The Dark Knight Viral Marketing: One Last Time!


The Night He Came Home...
Dec 16, 2007
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I don't know that there's a discussion for this anymore, so I decided to post a thread here. We know there is going to be a rerelease in Jan '09. But wouldn't it be awesome if 42E came back for a couple months with one last game for all us viral nuts. I know they've moved on, and it's a feeble dream, you gotta admit, it;d still be a hell of a lot of fun. Who knows, we could get clues to help "break Mr. J out of jail" (aka rerelease TDK for a few weeks) and maybe even give some hints that him being recaptured (or captured in TDK, the rerelease) is still all part of the plan, setting him up for a future film or at least a little nod in another film.
We can all hope, but keep in mind, before anyone gets any ideas, that this is just something I was thinking about. You never know, the virals helped skyrocket TDK's popularity, and WB could always send out a contract for a few more months, but then we'd have to hopefully get a damned good, long singular viral, or a few short virals strung over a couple months.
Viral marketing only reaches out to us...People who have followed the past virals from the beginning...Which means we all saw it...Why would they re-market to a used up demographic...They need to reach out to people who haven't seen it...
i could actually see something happening.

except it could (or would) be geared toward the general public or tied into the dvd release or the oscar race somehow?

42, are you reading?
If there is to be any more viral marketing, you can bet your money on it being Oscar related.
I doubt there will be anymore Viral Marketing. They're going for Oscars now, really no need for it.
well it would be nice if there was a round up of all the games in the DVD of the movie.

Or maybe a new game that would be similar in fashion to the ones we ve already had. No clues or anything, just for the fun of it!
Woould be a dream come true for the virals to start again, (I miss them so much), but I highly doubt it unfortunately.
Thought you guys might be interested in this.

BTW, ninjas never...ever...posted on these or any forums. :yay:
Thought you guys might be interested in this.

BTW, ninjas never...ever...posted on these or any forums. :yay:

Wow, that is cool! Thank you! We all appreciate all of the hard work you guys put into the campaign, and were bummed to see it come to an end. You really blew us away with all of the creativity, and the whole experience was just so much fun. You guys rock!!!! Hopefully we'll see you for #3. :cwink:
Hiiiiii...Does anyone know whats going on over at Twitter? I 've read rumors that there is another marketing campaign up and going starring the Joker and the Riddler. So far the Riddler has asked about five riddles with these answers I've come up with: ...Update...On...Halloween...May...Be... ? and then there's the riddle he just put up now. Does ANYBODY know if this is for real, or a joke? (hahhahhhahhah?)

***I hope it's okay to ASK about that here???***
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