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University of N.C. student body president shot to death this morning


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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This is getting ridiculous, seriously.
how many campus shootings have there been in the last year? this is ridiculous.
That is a really insane way for someone like her to go like that. It's really shocking.
These school shootings are just plain stupid.......
puppies been thrown, this and other stuff? what has our world come to? :csad:
Its some sick trend, i wouldn't be surprised if it happens atleast once in almost every school in the US.
people are ****ing cowards man
First the girl at Auburn, now this. This can't be a coincidence.
that is just so tragic and completely unnecessary, well its all unnecessary. this stuffs gotta stop, its too painful and saddening to read in the paper. cant imagine what her family is going thru. and i know the university will pay her respects, especially the next time unc basketball plays. with this supposedly being a random killing makes it even more of a tragedy.
I like how Terry post the pic of the girl, but doesn't post the frikkin' article.
Fixed :) Lets just keep that our little secret :)
Where are all these comments about this being a school shooting coming from? Reading the aritcle it sounds like a random crime that happens all the time, all over the US, it sounds like she might've been carjacked or something.

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