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Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning


Aug 25, 2011
Reaction score
Looks like Hyams delivers on another solid follow up in the US series.

http://screencrush.com/universal-soldie ... ng-review/

it’s pretty damn good; muscular, atmospheric and surprisingly scary.

when the martial arts sequences arrive, they hit fast and furious.
There’s a superb brawl in a sporting goods store, where baseball bats are brandished like samurai swords, and an absolutely superlative sequence where Adkins rages with balletic precision through Deveraux’s compound, laying waste to his private army with fisticuffs and gunplay, all captured in a series of precisely staged long takes.

That scene can hold its own against the action in any major Hollywood movie this year, but Hyams also knows how to tell a story with his camera when dudes aren’t kicking each other in the groin.

if Hyams and Adkins can pull this off, imagine what they could do with more time and money. These guys should be making an ‘Iron Fist’ movie for Marvel. Having brought one series back to life, they deserve a chance to start something from scratch.

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