soon dying.

    The Joker steps out from the wings and admires his work. He looks out at the dead crowd and says, "And that is just the opening act wait until you see the finale! HA HA HA!"

    The Joker&#8217;s three other henchmen wearing gas masks approach him on stage and one of them has a gym bag full of money.

    He says, "I managed to crack the safe and clean out the Box-Office too boss!"

    The Joker looks disapprovingly at him and says, "You idiot this is not a robbery! This is about giving the people what they want! A night they&#8217;ll never forget! If this was a robbery we would've hit a bank you idiot! Where does money come into this? Why are we robbing them? WHY?"

    The Joker flicks his wrist twice and a small pistol pops out. The Joker then pulls the trigger and a bang flag unravels.

    The Henchman says nervously, "Good one boss."

    The Joker bows slightly and says, "Thank you."

    With cat-like reflexes The Joker flips over and pops up grabbing the Henchman's throat and crushing it like a grape. The Joker lets the body hit the floor which sounds a lot like a pumpkin hitting the ground.

    The Joker admires the sound for the moment and says, "Nice accustics in here. HA HA HA HA!"

    He looks at the other two and says, "Do you two MENSA rejects feel like improvising?"

    The both shake their head furiously and the Joker says, "Good!" He begins laughing almost hysterically and then feigns wiping a tear away.

    The Joker looks at his watch and says, "Well time to blow this joint before one of those costumed nutjobs show up! Shall we?"

    The Joker and his henchmen leave the opera house. They get about two blocks away and the Opera House explodes in a mass of flames and smoke that can be seen from miles away.

    The Joker says to one of his henchmen, "Remind me when we get the paper tomorrow to take the picture from the front page and from online and then frame it. This was a good one! Truly a night to remember for years to come! HA HA HA HA!"
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    Ultimate One Universe


    Character Name: Alexis J. Luthor

    Alignment (Hero, Villain, Walking the Line): Villainess!

    Character Speech Font and Color: Century Gothic Black

    Powers and Abilities: Alexis has no meta-human powers. However she does have a genius level I-Q, several weapons including a Battle-Suit, and tremendous wealth as the Founder and President of AlexisCorp.

    Character Origin/Backstory: Alexis grew up in the Suicide Slum section of Metropolis. She was a victim of child abuse and hated her life in the Slum vowing to not only escape but one day make her father pay for the abuse she suffered at her hand. Luthor used her Genius level I-Q to win a full ride scholarship at Metropolis University where she met her chief rival Victor Von Doom. (Alexis was not about to have her power and standing in the academic community taken from some European Gypsy off-spring and sabotaged one of Victor's experiments...though Victor doesn't know that). Alexis was more than content to let her other rival Reed Richards take the fall. After graduating from Met-U MIT was begging her to attend which she did further enhancing her reputation as a Genius. Alexis used her tech savvy gifts and ruthlessness to build AlexisCorp into one of the most, if not THE, powerful companies in the world also managing to hire several of the greatest minds on the planet to work for her outbidding such contemporaries as Stark Industries, Oscorp, and Wayne Enterprises. Luthor's hatred of the heroes such as Superman, Spider-Man, and the others extends from the fact that inspite of her wealth, power, and influence she cannot control ANY of them, so if she cannot control them she will destroy them at all costs. She has declared war on them and willing to align herself with others to see their destruction.

    What Makes This Version "Ultimate": Her connections with other characters throughout the comic universe, and oh yeah the fact that she is a woman and the company reflects that!

    What can you bring to the RPG: Cookies!

    Sample Post (provide a short post of at least 3 paragraphs and 1 line of dialogue for your character):

    Alexis stares out at the Metropolis Skyline as she finishes putting on her jewels for the AlexisCorp. charity ball. His assistant Percy Graves knocks on the door to his office.

    She says, "Enter."

    Percy hands him an envelope and says, "This arrived by courier abut 10 minutes ago."

    Alexis says, "Thank you Percy have the Limo in front in 15 minutes."

    She bows slightly and leaves the office. Alexis opens the envelope and it shows several pictures of Senator Layden in a less than flattering light.

    Alexis smiles and scans a few of them. He then calls Senator Layden and says, "Good Evening Patrick. How are you?"

    Layden responds, "What do you want Alexis? It's a bad enough I've gotta play nice in front of the cameras for your charity event tonight."

    Alexis responds, "Oh come now Patrick no need to get uppity with me on this besides you're about to owe me."

    Patrick asks, "For what?"

    Alexis replies, "For keeping this out of the National Spotlight."

    Alexis sends the scanned documents to Patrick who mumbles, "How? It's not possible I was HOW?"

    Alexis replies, "Not important the fact that I have them though is, and you are about to do exactly what I say or you can be ready to have Jon Stewart and his crew have a good time with these tomorrow night."

    Patrick asks, "What is it you want?"

    Alexis replies, "Simple the Mutant Registration Act; you are now in favor of it."

    Layden says, "But I campaigned against it. I've written editorials against it. I made my opposition the center piece of my time in the Senate!"

    Alexis says, "You had a change of heart. It's either that or your family and you can work out your change of address, because I'm betting your wife will not want you in her life or your children's lives especially if scan #2 is seen by the public! WOW! Anyway Your call Patty."

    Layden says, "All-right Luthor you win, but know this I will devote my life to seeing you burn in hell!"

    Alexis says, "Whatever just remember to smile for the camera tonight during our photo-op."

    Patrick hangs up the phone and Alexis says, "Not even a goodbye. Well that was rather rude."

    Alexis begins to chuckle as she leaves his office.
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    48 hours with no contention for Batman or Xavier? You know what that means...


    (Spidey app still being tweaked.)
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    6 hours working on an app only to have my computer's software update application reboot the computer and cause me to lose everything. Oh well, here's the remix anyway. My apologies that it is shorter and not quite up to the standard of the original.

    That being said, you may want to get a cup of coffee and something to snack on before you try to make it through all of this...



    William Joseph "Billy" Batson (Bromfield) (Captain Marvel)

    Hero (Neutral Good)


    Verdana Maroon Red

    Billy Batson has the courage of Billy Batson. Other than that, he&#8217;s a ten year old kid with all the faults and frailties of a pre-teen child. He&#8217;s lived on the streets for over a year, making him a superior urban survivalist and teaching him to become resourceful in ways that would make others turn away from disgust. And he was like that, too, the first time he ate or drank something from out of the garbage, but between being gross and going another day without eating something, Billy&#8217;s learned to swallow pride.

    Billy possesses a pair of Kymellian power gauntlets, known as the Nega-Bands, which were used by the previous Captain Marvel to tap into and channel the cosmic energies of the Rock of Ages. Because Billy doesn&#8217;t possess the potential for aetherial manipulation, more crudely known as sorcery, he must be wearing the Nega-Bands in order to be connected to the source of this power. While connected to the Rock of Ages, which does not exist in either time or space, Billy does not age or suffer the effects of time. When not in use, these gauntlets take the form of gold or copper looking bracelets, similar in design to POW/MIA memorial bracelets.

    By striking the Nega-Bands together, Billy is able to tap into aetherial power with which he can combine the mystical sorcery that is the Will and the Word, casting the spell SHAZAM. This grants the wielder wisdom, strength, stamina, power, courage, and the capability for flight; including unaided faster-than-light travel through space. The exact meaning of the spell varies from user to user. In the case of Carol Danvers or Billy Batson, it is believed that the spell spells out this acronym:
    S for the wisdom of Solomon
    H for the strength of Hercules
    A for the stamina of Atlas
    Z for the power of Zeus
    A for the courage of Achilles
    M for the speed of Mercury
    In contrast, a Kymellian user of the same spell, such as Kofi, would offer that the S stands for the wisdom of Shagya, while a Kree sorcerer, such as Phyla-Vell would say that the S is representative of Sindragosa. Owing to the older civilization he hailed from, Teth-Adam invoked the names of the ancient gods Set, Hersef, Amon, Zehuti, Anpu, and Menthu. The identity of the diety invoked is not related to the power of the spell or its effect, but is merely a psychological means of focusing the caster&#8217;s mind for the invocation.

    While empowered, anything Billy is wearing is exchanged for a red costume with a gold lightning bolt on the chest, and a white, cowled cape with gold trimming. This costume, when not worn, and his clothing, when empowered, are stored in the otherworldly dimension known as Elsewhere. The Elsewhere tailors, clothiers of cosmic reknown, are able to maintain, replace, and repair the clothing or costume stored as necessary. This has the added benefit of Billy&#8217;s clothes getting laundered more regularly than was previously the case. Laundromats cost money after all.

    In his empowered form, Billy is Earth&#8217;s mightiest mortal, but not merely for his physical characteristics. Enhanced intelligence, total recall, heightened senses, reflexes, and the ability to channel aetherial energy into bolts of lightning give him a host of options above merely punching something. With the assistance of the Nega-Bands, Billy has some capability for aetherial manipulation, making him a very poor sorcerer&#8217;s apprentice. Which is just as well, Billy&#8217;s better at punching stuff so he can leave the magic to Kofi.

    Billy&#8217;s story belongs in the pages of a 1940&#8217;s pulp fiction. The son of an adventurous archaeologist who could have inspired Indiana Jones, Billy spent his infancy crawling on the floor of Egyptian pyramids and Aztec temples. By the time he could walk, he was learning to babble in English, Spanish, and Arabic. By birthright, he was the son of a world traveler, destined to become his father&#8217;s son.

    An automobile accident when he was seven left him orphaned, but not alone. Probate and the Batson&#8217;s own will left him with the brother of the legendary C.C. Batson, his uncle Sinclair Batson. The Chief Financial Officer of Silvana Heavy Industries, Sinclair had no need for the money in Billy&#8217;s trust fund. But men with money rarely think they need less of it, and one never quite knows whether family is friend or foe. Sinclair went to court with a falsified blood test that said that Billy was not, in fact, C.C. Batson&#8217;s son, divesting Billy of his legal name of Batson as well as any claim on C.C. Batson&#8217;s money, throwing that question instead into a lengthy probate battle which Sinclair knew that the impoverished orphan would never be able to afford, let alone fight when he had come of age because the records of C.C. Batson&#8217;s blood or DNA would be long erased at that point.

    Legally named for his mother, Marilyn Bromfield, Billy was thrown into the system of foster care homes. Past the age of &#8220;cute baby&#8221;, Billy was one of countless kids who knew adoption wasn&#8217;t likely to happen and were too old to want some make-believe family. He met some good people, with good hearts, and had some good experiences. But that wasn&#8217;t always the case. The first time he ran away, he was eight years old. He lasted one night.

    A year and no less than eight foster homes later, Billy ran away again. This time he didn&#8217;t come back. Learning instead to navigate the network of soup kitchens, shelters, and charities while avoiding getting picked up by the police and child protective services. He learned to survive on the streets. Sometimes those were hard lessons, with people more likely to kick you while you were down that to offer a hand in kindness. After a month, he came across an abandoned maintenance depot that used to service the old (now defunct) above ground railway. And, inside of that, was an old tram car. That became the first stable home he ever had since being orphaned.

    It was there that the roof fell in on him. Which turned out to be the end of one story and the beginning of another. But I digress...

    Specifically, Captain Marvel crashed through the roof. Weakened and bloodied, this costumed stranger fell through the roof of the depot as if he were an angel falling from heaven. Startled, scared, but wanting to do something to help if he could (because so few people reached out a hand to help him), Billy attempted to aid the stranger. Instead, he found a pair of gauntlets pressed into his care, along with a stern warning to hide. Billy, not knowing what was happening, did as he was bid, taking the gauntlets without even being conscious of doing so. Which was when the building came down with the arrival of the monster that Mar-Vell had been fighting.

    Buried under the rubble, Billy was knocked unconscious. He awoke, unaware of his own pending death. Luckily, there was a white wizard waiting to explain the situation to him. If that sounds like a hallucination or a dream, you and Billy would be on the same page, but apparently Billy was suffering a concussion that was causing his brain to swell and would kill him in roughly one hour. If only half of that was true, then hallucinating horse-like white wizards was probably to be expected.

    After explaining how and why that he would die, the wizard asked Billy a question. With only one hour left in which to live, what would he do with that time?

    Billy answered the question with a question, demanding to know what had happened to the stranger who had been hurt. The wizard answered, explaining that the man was an alien known as a Kree, and that he was also dying. That was all Billy needed to hear, before interrupting and saying that he wanted to help that man.

    That being his answer, the wizard told the boy to do two things: Strike the gauntlets against one another and to say the word: SHAZAM.

    After being struck by lightning, which probably went hand-in-hand with a day in which you were told you had an hour to live in a conversation with a talking horse who was also a white wizard, Billy set out to make the most of his last hour.

    And every hour since.

    This is Captain Marvel. Which Captain Marvel, you ask? ALL OF THEM IN ONE. DC&#8217;s Captain Marvel and Marvel&#8217;s Captain Marvel, in one condensed storyline using the set-up behind June Brigman&#8217;s Power Pack as the glue that makes it all work. And the best thing of all? Everything is possible in the mythos of both series. Mary Marvel? Yep, she&#8217;s there. Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel or Binary? Yep, it&#8217;s possible. Someone wants to run Power Pack? I&#8217;ve left it wide open for someone to run them. Other than that, I&#8217;ve eliminated the aspect of Billy turning into an adult, but having the mind of a kid, by simply leaving him as a kid. Because this is Bounce. Were you expecting anything different?

    A PS4 addict who can write a novella for a post when he can tear himself away from A Realm Reborn or Destiny long enough to do so. Is there a PS4 addiction support group out there by chance?


    Mission of Saint Paul

    The tray of food slapped down on the farm-style table. The boy dropped down onto the bench seat, as far away as possible from where any of the other vagrants and missionaries were eating. Saint Paul's operated a good soup kitchen, staffed by volunteers so that the people here were here because they wanted to be here, as opposed to some of the public shelters with people performing community service as judge-point.

    Well, at least, most people who served here wanted to be here.


    Billy heard the plaintive whine and simultaneously found himself wanting to either cry or get up and go hit the boy who was whining. Or go hit the boy and then go find a corner to cry in.

    He wondered if he'd ever whined like that to his father. He'd like to believe that he hadn't, but he really couldn't have said. He guessed he had. All he knew for certain was that 'Dad' was a word he'd never say again, and he'd have sold his soul for the chance to say it again.

    "Jack, if you're bored why don't you go play with Billy?"

    As dad's went, Billy looked at Mister James and wondered if his father hadn't been similar. He'd been seven the last time he'd seen either of his parents, making it difficult to really recall who they were as people. But Billy saw Mister James and his wife Margaret volunteering at Saint Paul's time and time again. Always with a kind word. Always with a smile. Always willing to help. Miss Margaret even brought Billy clothes. Most of them were hand-me-down's from their oldest, Alex, who was dishing out soup alongside his sister Julie... but she'd missed a tag on the jacket she'd given him last winter. It'd been new. And warm.

    That was the kind of people the Powers were.

    "Daaaaaaad," Jack whined a second time, slouching back with an exaggerated sigh, before loudly announcing, "He smells."


    The urge to go over and hit the whiny kid instantly turned into self-conscious embarrassment, as the homeless boy looked down at the moldy sweater and well-stained jeans that he wore. Plucking at the sweater with two fingers, the youth lifted the front up and away from his chest as he tilted his head down and sniffed.

    He'd done laundry last Sunday, so it was probably overdue to do it again. But he didn't have any quarters right now. And laundromats weren't free.


    That was a random statement.


    "Mommy, that boy does look like a pony!"

    Even before he'd let go of the front of his shirt and looked up, Billy already knew what he was going to see. And it was no less mind-blowing.
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    Kofi Whitemane was a Kymellian. That meant he wasn't from 'round these 'ere parts. These 'ere parts being the solar system. If humans were 'sposed to be a monkey's uncle, then Kofi was a horse's cousin. He stood upright, had arms and legs like people do, but his knees were backwards and he had hooves instead of feet. He also had three-fingered hands and the face of a horse. Long snout and ears, whole nine yards.

    Of course, rather than look at him and think, oh look, it's an alien space pony, most went, oh look, it's another damn, dirty mutant.

    Pulling her youngest daughter back, Mrs. Power firmly began to chastise the girl. "It's not polite to say..."

    "It's all right," the horse-faced youth offered, with impeccable manners. Shifting his attention from the matriarch to the girl, the young space colt remarked, "I do look like a pony, don't I?"

    "See, Jack, there's another boy you can play with." Mister James. Always the optimist.

    Hearing the remark, the Kymellian undercover paused as he started toward the brooding and smelly youth at the far end of the mission. Stopping a short distance away from the whiny boy, Kofi offered the other boy a wave. "Salutations."

    Yeah. That's really how he talks.


    Blinking, Kofi seemed at a loss for a moment at being misunderstood. Which was understandable from the perspective of English being his sixth or seventh spoken language. "It means 'hello'," the Kymellian explained patiently.

    "Why didn't you just say hello?" Jack asked caustically.

    "Uh, I did. I think." the Kymellian remarked, again at a momentary loss. Still, he made a brave effort at completing this first contact. "I'm Kofi."

    "Your name is coffee?"

    Poor Kofi. If he was in search of intelligent life, then he was talking to the kid who was about the farthest thing from.

    "Kofi. Not coffee."

    "Daaaaaad, the pony boy is weird and the other kid smells. Can we go home no--OW!"

    While Mister James performed the weekly ritual of dragging Jack away to have a private chat with him, the equine alien completed the journey toward the table where the homeless youth sat before a half-pint of chocolate milk, with a straw sticking out of the carton box, a bowl of soup and some greens that were supposed to be a salad -- which he was using the plastic fork they'd given him to poke at the greens.

    "You don't have to be here, Kofi."

    It wasn't hello. It was just a statement. And maybe a more telling one than the listener gave credit to. Kofi had a family. He had a royal family. A mom and a dad. But he wasn't with them and Billy didn't understand that. He knew there was a war going on in space or whatever, but if his mom and dad were still alive... it would take more than a war to keep Billy away from them.

    If Billy didn't have to be here, he wouldn't be either.

    And if wishes were horses, they'd all be Kymellians... or something.

    "I am where I choose to be," Kofi answered, with the same confidence and selfless patience as he'd handled Katie Power before. Cocking a head at the other boy, the princely pony asked, "Would you prefer to not be in my company?"

    "Your company is fine, Kofi," the boy remarked sullenly. It was his company that was the problems. Smells and all.

    "Friday would welcome you in her hold," the Kymellian offered, dropping into a seat across from the brooding orphan.

    Stabbing a cherry tomato, Billy looked at the horse-faced boy from over his food tray. "You came to invite me to a sleepover?"

    "I came to seek your counsel."

    "My what?"

    "I need Captain Marvel," Kofi explained patiently, lowering his voice to a conspiratorial whisper.


    Turning his head, the Kymellian surveyed the interior of the room. Margaret Power and her daughter, Katie, were folding setting places at the table. Alex was washing dishes and Julie was in a Nintendo DS. Mister James and Jack were still not back from their discussion. And the homeless and impoverished were sticking to their code. Each their own business. Satisfied that they were not being watched for the time being, Kofi held his hands up, palms pressed together, his eyes shut as he uttered an invocation in the otherworldly speech of his.

    As the pony-boy pulled his hands apart, there was a swirl of light, in which Billy could make out something. Stars. A planet -- no, Earth. And something between Earth and the moon. Something not natural.

    "That's a Z'nrx warship..."

    "A what?"

    "A Z'nrx..."




    "Stop," Kofi insisted, holding up a three-fingered hand as though suggesting that Billy talk to it. "The design of your nasal passage and the limited ambulatory movement of your tongue is making this too painful. Please refrain from ever attempting to speak Z'nrx again. You're terrible at it."

    "Good to know," Billy quipped vapidly, refraining from rolling his eyes sheerly for the notion that Jack would have done something like that. And he wasn't as little comparison between himself and the whiny boy as possible. "So you were talking about a ship..."

    "It's in orbit of your planet."

    That didn't sound too bad. Aliens did that orbiting thing all the time on Star Trek, right? "Maybe they want to say hello?"

    "As honorable an intention as you might believe that to be, the truth about galactic politics is that such a greeting would bring the Great War to this planet in the very same instant as that occurred."

    Riiiiiiiiight. Blinking, Billy tried to think of a response to that, then just blinked a second time. "Sooooo.... hello would be bad?"

    "Hello would be very bad."

    "But you don't think they're here to say hello."
    It wasn't a question.

    "No, I don't."

    "So why are they here?"

    "Someone should ask that question."

    "Someone might."

    "Someone needs to."

    "Someone's drinking chocolate milk right now."

    "Your cranial capacity is limited and your attention span finite, so I need you to focus and pay attention to me right now, as difficult and laborious as those tasks may be," the Kymellian stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "This is slightly more important than chocolate milk."

    With that, the fork hit the table, as Billy cocked his head to the side and shot a look over at the space pony. "Dude, do you know the last time they had chocolate milk in a soup kitchen? Let me enjoy the moment."


    Lord Archmage Aelfyre Whitemane (Jedediah/The Wizard):
    In time long since forgotten, a Kymellian shaman rose to heights of great power unrivaled by any in that age, becoming the first Sorcerer Supreme of the current cosmic era. Retiring to a dimension outside of time or space, known as Elsewhere, Aelfyre constructed a watchtower at a natural convocation of leylines from across all planes of reality, which he named the Rock of Ages. From there, he peered out over a galaxy and dedicated himself to trying to shepherd the various races into peaceful coexistence among the stars. To that end, he failed and the Great War that befell the universe is the fruit of all his labors and good intentions. Not content to retiring to watch all civilization destroy itself, Aelfyre sought out champions worthy of sharing his power and his vision -- Marvels. The disgraced captain of the Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, who had come to form a resistance against his own world&#8217;s war machine was the first such Marvel. Each Marvel is assigned a task dedicated to bringing a stop to the Great War and healing the wounds left to fester by its continued slaughter.

    A millennia ago, when the Canaan Valley was home to ancient civilization, Aelfyre came to Earth in disguise and was known only as Jedediah. Seeking out an evil force, which proved to be the corrupted Egyptian priest Ahk-ton, Aelfyre made his second mistake: the choosing of a human named Teth-Adam as a Marvel. Leaving Teth-Adam to safeguard Earth against any further evils, Aelfyre returned later to discover that, in his horror, this Black Adam had instead begun subjugating ancient civilization. Aelfyre stopped Black Adam, entombing him in a desolate region that would later come to be divided between Iraq and Kuwait.

    It would be unconscionable to consider just how old Aelfyre is. He was Sorcerer Supreme before man walked the Earth. His mastery of elemental sorcery, energy manipulation, and exposure to the Rock of Ages has made him seemingly immortal. Despite this, he has become slower and more frail than in his earlier adventuer&#8217;s, hinting that even while he continues to live that his body may in fact be nearing a natural end. He is known to have challenged the manipulations of the Maltusians in the affairs of other species for changing the evolutionary course of some species, and also questioned the noninterference directive of the Watchers for not doing so when it might have saved lives. The Whitemane family, long the ruling family behind the Kymellian Technocracy, are descendants of Aelfyre&#8217;s through many generations.

    Mar-Vell (original Captain Marvel, deceased):
    Before he was Captain Marvel, he was Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree Diplomatic Gestalt - the war machine that marched to meet the Kymellian Technocracy and the Shi&#8217;ar Imperium on a widowing field of stars, enslaving, raping, devastating, and conscripting whatever planets might be in the way. Disgusted, embittered, and disillusioned, Mar-Vell deserted the military and began the most effective counter-culture revolution among the Kree to date: The Coalition for Peace. Branded a terrorist by some and a freedom fighter by others, Mar-Vell worked to try and bring a halt to the Kree efforts at advancing the Great War at a cost of billions of sentient lives. He was already infamous for his treason by the time that Aelfyre Whitemane found him and offered him a strange question: If he were to be judged by only a single hour of his life, what would he do with it?

    In that moment, one of Mar-Vell&#8217;s informant&#8217;s interrupted, bringing with him information about a secret operation that was thought to be the key to securing the complete surrender of the Shi&#8217;ar Imperium: The Kree were going to bomb a Shi&#8217;ar Hatchery, killing an entire generation of Shi&#8217;ar children and infants. Refusing to allow this act to occur, Mar-Vell fled Aelfyre&#8217;s company and was successful at stopping the Kree weapon for detonating on it&#8217;s target, giving his life to save the children of his enemy.

    Snatched back from the moment of his death, precisely one hour after he and Aelfyre had spoken, Mar-Vell was presented with a gift that would allow him to access the power inherent to the Rock of Ages. And so he became Aelfyre&#8217;s champion, Captain Marvel.

    Though capable of storing aetherial energy in his body, Mar-Vell needed a focusing agent in order to tap into and channel the power of the Rock of Ages, resulting in Aelfyre creating a pair of gauntlets for his use, known as the Nega-Bands - themselves artifacts of Kymellian&#8217;s long dead history.

    During Operation Desert Storm, aerial bombing broke the seal on Black Adam&#8217;s tomb, releasing him in an event which remains highly classified by the military forces that witnessed the power of the unleashed tyrant. By luck, he was behind the Iraqi forces when he was released, which owes to one of the reasons why Iraq&#8217;s military was so quickly and summarily defeated. Mar-Vell was dispatched to Earth, a world he had never even heard of, in order to stop Black Adam - whom Aelfyre feared he may no longer have the physical strength to confront. Which is where Mar-Vell met...

    Major Carol Danvers, U.S. Air Force (Ms. Marvel):
    A reconnaissance and test pilot for the Air Force, Carol Danvers was flying a mission over Kuwait when her plane collided in mid-air with Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) as he entered Earth&#8217;s atmosphere, being focused on identifying Black Adam&#8217;s location rather than paying attention to where he was flying. Rescued by Mar-Vell, the non-powered woman proved to be a strong companion despite her human frailities and gave her life in aiding Mar-Vell to defeat Black Adam.

    Mar-Vell asked that her sacrifice be honored by raising her as a Marvel, as Aelfyre had done with him, but Aelfyre refused - citing his earlier experiencing in raising a human as a Marvel that had become Black Adam. So, channeling the power of the Rock of Ages through his gauntlet&#8217;s, Mar-Vell brought Carol back from the edge of death himself, transforming her into Ms. Marvel and driving a wedge between himself and Aelfyre.

    Carol went into space with Mar-Vell, becoming his protégé and eventually winning Aelfyre&#8217;s approval as a Marvel. This success, while laudable, resulting in separating student from teacher, as Carol was assigned to work with the Shi&#8217;ar counterpart to the Coalition for Peace, the Starjammers, who were endeavoring to replace the warmonger D&#8217;Ken Neramani with his sister Lilandra. As a result, Carol (as Ms. Marvel) is unknown to the people of Earth and she has been listed as MIA by the U.S. Air Force since her plane went missing over Kuwait in 1991.

    Carol has natural talent for aetherial manipulation, allowing her to tap into the power of the Rock of Ages without need for a focusing agent. This also means she has the potential to become a sorceress with sufficient training in elemental and energy manipulation.

    Lord Abbot Kofi Whitemane of the Kymellian Technocracy (Marvel Boy):
    The son of the High King and Queen of the Kymellian Technocracy, Kofi is destined to be the next leader of the Kymellian war machine that seeks to see Kymellia restored to its rightful place as the sole super power in the cosmos. As such, much like the crown prince in England has a title unique to him, Kofi has the heraldic title of Lord Abbot or The Abbot. Despite this birthright, or perhaps because of his birthright (being that the Whitemane&#8217;s are the descendants of Aelfyre), Kofi was born with the rare gifts unique to a Kymellian shaman. This causes a split between those who wish to see Kofi continue his father&#8217;s legacy of blood and glory, and those who instead wish to see a Whitemane again elevated to the august position of Sorcerer Supreme.

    As the Great War exhausted the resources of the Kymellians, the Kree, and the Shi&#8217;ar and other races began to raise up arms in the hopes of defeating their former conquerors, Aelfyre convinced King Yrik to move Kofi to a secret location, a world unknown to the cosmic society at large: Earth. A world where the rise of mutants would allow Kofi, though inhuman, to nonetheless be able to exist in their society.

    And, so, Kofi came to be in Fawcett City, living in the impoverished section predominantly occupied by immigrants and mutants, earning it the name Mutant Town. There, hidden away from all but his ancestor Aelfyre, Kofi has begun to study the ways of Kymellia&#8217;s forgotten shamans. And there he also met and befriended an orphan boy named Billy Batson.

    Phyla-Vell (Mary Marvel):
    Mar-Vell&#8217;s daughter and his replacement as the Marvel in charge of the Kree side of the Great War, Phyla-Vell serves as a mentor to Billy when she is able to get to Earth to check on him, taking on the disguise of being an older sister by the name of Mary.

    Beautia Silvana:
    The apple who fell far from the tree. Beautia is the oldest of the Silvana children and the only one disinterested in the family business, wealth, or status. Studying psychology, Beautia recently began work as a case worker at the Fawcett City Bureau of Family and Child Protective Services. As their newest social worker recruit, she naturally got the worst assignment: Mutant Town. And her most troublesome case isn&#8217;t even a mutant, but a ten year old runaway who fled the System by the name of William Bromfield, who refuses (among other things) to be called either William or Bromfield.

    The Power Family (James, Margaret, Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power):
    Dr. James Power and his wife Margaret are two of the most caring and helpful people anyone could hope to meet. They volunteer at their church&#8217;s soup kitchen, help out at the local shelter, and try to impart the same principles of charity to their four children. James is also one of the world&#8217;s foremost physicists and heads up the research and development division of Silvana Heavy Industries. He doesn&#8217;t care for the company&#8217;s focus on profit, but it offers dental for the whole family and someone with a doctorate in theoretical particle engineering doesn&#8217;t have a lot of options when they want to settle down to raise a family in Fawcett City for the schools. Maybe he could teach at the local community college...
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    Teth-Adam (Black Adam):
    A millennia ago, Teth-Adam was a man trying to eek out a living on the land in the Canaan Valley for himself and his tribe, which was beset on all sides by warlords, wild animals, and a threat posed by an Egyptian priest who had tapped into forbidden and arcane power. Aelfyre Whitemane, on the trail of that black magic, came to Earth and saw in Teth-Adam all the qualities one need possess to be a great man and Aelfyre transformed Teth-Adam into Earth’s Marvel, leaving the planet in Teth-Adam’s care. He returned to find that Teth-Adam had conquered the other tribes and installed himself as a god-king, taking the name Black Adam. Aelfyre stopped short of killing his former apprentice, instead entombing him beneath the sands of the ancient Middle East, which would later become the border between Iraq and Kuwait.

    During the Gulf War in 1991, Black Adam was released when aerial bombing broke the seal on his tomb, releasing him for the first time in centuries. This incident resulted in Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) being dispatched to Earth to restrain and contain the threat, which indirectly resulted in the creation of Ms. Marvel. Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers together succeeded in defeating Black Adam, sealing him in stasis beneath the Red Sea.

    Dr. Thaddeus Silvana:
    Founder and CEO of Silvana Heavy Industries, Silvana is an opportunistic capitalist hailed as both the hero and villain of Fawcett City. While the jobs brought about by his growing company have saved the Fawcett City economy and allowed it to compete with larger cities, such as Metropolis or Gotham, the pollution caused by his factories has doubtlessly damaged the environment around Fawcett City for years to come. Of course, each of the EPA assessors sent to inquire about the heavy metals and chemicals being released into the ground water have come away reporting no such thing... and benefiting from off-shore accounts that keep them living a life above what the salaries of EPA assessors should be capable of supporting.

    Ishmael Gregor (Sabbac):
    A Russian occultist who dreams of creatures of fire and brimstone that compose nightmarish visions, Gregor achieved his first breakthrough as a black mage when he uncovered the tomb of Ank-ton, the Egyptian Priest that Aelfyre Whitemane had journeyed to Earth in order to defeat in the days of Ancient Egypt, before the time of the Pharaohs. Using it to pierce the veil between the moral realm and the Infernal, he made a devil’s bargain with a creature known as Satanus, allowing him to become a champion of the Underdark on Earth, an aspect of an ancient enmity known as Sabbac.

    Bram Thirla:
    In a different era, that being the 1940’s, Bram Thirla was an archaeologist who worked alongside C.C. Batson on an excavation in Transylvania that promised to debunk the Dracula mythos as so much folktale. Feeling snubbed by Batson’s greater popularity, Thirla kept several artifacts to himself from their work, one of which was a strange substance that seemed to be blood that had not congealed. Contact with this element prompted strange changes in Bram, whether physical or psychological, prompting him to try and drink the blood of Marilyn Batson. Such theatrics ended up with Bram being staked through the heart by C.C. Batson and left to rot in the grave. And, if luck be with us, he is there still...

    The High King Yrik Whitemane of the Kymellian Technocracy:
    The lord of the Technocracy, the homeworld and colonies of the Kymellian race - the oldest of the races of the current cosmic age (discounting the races of the preceding age, such as the Maltusians), Yrik is his father’s son. He was born Abbot to a war that had gone on for centuries before his birth, but he intends to see an end to that war before he dies. And he envisions an end that will restore Kymellia to a glory unheard of in centuries, when weaker kings gave in to diplomacy and ceded worlds to the Tamaraneans, the Kree, and others. Or failed to act when the Shi’ar were created, an engineered race in complete anathema of the natural order. For as long as the fires of war put his son at risk, Yrik is happy to have Kofi safeguarded away Kymellia. But, by virtue of the same, Yrik believes that Earth is now Kymellian territory by virtue of Kymellian law, which says that the land on which a member of the royal family stands is Kymellian land. Strategically, Earth also poses a good staging point for a new campaign into Shi’ar territory, as well as ample supply of conscript labor in the form of humans. Now, if only Yrik had the time and resources to dedicate toward those ends...

    Z’nrx Prince Jackal:
    The crown prince of the Z’nrx (known as the Snarks by those who cannot pronounce their name), Jackal is the face of Queen Mother Maraud’s own war machine. Once the slaves of the Kymellians and, later, the Shi’ar, the Snarks have broken out of their shackles with a thirst for vengeance. And they may have discovered the perfect respite: A project by Dr. James Power of a world known as Earth, which could be weaponized as a bomb capable of destroying a planet.

    Sublieutenant Noh-Varr, Kree Diplomatic Gestalt:
    A Kree operative tasked with monitoring the movement of the Kree’s newest enemy: The Z’nrx. As such, Noh-Varr now investigates the Z’nrx interest in Earth, and his orders are clear: If Earth poses any threat to the Kree, exterminate it.

    Archon Cal’syee Neramani of the Shi’ar Imperium (Deathbird):
    Sister to the Shi’ar Majestor, D’Ken Neramani, and commander of the First Legion of the Shi’ar Royal Guard, Deathbird has her eyes on Earth’s conquest for two reasons: the acquisition of slaves and a strategic staging point to strike into Kymellian space.


    The Great War
    This storyline primarily focuses on three galactic powers: A declining Kymellian civilization, the Kree Diplomatic Gestalt (long assumed to be the next super power), and the Shi’ar Imperium (the youngest of the three, which has seized power suddenly and violently). The Z’nrx, former slaves to both the Kymellians and the Shi’ar, are a minor player in the war, but hope to use it to their own ends as well. All four alien governments have their eye on Earth for their own reasons, elevating the potential for bringing the Great War to Earth. To stop the war from coming to Earth is the primary objective for which Captain Marvel was created.

    The Human Threat
    Never mind that four entire species of high advanced aliens want to enslave or exterminate humanity, man does a fine job of being his own enemy. And on that front we have threats both mundane and grandiose: With Beautia Silvana trying to throw Billy back into the System and Thaddeus Silvana trying to make a buck at the expense of anything or anyone in his way. And I’ll likely borrow the concept of the Friends of Humanity from Byrd’s X-Men application as well, since it flows well with the themes I’ve used to construct this version of Fawcett City.

    Demons of Air and Darkness
    Sabbac and Bram Thirla are both out there as well, bringing the potential for storylines that could explore Mephisto, Lady Blaze, etc.
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    My reaction to the Captain Marvel app:


    Outstanding work, my friend.
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    These apps are insane, guys. I should hopefully have mine up tonight, if I can finally pick a guy who I want to put the absurd amount of detail into that the rest of y'all are. Problem is, there's really only one guy I'd be cool doing that with, and I'm already playing him in DC-YO.
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    Cheers, mate.

    Any chance I could convince you to shift your Mutant Town, Indiana for my Mutant Town/District X ghetto in Fawcett City? Could allow for some story overlap if you're amenable to that.

    I'm sure it works otherwise, similar to how there are any number of China Towns in various cities.
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    That'll work. Just let me know if you plan on using Madrox. The way I envision the character is kind of complicated.
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    Not sure if anyone else was interested, but what the hell. The rest will be up sometime in the next few days.


    Ultimate One Universe
    Character Application

    Character Name: Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman

    Alignment (Hero, Villain, Walking the Line): Hero

    Character Speech Font and Color: Arial blue for Clark/ Bold Arial blue for Superman

    Powers and Abilities: Superman, as a Kryptonian, has the ability to turn radiation absorbed from Earth&#8217;s yellow sun into extraordinary powers. Clark has nearly unmatchable levels of super strength, speed, agility, durability, dexterity, endurance, and stamina. He is able to kick off the ground with such force he is able to fly and supersonic speeds unassisted, and can even break the atmosphere and travel in the space surrounding Earth for a short period of time. Focusing the radiation in his body also allows Superman to fire concentrated heat beams from his eyes. His breath, when used as a weapon, can freeze nearly anything instantly. Kal-El&#8217;s mind also works like a supercomputer, learning and solving problems faster than nearly any other being on Earth.

    The only weakness Clark is aware of is magic and the mystical arts.

    Character Origin/Backstory:

    The Kryptonian Empire
    For nearly a millennia, there was but one people every race in the known universe feared, and they were the Kryptonians. They were once a peaceful, scientific race, and were one of the first to reach out and touch the stars. They sent scouts out to surrounding systems, and quickly began colonizing other worlds and star systems. This all changed when the Kryptonians discover that, when bathed in the light of a yellow star, they were granted amazing powers. Using this knowledge, they used their scientific resources to fashion suits that would convert all sunlight into the radiation of the yellow sun.

    Using their new found power, the Kryptonians spread across the galaxy like a plague, conquering all the civilizations they came across. Those races that were deemed to be useful were used as slaves across the vast empire, and those that were deemed to be dangerous were wiped from the galaxy by the terrifying power of the Kryptonian military. This expansion and genocide continued for hundreds of years until the conquerors finally met their great enemy.

    The Kryptonian-Skrull War
    A Kryptonian ship was lost on a relatively routine scouting mission. Concerned, the nearby colonial governor sent a battalion of soldiers to investigate the missing ship, only to find it had been ripped apart. The crew, however, had seemingly survived and was held up on a nearby moon. They were rescued, and brought on board the governor&#8217;s ship to be debriefed. Once onboard, however, the crew showed their true nature. They transformed into green, humanoid aliens who claimed to be servants of the great Skrull Empire, and that the Kryptonians would no longer dominate the galaxy with an iron fist. The Skrulls detonated massive explosives they had planted on the remains of the recovered scout ship, obliterating the governor&#8217;s ship and laying waste to the colony&#8217;s main transport hub.

    The Skrulls had planned for their attack on the Kryptonians for centuries. Thanks to their shapeshifting abilities, they had seen what Kryptonians could do while staying unknown to the powerful empire. They began infiltrating Kryptonian society in order to gain military secrets while they built their war machine on the Throneworld of Skrullos. While they did not possess the amazing natural abilities of the Kryptonian people, the Skrulls were master geneticists. Using their science, they gave their warriors the means to fight their new foes. But their true secret weapon came from their ability to manipulate the mysterious Power Cosmic. Using this great force, the Skrulls were able to create superweapons that could cause massive destruction to the Kryptonian Empire.

    The two races battled for an immeasurable amount of time, scarring countless regions of the galaxy in the process.

    The Devourer
    With the war at a nearly constant standstill, the tide began to shift when an unnamed Skrull scientist defected to the Kryptonian side. He was their chief weapons maker, and the one being who knew how to control the Power Cosmic. He came to the Kryptonian Emperor, Zod I, with a plan to end the war once and for all. The Skrull claimed he could create a weapon so powerful it could devour Skrullos and single-handedly win Krypton the war. Zod, being a cruel and bloodthirsty leader, immediately set the project in motion.

    Krypton, however, was in a state of unrest. The people had grown tired of the constant fighting, and the war was continuously depleting the Empire&#8217;s treasury. The throne world of the empire had once been a thriving, beautiful city, but was now decaying thanks to the decades of war. A growing dissent against colonization, the war, and the empire was led by two of Krypton&#8217;s leading scientific minds, Jor-El and Lara. Jor-El warned that the forces the government was tampering with in the Devourer project would doom them and countless worlds, as the Power Cosmic could never be fully controlled in such a way. His claims were dismissed by the government as nothing more than traitorous fear mongering, so Jor-El went into hiding as he frantically searched for a way to save his people.

    He would never do so. The Devourer was completed and brought to life by the traitorous Skrull. Dubbed Galactus, it had the ability to destroy any world it was set against. Jor-El&#8217;s fears were proven right when the monster was unleashed. It did not like being told what to do, and it reached out, destroying Krypton before moving on to destroying every world where Kryptonians thrived, effectively wiping out the species. For good measure, the monster also destroyed Skrullos, as the Skrulls&#8217; warmongering had played a part in Galactus&#8217;s creation.

    As the dust settled, the Skrulls were devastated and the Kryptonians were extinct.

    Or so it seemed. In reality, Jor-El had sent he and Lara&#8217;s only son, Kal-El, to a planet far from Galactus&#8217;s grasp in a small, automated spacecraft. The planet, designated Terra by the Kryptonians, was remote, but liveable. Under its yellow sun, Jor-El hoped his son would be a champion for its primitive people and would at least partially atone for the sins of the Kryptonian people.

    Humble Beginnings
    For a thousand years Kal-El travelled in suspended animation towards Earth. When he finally landed on Earth, he was discovered by the husband and wife pair of Jonathan and Martha Kent. The pair were good, down to earth people who were unable to raise a child of their own. Taking Kal-El and hiding the spaceship they found him in, they raised him as their own, bestowing him the name of Clark.

    The Kents owned a farm in Smallville, Kansas, which is where Clark spent his formative years. To the outside world he was viewed as a normal, all-American boy, but Clark worked hard to hide the problems he was having. At the onset of puberty, the young Kent began having random, amazing acts of strength, speed, and other abilities. It was at this time his father realized he had no choice but to tell his son the truth. Showing him the ship and explaining how Clark came to them, Johnathan revealed who his son really was. Clark was frightened and devastated, but his adoptive father assured him he was loved and that there had to be a reason he was here.

    Distraught, Clark spent the night by the ship that had ferried him to where he now called home. While searching the craft, he activated a message from Jor-El, his biological father. Jor-El explained to Clark why he was sent to Earth, as well as the origins of his amazing powers. With the true knowledge of his purpose, Clark decided from that day he would be a champion of the weak and protector of the innocent.

    The first such life he saved was that of the young and beautiful Lana Lang when he sped up to snatch her away from an oncoming car. The two quickly became friends before moving on to dating one another for the majority of high school.

    Departing Smallville
    Clark spent his high school years honing his powers, saving people from disasters around Smallville. His world came crashing down on one such adventure, however. As a massive category five tornado tore apart Smallville, Clark was forced to reveal himself and his powers to Lana when he saved her from being snatched up by the twister. Amazed and horrified, Lana promised to keep Clark&#8217;s abilities a secret, though she also vowed never to speak to him again.

    With nothing left to keep him there, Clark left Smallville after his high school graduation. He decided to travel the world to really learn about the people and planet he had sworn to protect. Everywhere he went created whispers about the &#8220;Superman&#8221; who helped villages defeat brutal warlords or save sacred lands from pillaging companies. Clark&#8217;s secret reputation began to grow, garnering the interest of investigative journalist Louise Lane. Lane tried her best to track the Superman down, but only ever managed to find vague legends.

    One such story was of his battle with the villainous sorcerer Baron Mordo. Clark discovered his vast powers were weak against the mystical arts, and he was only able to overcome his foe thanks to the help of Doctor Fate, Earth&#8217;s sorcerer supreme.

    The City of Tomorrow
    When Clark finally returned to the United States, he settled down in Metropolis, the so-called &#8220;City of Tomorrow&#8221;. Turned into a technological wonder by Alexis Luthor and her AlexisCorp, the city was also a haven for crime. The Intergang, a mysterious gang that appeared nearly overnight using highly advanced weaponry, had begun terrorizing the city, and Clark decided it was here that he would begin his quest for peace.

    He settled down, gaining a job as a social worker in the poorer areas of the city. With a uniform that his adoptive mother had fashioned from the spaceship he was found in, Clark finally took to the skies as Superman, protector of Earth.

    Little did Clark know that his emergence as a hero would soon bring more danger upon the Earth than even he could imagine. In the darkness of space, enemies he didn&#8217;t even know he had would be awakened, and the world would never be the same.

    What Makes This Version "Ultimate": Well, the Kryptonians are completely different in this reality for one. Clark&#8217;s quest is also both one of duty and redemption for his people. He is not just a savior sent to Earth, he is also there to make up in some way for all the evil his people did in the galaxy. He also has strong ties to the Skrulls, Galactus, and&#8230;someone else I won&#8217;t get into just yet.

    What can you bring to the RPG: Every game needs its Superman, and I hope to give this one a strong presence in that department. I mixed my older Superman concept with some newer stuff to give it a new shine.
  19. MST3K 4ever BRING IT BACK!

    Jun 17, 2004
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    I have yet to hear anything about mine...so I'm assuming that they're okay.
  20. UltimateRPGs Overseer of Ultimate

    Feb 4, 2008
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  21. Batman Dramatic Example

    Oct 1, 2003
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    MST3K, you're approved for Alexis Luthor. I'm gonna leave your Joker application's approval up to Carnage, since he's the game's Batman.

    Bounce, I think it goes without saying that you're mega-approved for Captain Marvel. Utterly fantastic stuff.

    My Spider-Man app is still being worked on. Yes, I know how long it's been. Been circulating through alot of different concepts, but I think I have a rough enough idea of what I want to do to finally throw something up.
  22. Byrd Man El Hombre Pájaro

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  23. MST3K 4ever BRING IT BACK!

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    Fair enough.
  24. Sentarous Inkarnation

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    Have a few app ideas, but trying to set aside the time for it. Current ideas are for The Question, Huntress, or Superman (assuming Carnage doesn't snipe the role and I can get a CS up in the following 24-48 hours). I'll work on a few sample posts and see if something bites.
    #24 Sentarous, Oct 2, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2014
  25. Bounce Registered

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    If a battle for the title of Batman is known as "Battle for the Cowl", is a battle for the title of Superman a "Battle for the Tights"? :shr:

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