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Vanessa Kirby is Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman

She will bring justice to the role! That being said, i also liked Jessica Alba and Kate Mara in the previous F4 films.
Love this choice. Really looking forward to her portrayal :up: .
Vanessa will be the ultimate Sue. We won’t be able to imagine anyone else as her after this movie
I love her as an actress so I’m really excited to see her go full tiger mum. I wish we could have seen her as Emma frost though
Was not my pick, but I REALLY loved her in "The Crown"....so definitely looking for good things.
What a great coincidence she shares the same last name as FF co-creator Jack Kirby.
Bets for new posters:

Mother's Day
Father's Day
July 4

I like the idea of these posters celebrating specific holidays and hope it continues until the film is released.
Vanessa Kirby for Cartier

Vanessa Kirby for Cartier


I’m probably just showing my age, but this image is super off-putting to me.

It seems to be trying to say: “I’m so wealthy I don’t care about anything but my Cartier… and my heroin.”:really:

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