Ultimate 'The Dark Knight' Fan Trailer


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Apr 18, 2007
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I didn't know where else to put it, but here is my new fan trailer using visuals/audio from Teaser, Trailer, Prologue, IMAX Featurette, TODAY SHOW clip, viral marketing campaign, etc. Credit to SHH'er TIM for the prologue edit and Jad for the downloaded version of the IMAX featurette. Rock on.

UPDATE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpLV8000UI8
My first comment, as the trailer is buffering, is be very careful with the use of any IMAX footage as it's effectively banned on the Hype! and also is a shady area with the WB legal team.

Second comment, after watching the trailer is... WOW That was amazing, I mean, really good work. Normally fan trailers are just clunky re-edits of the original material but that was really good, I especially liked the filter used to mask scene cuts, and the names over the exploding BatSymbol.

Well done, a really good piece of work there!
Yeah I figured that with the prologue, but considering it only shows a few seconds here and there I figured what the heck, besides if WB watched it they'd be like "wow, we should have made OUR trailer like that" :)
Lol, maybe, yeah I wasn't having a go, just saying be careful.

Otherwise that is one badass trailer, I really enjoyed it!
Dude, the trailer is really good, only thing I would say is there's too much dialogue over the footage. It seems you've wanted to use all the dialogue from both the teaser and the trailer AND some from the prologue, and it's squeezed in, leaving no moments of silence after it for the words/lines to gain weight as they sink in.

But the footage is put togther very well, and the music too, you should be proud.
wow risk, good job. that was awesome, kudos.
I got chills at the end when it said "And Heath Ledger" I dunno why haha but I got them..

I loved that part as well. I was waiting for him right after Christian Bale and waiting and waiting, then BAM right there. Awsome.
That is a very, very well done fan trailer. I rated it five and favorited it, and I usually don't do that. You should definitely be proud of yourself, that was excellent.
Great editing.
But there are too many soundbytes going on.
What did you edit with?

I'm currently getting to grips with Avid Xpress on my university system and it's a strange one, my previous is with Adobe and Windows Movie Maker (lol) and Avid is certainly a step up technology-wise, but I think I prefer the greater post-production choices with Adobe.
They were trying to cram way too much into that. The audio doesn't flow very well at all from speaker to speaker.

Some cool moments, though.

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