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HBO Adapting British Thriller Drama Series ‘Utopia’ With David Fincher & Gillian Flynn

After his successful TV debut with Netflix’s House Of Cards, David Fincher is spearheading the U.S. adaptation of another British series, this time at HBO. The pay cable network, which aggressively pursued House Of Cards when it was shopped, has teamed with Fincher for Utopia, a drama series project based on the Channel 4 series created by Dennis Kelly and produced by Kudos. The adaptation will be written by Gillian Flynn, reteaming with Fincher whose upcoming feature Gone Girl is based on her novel. Finhcer is set to direct Utopia. Both Gone Girl and Utopia are in the thriller genre. The series revolves around the die-hard fans of an iconic, underground graphic novel who are suddenly launched into their own pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel. Unfortunately, the new manuscript is much more than just a book and those on the hunt for it suddenly find themselves in a game of shifting loyalties, conspiracy and shocking twists as the true meaning of the book is slowly revealed (watch a trailer for the original series below).

Flynn will write the U.S. version as part of an overall deal she has signed with HBO. The adaptation will be produced by HBO and Kudos sibling Shine America, with Fincher executive producing alongside Joshua Donen, Kelly, Kudos’ Jane Featherstone and Shine America’s Carolyn G. Bernstein.

Utopia had a successful launch on Channel 4 in January 2013 and has been picked up for a second season. It stars Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Adeel Akhtar, Paul Higgins, Nathan Stewart-Jarret and, Alexandra Roach.

Paul Higgins is in the original?! :eek::up:
Was the original any good?
Was the original any good?

It is amazing.

The cinematography is some of the most beautiful I've seen on TV. The score is really weird and original.

The cast are great even the child actors are good. The show has lots of plot twists without ever losing focus of the central plot and characters.

It is a really great show IMO. I'm not sure why they don't air the original version in the U.S as it has aired all over the rest of the world.
While I loved the original series (definitely one of the best new drama series of last year), HBO and Fincher's involvement makes this an intriguing development to keep an eye on.
Season 2 trailer for Utopia UK (spoilers for those who have not seen season one)

Not to be the typical 'British Adaptions' are hard to do; but even Fincher/HBO can't match or best this beautiful thrilling series.
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I've not seen the original British show but only heard wonderful things. On the ads alone the cinematography is great for a TV show and it's very quirky and creepy. Will check it out soon but with Fincher behind it it does of course raise interest.
That does sound promising but again, the UK series is so magnificent and beautiful; between the cinematography/music/acting/dark humor... that I just can't see even Fincher/HBO match or exceed it.

Do you think Fincher will muddy up the look for his vision? I love the spiked colors in the UK series but I don't want him to copy it. I love when he uses his dark/but lit somber look.
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It's David Fincher, Odds are that this will be excellent.
Flynn is writing all of it too...

“Gone Girl” Author Gillian Flynn Is Writing All Of HBO’s Upcoming “Utopia”
And David Fincher is directing every episode of the pair’s U.S. premium cable remake of the U.K. cult series.
Alison Willmore
BuzzFeed Staff

Gone Girl, the new movie directed by David Fincher and adapted by Gillian Flynn from her best-selling novel of the same name, has just arrived in theaters, but the pair already have another project in the works. The two are collaborating on a remake of Utopia, the critically acclaimed British conspiracy thriller series created by Dennis Kelly, for HBO.

The series, which received a series order in February, is going to have something in common with fellow HBO series True Detective — in its first year, at least, it’s going to have a single writer and a single director. Fincher told the Guardian earlier this week that he’s planning to direct all of the episodes. Flynn has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that she’s writing all the episodes.

Fincher said, “I don’t want a big writers room, I want a voice,” Flynn said, adding that Kelly, the creator of the original Utopia, “could not have been more gracious” about her giving the remake her own spin. “I was worried, when I sent him the outline, that he was going to be like, my baby, what have you done?!” Instead, she says, he told her to “keep what works for it and get rid of what doesn’t — otherwise what’s the point of redoing it?”

Utopia arrived at a time when Flynn was poised to begin work on her fourth novel, which she describes as “a big, folkloric tale of American murder.” “I was all set to start it — I was really excited,” she says. “I’d pretty much signed off on Gone Girl, and I got the message from David — it was a text — ‘Hey, got this TV thing. It’ll take up the next year of your life. Are you in?’”

That wasn’t really a question, for Flynn. “I was like, of course I’m in. You don’t even have to tell me what it is. I’m in.”

At time of publication, HBO had not responded to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.
Watching the British version now. It is fantastic. Such a pity they only did 2 seasons. Hopefully the HBO version kickstarts it's popularity again as they have scripts for another 2 seasons.
David Fincher HBO Pilot ‘Utopia’ In Jeopardy Over Budget Issues
by Nellie Andreeva

Prospects appear grim for Utopia, HBO’s drama pilot from David Fincher, an adaptation of the Channel 4 series created by Dennis Kelly. The issue I hear is budgetary, as the director and the pay cable network are yet to agree on a budget for the high-profile, big-scope project. The pilot already has cast a number of actors, including Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara, though all deals are contingent on a budget agreement, which has not been reached yet and chances are getting slimmer. I hear HBO executives want very much to be in the David Fincher business and are hoping for a hail mary pass but odds appear slim at this point.

I hear the plan had been for Fincher to prep Utopia before resuming work on his other HBO project, 1980s comedy VideoSynchronicity, whose production was halted for additional script work. Fincher is a very hands-on filmmaker, so no writing can be done without his involvement. If Utopia doesn’t go forward, Fincher may focus his attention on VideoSynchronicity .

Utopia revolves around the die-hard fans of an iconic, underground graphic novel who are suddenly launched into their own pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel.
I was shocked when I saw Rooney Mara's name in the article. I guess I never saw the above post.
If HBO is going to be cheap (why, they're HBO?) then they should just be the re-aring rights and present the beautifulness of UTOPIA for Americans that have been too lazy to track it down...
Are we sure it's HBO being cheap and not Fincher being greedy?
Fincher got House of Cards to be made for $100 million according to Deadline so I guess he expects the same. I mean Fincher is worth it so I can't complain much but there comes a point where if this becomes a consistent thing for Fincher then he could be perceived as greedy.
Why did he take this series to HBO instead of Netflix?
Damnit!!! :argh:

I really wanted my Rooney Mara series. :csad:

Why did he take this series to HBO instead of Netflix?
HBO owns the rights. I hate this so much.
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