Villains who used to be Male but are now Female


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Nov 23, 2005
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Lately some villains who used to be males, or drawn as males anyway, have changed into female versions. Or new villains based on the former male villains have emerged.


Mr. Sinister

Thos three used to be male characters and have changed to females in recent comics.

Lady Bullseye

Ana Kravinoff

These two are female characters who were based on male characters.

Are there any more, Marvel, DC, or whatever, that have done the same?
Either were once male and are now female, or were based on male characters?

What do you guys think about this idea? If the characters turn out to be good characters does it matter to you if they turn someone like Apocalypse or Galactus into a woman?
I think Apocalypse and Galactus are too big to be turned into women.

As to what I think of it? Meh. Lady Bullseye's been awesome though.
I personally think it's kind of lame. Unless it really goes along with the a good story as to why they are changing/altering the sex of a character.

I get it in the instances where it's actually another character taking over the role of a fallen character. The first version dies so a female character takes over the mantle.

However in a lot of instances it just seems arbitrary like they want some new female characters so instead of taking the time to create something decent they just decide to change the sex of a long standing character.

This is probably why I have such a major problem with the Ultimates line of books too. Making Nick Fury black just so they can base it off Samuel Jackson is stupid. Fury is a long standing marvel character they didn't need to make they change. They could have easily created a new character for the position, without arbitrarily changing his skin colour. Or making character's gay. It's fine if the character was originally intended that way but to just do it because it's trendy or politically correct is a bit inane.
Lady Ultron was stupid and thankfully short-lived, since Ultron was back to his male, machine-looking body in Annihilation: Conquest shortly after.

Lady Loki is really good because it's actually Loki hijacking Sif's body before her spirit could get to it after Thor resurrected all the gods who died in Ragnarok, essentially just to f*** with Thor and Don Blake, who've been desperately searching for Sif since they returned. There's an actual story there beyond "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Loki had boobs?"

Lady Sinister is lame because, as far as I've seen so far, there isn't a story there beyond "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Mr. Sinister had boobs?"

Haven't read anything with Lady Bullseye or Lady Kraven, so I don't know. A female successor to a male character isn't as inherently schlocky as switching the actual male character's gender, though, so I suppose they're all right in theory.
There are many many instances in comics of female heroes just being alternate forms of the male hero (case in point: multiple Spider-ladies). The same is being done for villians. Because, God forbid, they can't create an original female hero or villian :whatever:.

The Loki thing sounds cool though, and very inkeeping with the antics that ancient stories always had the Gods getting up to. It reminds me of when Loki was in Sandman and he shapeshifts to avoid going back under the earth.
I enjoy loki being female because it was essentially to screw thor over. Lady Kraven is his daughter so it's alright. Lady bullseye is apparently win. Also there is a Girl Galactus.
I know she isn't a villain but...
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