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Discussion in 'The Avengers Sequels' started by Olan, May 6, 2012.

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    I keep up with the Unspoken Site, and they have several even more recent bits of news confirming Ant-Man is standalone, and not related to Avengers. They mentioned his non inclusion in Avengers as a sign of respect to their screenplay. This was in december, just before the third rewrite was turned in. But there's plenty of fans over there doing the same thing, interpreting every bit of news as a contradiction of the explicitly stated and often updated stance of the film. You've heard the arguments "Feige is excited, so it must be in the MCU" "it's closer than ever, so it must be in the MCU" It's just silly.

    The movie will be awesome, and worth getting excited over. But it's pretty clear that he's not going to be in the Avengers. And seeing as how you've read the Unmentionable site, you know that the multi-Ant-Men standalone aspect is in the most recent draft, so how is this a discussion? Why are you not agreeing with me?

    I suppose it's only balanced that some people take the extreme opposite stance on Ant-Man... it's just surprising. I think fans with this stance will be pleasantly surprised when Edgar Wright turns Ant Man into someone everyone can respect. Hopefully you'll outnumber the fans who are upset because he's not on the Avengers.
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