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Nov 17, 2010
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Hello everybody this is a special trade dedicated for the fans of this show, the reason why I created this tread is so that you fans can have a place to talk about your likes or dislikes, but all in a positive manner showing your love for the show.

I don't consider myself a fan but I respect those who are and wanted to show my respect by creating this tread.

You people have being involved with fights, between you guys and people who don't like the show and from the huge drop in the USM conversation forum, I am guessing people are tired and have left the site.

Someone else created a tread called "I am tired of the Ultimate Spider-man hate", well I hope this tread would help in that cause as the title says no "HATERS ALLOWED" so no one should be here and complain about the show, so you can talk, have fun and be happy.

Just like you I am tired as well of everything in general, so I hope you have FUN

hosted with Love and respect, by BIGDADDY313.
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As much as i love this show...I need to catch up on it, last episode I saw was when Thor became a frog.
I'm behind as well because I keep working on Sundays. The last episode I saw was the special premiere on that Monday. I hope they continue with May/Phil...and I'm still secretly hoping she's secretly with SWORD or something.

This is nice they made us a special thread.

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